Saturday, July 29, 2006

Soft shaped clouds of grey wipe slowly across the sky and enter into my day. Like a winter mist that weaves across a desolate moor they strengthen and soon obscure the sun from sight. Then perhaps in empathy with the world’s pain, the cloud’s sigh in unison and let fall tears that rush to earth in increasing numbers. Sat reading here in the garden, the newspaper’s inky words of melancholia that describe current world events blur, then sift, distort and form again and I begin to read a new story. It writes instead of the power of creation held in just a single drop of water. I now see on the paper faces written in the stars surrounded by trees and flowers and it tells me I shall dare to hope again for a little while. I feel the cool drops on my skin and some hit my mouth. Then I gaze upward and taste the poisonous world on my lips. It is bitter now but it will come to sweetness once more as it washes away hate in a torrent of change that shall set a new day.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The wind stilled for a time now picks the evening to blow
Softly as breath exhaled it moves humid air across my face
Washing cool across skin scented of thyme and rosemary
From this godly vapour of mountains all ill cleanses away
Stripped in layers with herbs from the Mount of Olympus
Faster it blows and the world around hushes to the change
Till at last comes the thunder with shouts of change ringing
In the dusk like sentinels closing the day with anger and fire
Scything blue bolts charge across the night sky like tridents
Till the power is spent and the gods grant us one more day

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Been away for a little time while my computer was poorly....been a cathartic few weeks looking around the world. It is hard to take it all in. Some say it is all a biblical prophesy that is coming to pass but i am of the opinion that it is biblicality that has got us here and we are all responding in type to the prophesy that has been written.

The living world for its part cares little for the affairs of men and creeps inexorably toward its own end. Caring nothing for biblical prophesy and myths it regards us with a transient fascination as we see ants that swarm in summer heat. The world's madness will pass and we will all once again settle into a winter torpor with dreams of a better world.

For the moment that seems a long way away but truly, it will come. For we have not suffered a thousand years of enlightenment to be dragged backward into darkness again.