Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Found this in my musings and thought I’d share it

The lake is quiet today and the north-western wind blows hard across the water tingling ears and nose and yet enlivening the soul in its freshness at the clearing that looks towards the rocky outcrop. The sun has appeared from out of the clouds and the world takes on a completely different appearance. The water is buffeted by the wind and I can see some Canadian geese bobbing out in the centre of the lake. I love looking around at the contrast of colours the lake has. That was easy today as the weather showed every facet of its character in small amounts. Hail, snow, rain, wind and occasionally, glorious sunshine. I so love these kinds of days. Jenny is absolutely filthy black but let her wander and enjoy these couple of hours as I am. Her happiness is among the dirt and leaves and mine among the stars.

I am on a flight that takes me higher than the tallest skyscraper and deeper than the valleys that lie underneath the vast oceans. I know we have to walk upon the earth and attend the daily rituals that make us who we are but amid the clamour of the world there are clear voices calling and I shall follow them forever. For my eyes are wide open and my heart laid bare to all that is and nothing could ever stop me loving.

The heart is not blind for like a bat in the dusk it feels and it hears and its aim is sure. My heart has heard voices and thoughts and it cries with the tenderness those caresses bring each day. Across the world comes the greatest emotion from words written millennia past. Great books of scriptures housed in the greatest churches and temples and for these words people lay down their lives and devote themselves to the promise and the dream of eternity. If billions can be so moved by the words and deeds of one man then is what we hear now so hard to believe.

For I have read your thoughts and heard your words and thus devote myself to happiness forever. For that would be the sweetest devotion to goodness for me and then eternity is assured for I would never leave your side in this world or the next. My life is yours, do what you will for I give it freely without doubt. My whole existence is beginning to pivot around you like the universe revolves around a single bright star. You my single bright star guiding me to the safest shore where there exists only the greatest love...

Monday, October 27, 2008

Monday 27th Oct 2008

I went up to the garden after work because soon the darkness will envelop everything now the equinox has passed. It’s a cold grey day with intermittent cloud breaks that wash the scene in hues to reflect the autumnal browns and greens into a breathtaking watercolour worthy of the greatest artist. The damp is everywhere upon leaves and grass that decay against the overture of autumn which is sung throughout the impending winter till its crescendo in spring. I wandered around through wet grass (mercifully flattened by all the heavy rain) but it was too dark to photograph anything for you. I always want you to see the beauty in things as I do. I remember gazing into the ponds wondering how all the frogs and insects that abound on the surface in summer were faring under the autumn and the clouds grew ever fewer into dusk...a frost will emerge tonight under powerful atmospherics to match the elemental sighing of my soul as it whispers summer goodbye

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Loves meeting shall stop times fleeting dance across a life that looks toward the open sky with a heart of hope. For the light quickens to dusk and yet my eyes still see that beauty illuminated by the day is all around within the dark. My soul is alight to the wonder of you and I should never be blind…while arms can hold me from so far away.

When shall the rain stop? I do not know for the weather is wild and untamed and none but the wise may say when the heaven will sweep away the grey and usher in folds of deepest blue awash with golden sunlight. Yet may the rain stop one day when we are together even if only within our hearts and minds so that we may be at peace a little while.

For the world hurts sometimes and its pain is felt by all who live and breathe. I share its pain now as do you, but the joy returned is sharing also love and warmth. For the world is a lonely place filled with billions of us and yet in all those masses of population Gaia’s arrow wounded us both and we endure and grow and ultimately we will heal all

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

For if we see beauty best to see it together and briefly
For the world is alive and sentient and surrounds us
As a wall of light and oxygen enriching every sense.
It reaches deep within us and plants the gift of sight
For think only of beauty and see with me all we share….

A winding grassy path laden with refreshing dew to cool
Toes in the fierce heat of a summer day while above,
Wind caressed trees cast shady, moisture laden air down
Bringing restful sounds as we sit and watch the world unfold
Lean back carefree against aged bark and open our hearts

See you remember how we felt then and the day lives again
Yet the memory is brief within us, for time has been kind
For how many days as this has she bestowed and is yet to bring
where will we put all memories as we enrich through aeons?
For the gift of sight is upon our eyes and we belong to the ages

Soon we shall see our first soft footfalls through sendaline snow
Crisp, purposeful movements committed through love and hope to…
Our future when warm hearths shall be our adventure and yet,
We relive all we’ve done, seen, tasted and smelt and I shall look…
Within your deep brown eyes and see no brief beauty only eternity

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Swiftly soon will come a frost, quickly drawn from a once clear blue sky that lay overhead just an hour ago that now is painted in vivid orange and violets that darken slowly to black. Its icy touch shall caress the world and numb senses as it awaits the moon to bathe all the land in silver limmed moonbeams. The rhododendron and laurel trees shall loosen leaves to hang limp and point to the floor like furled umbrellas. In this quiet, still world I shall imagine I can hear the ice forming along the grass and the rustle of feathers deep within shrubs as robin’s ready for the long night ahead. I sense that under my feet shivers a rabbit in its cold warren and my heart yearns that they should all make it through till morning. Comes the morning and at 5am the sky is a clear jet-black. Venus the watchful siren of the heavens is clearly visible enrobed by constellations. A thick white frost shall cling to everything, cars, trees, walls and over the days the repeated frosts that never thaw build up layer by layer each night to produce a solid coat of icy crystals with a snow like quality.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

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ps they are not radiators.....
Sorry if you have read some of these before but still read nice to me and it seems good to share them
Yet you are far away and now safe within the warmth, thoughts of you sit with me, comfort me and I feel your presence beside me as the night skies trace a skein of stars toward tomorrow. You are never far away for your spirit slid into mine long ago and we are one tonight and forever. The rain now falls softly outside and I shouldn’t really hear it only the wind blows across each drop and somehow amplifies its descent. This wonderful sound permeates the curtains and I imagine I am sat on some seashore. I close my eyes and I see the dunes and the marram grass and the waves break and foam gently over silver sands.

Then the pace of the rain outside increases and snatches me away. Drops hammer the windows and the wind stirs the curtains and the cold breath of the night rushes into the room. Suddenly the world grows cold and then without warning all is still save one solitary drop that falls from the gutter onto the windowsill. I put down the pad as the owl hoots the passage of the rain and the dream’s end for the black cloak of rest is laid over me and the world disappears till morning.

But I shall dream of summer as the night wraps me up in its dark cool embrace. I shall close my eyes and see a world that is to come so soon. Clear skies and gentle breezes carrying the melody of the world cause sensory overload from the race to enjoy the moment. My senses shall be shared among you, the grass and trees and all the thoughts that I can set free to float away under the glades. The shortest day is to come and…“ The day closes tighter with each revolution of the earth. Starlight forces its way into every crack of the dawn and dusk and the embrace of the coming winter holds me in wonderment”.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The weather wreathes me in cold currents of heavy air that chills fingertips and set cheeks aglow. For a short time I have wandered the narrow paths that lead me to thoughts that scatter and drift surely as the burnished leaves beneath my feet. Would that I had the innocence to run through and scatter them to the wind and watch them float back down to earth. To run and laugh and just be free with all the thoughts that spark within and tell me that I am alive and the world is still the greatest place despite the cold that would have me indoors. Truth to tell only one thing only would have me within the warmth. That is the thought you would be there… and then surely, I should hasten home by the quickest route to your warming arms…and then the leaves would fly in all directions and the laughter rise up to heaven through barren branches to greet a leaden dusk sky.

Sunday, October 12, 2008


The town occupies a spectacular position overlooking the River Nidd. A market has been held on a Wednesday since at least 1310. The particular siting of the town may well be due to its easily defended location - the castle remains stand on a rocky outcrop 120 feet above the river. Ancient Britons gave the Nidd its name over 2000 years ago.Knaresborough was perhaps, originally a Knar - a stump situated on a burgh or fortified site. Knaresborough is situated in a deep gorge formed by the River. The gorge is overlooked by the ruins of Knaresborough castle which was built in Norman times by a baron named Serlo de Burg. It was later rebuilt in the fourteenth century and the ruins date from then. Many famous people are associated with Knaresborough Castle including King Richard II who was imprisoned here in 1399 prior to his imprisonment and murder at Pontefract castle in 1400. The castle's life came to an end during the Civil War when, as a Royalist stronghold it was destroyed by Parliamentarian troops in 1646.

Mother Shipton was born at Knaresborough in a riverside cave during a violent thunderstorm in 1488. She is England's most famous Prophetess. Her real name was Ursula Southeil, her mother, Agatha, died giving birth to her. The birth was said to be accompanied by eerie screams. Throughout her childhood Ursula was associated with mysterious and supernatural events. She married Toby Shipton, a local carpenter, near York in 1512 and she became well known as a fortune teller. Her crooked facial features frightened many, her nose was said to 'glow in the dark.' Her prophetic visions were known and feared throughout England. It is said that she foretold the dissolution of the monasteries, the defeat of the Armada, the Civil War and the Great Plague. Samuel Pepys' Diary grimly records that Mother Shipton gave forewarning of the Great Fire of London in 1666. She told that Cardinal Wolsey would never be enthroned Archbishop of York. Wolsey told her that when he did enter York he would burn her alive as a witch. Later, Wolsey was to be arrested on a charge of high treason, he was then taken ill and died - spooky. Today her prophecies are still proving uncannily accurate.

She even forecast her own death in 1561, not only the day but also the hour. Although she was regarded as a witch, a title given to many who wavered from the church's theology, she was a respected one and had many friends who wept bitter tears when she solemnly bade them farewell to fulfil her own last prophecy.

Hugh de Morville was Constable of the Castle of Knaresborough and leader of the unfortunate group of four knights who took King Henry II at his word when he said 'Will nobody rid me of this turbulent priest.' On December 29th, 1170 they murdered Thomas à Beckett, Archbishop of Canterbury, on the steps of the altar of his cathedral. The four knights first fled to Knaresborough, where legend has it that they were reviled even by the dogs of the town, although Hugh is also said to have built Hampsthwaite Church and dedicated it to the canonised priest as an act of penance. Apart from Mother Shipton, Blind Jack and the murderers of Thomas à Becket, a number of other famous folk are associated with Knaresborough. Guy Fawkes once lived here, Edward III visited here and Oliver Cromwell slept in a fishing lodge here. Other Knaresborough notables include William Slingsby the founder of Harrogate's spa who is commemorated in Knaresborough's church.

St Robert's chapel, carved into a rock face alongside the River Nidd in 1408 commemorates Robert Flower a hermit who lived at in a cave here. He reputedly had a gift for healing. In a later century a shoemaker was murdered by a schoolmaster in St Robert's Cave, adding yet more to the superstition that surrounds this area. A strange larger than life carving on the cave of a knight drawing a sword is said to be a representation of Robert.

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Friday, October 10, 2008

The rain falls upon my head and runs in cold rivulets along my skin toward earth. Just as I am carried along so too is this water. Both spending a lifetime in motion and neither aware of how many times we have made the journey.
For breath whispered into autumn dusk from my eager lips can but have one name and that is yours. I track all the shooting stars that arc across crystal clear jet-black night skies and make a wish on them all. Yet of what I wishes I whisper I shall not tell for the dream is alive and shall never make me bereft of your loving touch upon my soul.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Check out the beautiful pictures on this site...some are absolutley stunning

Monday 7th Oct 2008

It seems like the holiday to Cornwall was weeks ago now. We had the most splendid week of warm sunshine and interesting places to go. The week was probably the last gasp of summer before the autumn begins to shut down the days ready for winter. What was best was having a week of relaxation and calm. Very welcome.

So waiting for Las Vegas to come around in a month or so and don’t mind telling you I am a little apprehensive but hey-ho, it’ll be an experience if nothing else. A fabulous show (their words) every night and the flashy lights of the strip with the showgirls. If nothing else I can take lots of pictures while I am there.

Work’s relatively quiet...so thanks credit crunch. Another huge fall yesterday again. One could hardly escape the news about all that as it seems to be wall to wall coverage at the minute. I guess in the final analysis life will go on without too much changing hopefully. Guess we are all eagerly awaiting the election on the 4th November and I just know who I’ll be cheering for. I would have preferred Hilary Clinton but whatever the figurehead of the party we need a change. We can but hope...I confess though that I do however have a certain admiration for Sarah Palin for some reason though I can’t really think why? Someone that goes out killing things isn’t that high on my list of assets for a nice person. Still she brings some realism to all the rhetoric and exaggeration that seems to be around.

Off to the dentist today to have my British smile worked on. (A British smile is like a Hollywood smile only with really bad teeth.) One of my teeth cracked in half and there is only half of it left now so I think they’ll have to pull a tooth out...aargh!! Around 10.30am I should be in agony I think. Lucky old me...bring on the porcelain is what I say.
Have a great day and enjoy the Cornwall flowers.

Monday, October 06, 2008

What lies on ground at night to point the way to truth?
Or sits high in the throne-rooms that pierce the clouds
To be took by the wind and fly across senses like a ghost
Wandering eastward to hills across a sighing black sky…
So black eyes cannot discern beginning, end, or purpose
Only that it simply is and its cold touch draws sharp lines
Across our hearts and minds that desire only to be free
As the night overwhelms and beckons us into the dark
With slow, tremulous footsteps of discoverous trepidation
That lead…across harvested fields of fading summers gold
That whispers in the wind the start of autumn is once more

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Starlight and shooting stars hold eyes heavenward toward the night
Where the soul is who knows but it has left all the tedium long behind
See it wheel and soar and takes no regrets from all the worlds fools
For it glides through its dreams on wings of love stronger than steel
Come with me now and always with me for I have such a need of you
Let us take the infinity we know is within our grasp...if we but dare it
To shout out love and caress hopes alive and never to let fade away
For I love you and the moon sets a route toward our destiny tonight
For the hushed veil of dusk draws black across the night skies. Inch by inch the shortest day is reached and then shall the lowest day wane once again. Follow a trail of stars northwards till you come to that place where the heart resides. It waits there patiently eager to feel your tender touch and be at peace. It shall always be there and it too will watch the night sky wishing on shooting stars that its world should never change.
See the light and shade that hides the secrets of the world between the deepest green leaves that blur the sun. Here in the cool grows regal purple heather that perfumes a September evening with the scent of the hive. A sweet perfumed delicacy of beeswax and nectar bought dearly with a populous army of siblings that arise in spring to work beneath the tallest trees. To rise and fall with the arc of the sun through seasons and yet fall as the winter comes and as the sun wanes so do they and yet their legacy is fulfilled.

For that legacy is the greatest changes must come from those that follow the sun and explore the world. For the world shows the way through dawns of dew and dappled trees to dusk’s that shape light into night. I behold the world tonight and I change for the better for only with love within my heart may I see the beauty. For in all that is a wonder and a treasure to me from the world you are its greatest gift.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

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If a picture is worth a thousand words then I must hurry
For, our time is short and my heart larger than this flesh
That aches for you through the long autumn nights that…
Sweep trails of golden tears falling and floating from every tree
To soften the path I walk through the cold light of day

If a word is worth a thousand secret thoughts I must write
For how otherwise can I share the joy bestowed by your love?
That warms the days of brisk western winds running off the hills
Carried over the sea into the arms of the clothed waiting trees
That they may shed summer coats and stand free once again

If a secret thought is worth nothing to others, then I shall have none
For what is a secret without a common loving heart to share it with?
Soon the world shall retreat inside once again to warmth and hope
Within solid walls alight with warmth that await the flame of spring
And the warmest fuel of all shall be the heat within my soul for you

So there are no secret thoughts, yet words and pictures I have
I shall always share of everything that is me with you for time…
Never stops and we shall walk side by side through our destiny?
Through seasons of green and harvests of gold and ice to one day
We shall come to the greenest field and sit upon the grass forever

For paradise is to some a thought but never a secret desire
My paradise has you in it with me, for how could it be that I…
Should wish to be there alone without you to finally see and touch…
The love I have held, shall always hold for you whether the season
For in loving you dreams of paradise take shape and solidify

If a thought is shared then look within me and see the truth forever
That a love carried within my heart is stronger than life and wishes
See it wears your name as a badge of pride for all to see and know
That the man who came this spring is here this winter and forever
He shall be my great love through every season to come…I love you
Dusk slips ever quicker into the day like a stream slowly passing through bracken covered peat. Dark and fluidly agile it winds around the land and slowly light dims to reveal hues of the coming cold night’s touch. Then comes indigo night sky to hang in silence shedding tears of rain over all that would venture forth into the cold. Yet safe within the warmth comes the thought that I would face the cold and the rain for you…always. For in loving you the last thing I shall ever care for will be me.
Enrobed by slender clouds that glistened and flickered and then slowly went out the sky waned tonight with delicate coral hues that reflect colour off these vaporous hills to mimic the great maple shaped leaves at the top of the trees that fade to the orange of autumn. I gaze up into the fiery colours and feel the first sense of autumn. Backlit by the last rays of the September sun the tree shrinks against the skyline. Its leaves must eventually fall and diminish against the colder days and soon the tree shall take every drop of goodness back that it has given itself and leave us with a magnificent golden passage to winter.