Friday, May 30, 2008

Life abounds in green waves and it cannot be stilled or curtailed. Setting sail at dawn it glides effortlessly through the balmy, bluebell woods of day into heady evenings of calm. To where shall it sail as woodpeckers tap in time to natures beating heart? It shall sail to peace for all those that can see. For it has a power greater than can be measured and will never be beaten.


Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The die is cast and my memories flow along its contours

We must then take our mask and wear it to the end of time

For scraped much too young, we drew a mark in the sand

And what we did then shapes all the things that are to come


Now perhaps we see the error of folly in all our life decisions

Yet the die is immutably cast and the mould set for a lifetime

We but endure and strive onward for it is too late to turn back

For the world seemed sweeter when its harvest was not reaped

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

There was a large family of starlings outside the kitchen window tonight. Looks as though they have just fledged from the nest this evening. Quite comical to watch them bobbing along the wall and looking into every object along its top. Mum and dad are still feeding them and they all stand in an ordered line while the grub is dished up. it's quite nice to see starlings again as they have been noticeable by the absence these last few years. Granted they are not the most attractive avian sight but so very energetic and jaunty. Just a shame the weather has become so dismal but at least it did rain this morning and the water on the ground is most welcome.

Tonight I am mostly dozing, eating and watching Battlestar Galactica later, so to bed later with my head in the stars as I fall asleep to dreams of Cylons and spacecraft. But to be among the stars as I sleep doesn't seem so bad.

Hope you had a good weekend.

Tuesday 27th May 2008

Can you believe it is almost June? Me neither, the time is flowing past like a young, mountain stream hurtling down the mountain. Nick's friend Gin came up for the weekend from Gloucester and as it turned out this was one of those rare northern weekends when we actually got more sun than the south of the country...Gin is a lovely lady by the way and a lot of fun. We took her to Fountains Abbey near Ripon (see the photos below.)


Thursday, May 22, 2008

Just a few pictures from the garden
Ramsons (wild garlic)
Gunnera and Rheum
The greenest pond ever
Emerging tree fern leaves


Monday, May 19, 2008

19th May 2008

Spring colours fade fast against golden evenings

Sunsets come on light skies to our hearts leavenings

Growth vies eminently upward into clear skies glooming

 20 apple trees in unison are cloaked in pink blooming

While 10 golden laburnums sit longing for a still day

I shall take my joy in every sound and sight I may

A thick bed of bluebells carpets a moist, loamy dell

A robin sings a story the wisest may seek to tell

I see a world where an enchanted being inhabits

Prideful sprite or elf, or just soft magical rabbits

There are no boundaries in this wondrous world

For all is a reminder of the great peace unfurled

If dissonance strikes like the thunder of harmony

No matter the hurt you cannot win with parsimony

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

750 words

I'm doing speed writing tonight and have set the clock for 5 minutes to see how much I can type within that time. It was something I read in the paper today about a columnist who wrote 750 words without stopping. I think he was trying to infer that he wrote rubbish so I thought let's give it a go and here it is.

What seeps into the labyrinth of the mind when resting or it slumbers or stumbles through the mediocrity of the day? It is always a sign of some regret that I cannot remember all that passes through the emotional net of works nuanced behaviours. Most days I begin alone and end it alone and in-between lies all manner of mundane adventures. Yet perhaps luckily the greatest adventure of all is when my eyes close and a mind takes a soaring flight across the universe. For in this other time does space entwine reason and hope and then the greatest secrets of all reveal to me in a shimmer of inspiration that becomes beautiful dreams.

Oh well still a long way to go to 750 words but let's batter on and see where the trip takes me. It has been another week of sun although the temperatures are now cooling and we head to a dull weekend. Just as everything was growing so well too. Never mind let's hope there is more sunshine to come soon. I shan't hold my breath mind!

I still can't post via the normal channel but am sure it is something to do with this computer. Lucky though that I can still add things via e-mail. What's annoying is not being able to tidy up the blog postings that didn't work. Oh well, I'll get to the bottom of it soon...I hope! I think that I am becoming anti-technology as it never seems to work how it should. Perhaps it is me and I once heard a theory about some people having more static electricity which damages electrical things? Not quite sure but if it was it would be the first time I have made sparks fly... that's for sure.

Ok 280 words and 10 minutes so I think this is going to take longer that I thought.

The last rays of sunlight are piercing the western sky. The world dulls to dusk quickly tonight and yet leaves no fiery trail across the crowded, clouding sky. The world murmurs and sighs itself into a sunset and the cool night takes the birds in flight and silences their song till the morning. With the last call of a blackbird my heart subsides into its need to sleep, to dream and as the world dims my eyes close to another dimension.

Over halfway there at 431 words...keep up and awake!

We have the annual supervisors meeting tomorrow afternoon. Funny kind of thing when the vision for the company over the next 12 months is revealed. Wonder how I figure in it? Or any of the others come to that. All the newspapers talk of is sub-prime things and housing prices and the threat of a recession and that is only when it is not climate change, carbon footprints or some other dismal if very important subject.

So with a few words to spare (this took 20 minutes) I shall close for is not brevity a virtue and if not, well than it jolly well should be. Have fun and enjoy the evening.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Monday 12th May 2008

Note to self...must once again keep a journal of things I need to do in the garden at certain times of the year. However despite my ineptitude earlier this year with the frosts all the plants, (save one) are flourishing. The casualty was the Olive bush so relax global warming has definitely turned Lancashire into Provence just yet!

What must grow now must stand alone. By digging its long roots deep into history and delving down into the ancient earth. For what survives these days to come endures forever

Weather continues to be everything I would want at this time of the year. It brings vibrant growth and evenings outdoors fogged in delicious winey reverie as the air stills and the day closes and I can be only content.

Sunday, May 11, 2008



Wed 07th may 2008


I am posting these by e-mail so it may look a little weird. Don't know what the problem is but it doesn't appear to be me.

Bank holiday Monday proved to be a cloudy affair but I remember sitting on the kitchen step listening to the birds while fine raindrops broke on my head. I have to say it was not unpleasant. There is something so wonderful about the rain in May. Cleansing and invigorating like a benison of renewal.

The last two days have been absolutely beautiful with strong sunshine and much higher temperatures. Last night I planted my lettuce seedlings and watered all the plants whilst playing peek-a-boo with a small, brown weasel. I haven't seen one of those for some years now. Although me and Nick saw a stoat at the weekend.

Tonight I am sat outside eating bread and cheese.  I think I May even fall asleep at some point but it is so perfectly relaxing. Enjoy the pictures from Spain and I hope everything is going good for you.

Love Elric   


How many stars shine in the night sky?

On these clear spring evenings

Where soft is a world that covers itself

In the greenest renewal of immortality

A verdant cape sitting on magicians shoulders

So new adventures must always be born

By this gentle navigating light of angels

The celestial sword crossers of our fate

Gilding all our lives in griefless hope

Having a lot of trouble posting anything

Let's see if this roundabout way works

Friday, May 02, 2008

Friday 2nd May 2008

Had a lovely time in Spain. Bright sun and heat (25C) every day till we came home. In just a few days I have gone a lovely mahogany colour. I don’t think I have ever tanned so fast before. There was lots of lovely food and wine and there are so many Brits are living out there now. Like home from home without the grey skies. Not sure I could live there but I can see why many would consider it preferable to here. Still it’s a good time to visit before the heat turns everything brown and scorched. I was surprised by how green it all was and how incredible the mountains in southern Spain are. I took loads of pictures so enjoy the selection below. Me, Nick, a cricket and a monkey at Gibraltar. Lots more to come, but for now off to work. But it’s a bank holiday Monday so will post more then. Have a good weekend.