Thursday, May 31, 2007

31st May 2007

Just a quick few lines before the weekend. I am off to a wedding in Hertfordshire for a few days. It’s Nick’s nephew Ben and he’s marrying his long time sweetheart. I’m looking forward to it although I don’t really know too many people that will be there.

The weather (you know Brits like to talk about this all the time.) is titanically tedious being dull and cold. From the pleasantness of April we have come back to the misery of late winter. Everything seems to be now in stasis till the warmth returns. Which is most welcome for all the bad insects and weeds but not so good for all the plants I have been busy planting. It is truly maddening, but that’s a British summer.

Extend an arm with a finger pointed toward the distance and measure the winds chill. Take a deep breath and call forth the summer and await it’s answer. Slow it is coming from the arms of the south. The lovers reluctant to let go and let the southern hemisphere sleep till spring. I miss so the heat and I miss the rain and most of all I miss the freedom of my nurtured open spaces that summer brings back to me.

Here’s hoping the South UK is a little warmer this weekend. Enjoy whatever you’re doing.

Friday, May 25, 2007

A spring gambol begins
Spry and swift the steps
Of two lovers in the throes
Of a whirlwind romance
The feign and swoon
Fly and wheel in time
Across my garage roof
Into the treetops together
Took some pictures around the garden a few days ago…here are a few. For the rest click on the link below. Lots of photos there. Better than clogging this up with too many.

Monday, May 21, 2007


Are our words reason enough to hold hearts forever. To bond and unite us into a forward moving light Or is a word composed of only syllables spoken over the swell of time that can come only to nothing eviscerated of lasting meaning by the unchanging winds of millennia. By our inability to last longer than the words we take, shape and cherish in the brief years we come to know them. I have no answer but still I have words and while they take form I shall create objects so you may see a little of how my world is.
21st May 2007
It is a beautiful evening with light blue skies and sunny interludes. Now I can appreciate having a wireless laptop as it allows me to sit in the garden and write while birds sing and breezes sigh. I feel almost as though I have rented some writers retreat and may sit amongst beautiful sights and sounds for inspiration. It has been quite a sad day as I went to the funeral of my aunt this morning. Aunt Cynthia was 86 and although we were not close still she was a formidable woman. One thinks now of all the kindness she showed to me as a child, even though it is now tempered by her disapproving comments in later years. Mainly about getting married and having children. Still we are as we are shaped and she played a large part in those early formative years. Goodnight and God bless Cynthia and say hello to mum for me.
Hope you can make it through all these pictures from Nice…each is titled with its description

Saturday, May 19, 2007

19th May 2007
Been away to the south of France for 4 days last weekend arriving back Tuesday this week. Stayed in Nice and took day trips to Monaco (Monte Carlo) and Eze. We did plan to get to Cannes but there was not enough time and anyway it’s nice to have a bit of time to relax. It was superb all round. Great location and I think a great place to live providing one had lots of money. I would certainly go back at some point. I’ll post some photos shortly.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

30th April 2007

The weather has been dry and warm and although a cool eastern breeze has been blowing the overall weekend scenario has been one of spring pleasantness. Spent the whole of Friday trying to repair the car but this can only be facilitated by a new part that has to be ordered. So no car now likely till sometime this week. On Saturday installed a water feature in the yard (see pic) which now transforms the ambience of quiet moments to another level. The sound of water is elemental to all of us and now it merges with the birdsong and breeze into an echo of simplertimes. Strange that as how our lives get more and more complex we relax by returning to the simple sounds and sensations of nature. The latest DVD and cinema surround pales to the sensation of warmth and the chimingring of water overflowing from pool to pool. Good buy.

3rd May 2007

Well still warm and dry and set to continue into the weekend. I could get used to this but a little water would be helpful for the plants in the garden. I have a lot of ferns and they could use some moisture about now. Car still at the clinic (my brother is repairing it for me.) "If only everything in life was as reliable as a Volkswagen." Wasn’t thatthe line they used in the ads…hmm!!!It’s a bank holiday weekend so we all get a day off on Monday…hooray!! I am sure I shall think of something to do with the extra time. I shall probably sit among the bluebells growing under the damsons and ponder the meaning of life. Take some crusty bread, cheese and pickle and a bottle of "San Pellegrino" which incidentally is my favourite water. I normally wouldn’t pay for bottled water but this water convinces me otherwise. Slightly effervescent and sweet…superb.

Upon the greenest grass that carpets the arching slopes of land that I call my garden I shall stop and sit among the emerging growth and ponder questions that disseminate body from soul, convincing me that there is ameasure of hope and that ultimately there will be joy. It is best for me not move openly toward revelation any longer for I can see I have strode through my life with a measure of certitude that belies the conflicts that rage just below the surface of humanity. For we are all bodies held together with water and bone in a physical world that can only fail for each of us in turn. (Though at times interspersed within the pain is how amazing, bright and warm and carefree that failing may be.) For we are given to inhabit a world that is a paradise and our great test is to watch it fail and still remain true to both ourselves and all those around us. It is the hardest thing but it will set us free. Both on this Earth and beyond.