Saturday, March 31, 2007

31st march 2007
The weather has been cool but full of glorious sunshine that escaped from behind the clouds in intermittent bursts. I hung some pictures, then sat in the yard, read a book and it was so nice to feel warmth outdoors again. I had such a contented afternoon and it was so relaxing I fell asleep at one point…but maybe that’s the age thing creeping in. Still with fresh air delivered on a breeze and the birdsong wrapped in sunshine anyone could find that soporific. I can’t believe Easter is upon us next weekend and am looking forward to a four-day break. Shall be in the garden and around the house for most of it and if I am really lucky spending another afternoon like today. Have a great weekend and take the best care.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Hello...back at last after what seem years. Well sometimes other things have to take precedence to this. Still the long bright nights are back and as the temperatures climb you shall find me sat in the garden making full use of this wireless technology. Sorry if anyone has been clicking on here and finding nothing to see. That's about to change...get ready for a year in pictures.