Tuesday, July 30, 2013


I took this photo of a half magpie/half crow hybrid in the cemetery. It is crow in shape but has the plumage colour of the magpie. It spends its time with another crow that has normal plumage. I suspect they are siblings.  

I will stay with you though you are different
Though it cost me dear I could not abandon you
For we are filial offspring of unequal chance
Rooted in the want of the world to bring change


I came across a disturbed wasp nest. It was quite a large one constructed underground (most are) beneath a stone that had been moved. The nest is now exposed to the elements and unlikely to survive. I always find it sad that such industry and goodwill from this maligned insect is overlooked. It is probably the most important organic weapon in the fight against insect pests we have. In my garden I have sat and sunbathed by a wasp nest all summer without any issue whatsoever. Sure they will become a bit lively when annoyed but if you don’t annoy them they are fine. Hard job to get the message across though.

Reformation has comes swiftly
The paper empire crumbles

Dissolute in the evening rain
Setting aside all work and hope
Drowning their world forever
The fluid of their corruption
Pours out from the evening sky
Into the chambers of a hundred queens
That will never now grace the spring

Thursday, July 25, 2013


The economy grew by 0.6% over the quarter
So little exit from the doldrums of past glory
Glory is stifled in acquiescence to the past
Yet we decline to see it; refuse to believe
So we partake together in the hyperbole
Hope to a recovery and seize the fortunes
Or thou art deemed indolent and miscreant
Lacking innovation and desire for dominion
The subtlety of man and god decrees it is so
For how else sleep I; in this absence of fraternity
Thrown to me from the houses of the elite is hope
I thus grasp the ox bone with both my hands
I shall till and furrow the earth with this rib
And at the harvest feed all with earth’s bounty
If health prevails and the weather is set fair
Else all is ruined and my world turns to despair

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Took this picture of a fire on the horizon this evening because it looks almost like a nuclear explosion. There is a blotch visible in the picture sorry. I think it was a midge on the lens. (They get everywhere)

Arson suspected in Padiham recycling plant blaze.  Firefighters believe the fire was started deliberately
A fire which sent a huge plume of thick black smoke from a recycling plant in Lancashire was probably caused deliberately, the fire service said. Firefighters spent the night damping down after the blaze at a plastics recycling plant in Padiham on Wednesday afternoon. Fire crews were confronted with burning bales of plastic, and the smoke could be seen for miles around.


Revelations follow only paths of pain and loss
They cannot be stopped; they are never envisaged
Nor assuaged by any mortal deeds or promises
For it never becomes clear until the very last day
And then the world burns with impossible longing
For all the misspent passion and days in the sun
That form and fall in inanimate but fluid reverie
Regret is but a drop of rainwater on a leaf vein  
For a brief moment it shines in the sun till it falls

Tuesday, July 23, 2013



Malevolence is key
To the moment
It broods and groans
Roars wind in the trees
Drives heat into the home
The elemental light of
Magnesium lightning flashes
Streak white hot
Across the raven sky
Sonic crack and boom
Fold the solar plexus
We feel its power
The storm has come
In torrents of yearning
To hit earth; which opens
Like an stone hardened bloom
To receive the delivering moisture


I finally made a Gif - cool!!

Sunday, July 21, 2013


So softly heat breaks upon the rocks of the eastern wind
Scents of summer diffuse on cool eddies of European air
Rosemary blooms its nascent scent into the evening air
But the medicinal aroma is wrapped now in tang of pine
Brought no less to bear upon the nostril that does convulse
Earnestly upon a breeze for hints of returning warmer days
For languishing ecstasy wanes within the glory of cold dusk


Hush don’t wake them up
From dreams gentle neglect
We have spent so long now
Getting them to sleepwalk
Into the future we are making

Friday, July 19, 2013


A woman the equal of any man
Need only be 3 feet tall
But for a man
To be the equal of a woman
He needs to be a giant


Of exhausted mornings when innovative days were born
And labours rest would descend upon the youthful world
Green whispers of renewal came in the guise of a day’s grace
In long corridors lit with sconces of sunshine and moonlit sky
Spoke to us of language and signs and terrible deeds to come
If we continue to make such incredible change upon this earth

The Soul

Time for strength and demanding thoughts
So the soul must wait; forfeit not the gains
Even though its expression wanes in longing
A habit may be declining but longing remains

Monday, July 15, 2013


The heat drives out the midges
But nature abhors a vacuum
It fills the void with horseflies
Their formations take to the skies
Into a theatre of chemical warfare
Deet is not atomic unfortunately
A walk becomes a re-enactment
Of some ancient Battle of Britain
And the invading winged devils
Rewrite our history and win
Even if...
The swat is mightier than the sword

Sunday, July 14, 2013


I took this picture of a swirling shoal of tadpoles feasting on a slug that had fallen in the pond. The (most probably,) black slug now appears to be white because the little carnivores have stripped all its skin off.  Piranhapoles – yuk!!


Mythical beast or merely a curiosity
Would that I now could look up high
Into that hazed countenance of bliss
Find wherein and wherefore the reason
For a world to go mad in a fevered joy
Where no such joys can assuage failures
Yet wit can astound greatly; even still
To act, to espouse, to ensure, to enliven
For not all in this world is worthless
I shall unfold my hand to remember it all
For into my palm is pressed one rose petal
I know not how it was placed there, but yet...
It is the one thing of beauty now left to me
In all this it becomes the focus of my world
For this one thing of exquisiteness is timeless
But yet still I am witless and shall wither


I; a creature of the heat
You the cold
We are sunrise to dusk
East to west
Fair heart to dark soul
Yet when we laugh
It is in perfection
For we move together
And think as one


This ultimately futile instinctive need to exist
Can only ever be modified with exquisite grace
Elegance rises and falls extant in its delicate virtue
So save all the days of rain to water fertile minds
For nothing is wasted when kept for remembrance
And we shall be transformed to constant joy by it. 

Thursday, July 11, 2013


Water Debt

From the habitats we destroyed
In the great population surge
So much water has been taken
And locked within humanity
Most we stole from the trees
Toppling the ancient sentinels
To feast on their wooden hearts
Sating hunger for exploration and war
But the water we took is not enough
And the earth balances the debt
In rising seas and weatherise let

Sunday, July 07, 2013

The Horsefly

In deadly stealth and sabreous fang
Held in mandible by scabrous tang
The equine fly has ravenously bit
On human flesh that in sun doth sit
Not in a jungle but green English field
Its bite is enough to make courage yield
My foe vanquished by cushioned blows
Lies now in death but foreboding grows
So to the great indoors I shall now retire
With heavy heart and a leg on fire

Friday, July 05, 2013


The sun sinks in the west tracing a fading day in brown and gold. As cicadas begin their earnest harmony the night is unrolled in a sheet of black velvet caressing both skin and hearts like an obsidian tongue of desire. It touches on flesh and burns an indelible brand of longing into the mind. It is the want of all prime adults. Like bees contained within a hive during a thunderstorm they hum and rattle for the sweet watery nectar of desire; ache to be melded into unions of consensual lust. It cannot be stopped, nor controlled and has thus ever defeated the dictates of man. For its execution is immortal, instinctive and within the salty dew of desire they shall discover a new world has come for them. Summer nights born of the soul from balmy days give way to more temperate airs and throbbing spirits seeking warm union as a way out of darkness are born anew.

Thursday, July 04, 2013


The labours of the intelligent giants carry a weighty simian envy
Fight not the tide of advance alone but also a belligerent brotherhood
It is the order of the world; even if it is contrary to the human condition
That pearls of wisdom garnered from grains of sand are dearly bought
For each gem that rises up into the oceanic light of day to lift beliefs
Twenty of us fell as pieces of coal to the bottom of the sea in sacrifice

Tuesday, July 02, 2013



Betwixt the ground and sky on a high branch of antiquity
Lives a wizened hermit looking at the ants move around below
He sees all that passes for news and it does not bother him at all
For he has seen it all before and he wearies of the tedious repetition
Once he tried to intervene, but they drove him back into the clouds
And there he stays waiting for a change of days that will never come
For when attack is always the better part of defence; we reap chaos
In cycles of hatred, man walks in chains; devolving back to stardust