Friday, June 22, 2007

21st June 2007

The light softened to dusk and on a backdrop of blue-grey sky sits the green growth of June. A rising wind scatters one-by-one the petals on the climbing hydrangea and they fall to the floor in a spiralling path like soft and delicate white moths fluttering to earth. Above the shelter of the wall the wind takes the tall and upright fronds of the Tasmanian tree fern and scatters them so they become like giant hands strewing the confetti that is the spent blossoms. Yet despite the movement there is no sound only the swift moving sky which ushers in the thunderstorm to come

Monday, June 18, 2007

18th June 2007

Weather has been as I wrote last time. The rain did come and enveloped everything in a grey wet, gloomy kiss. However luckily I did manage to take some photos of the garden in early June. There are few posted below but if you want to see them all click here to go to the Sunsets and nature site. It’s a lot but couldn’t decide which not to use. Probably the one of me with the saggy bits showing.

Mike has borrowed the camera for his cruise (the maritime type of cruise,) so unless I can use Nick’s you may be deprived of photos for a few weeks. I’ll let you know what the glitter squad got up to on the high seas. How you keeping there in Pa by the way? I am well and had my first new potatoes last weekend…they were worth every bit of effort and water…absolutely delicious. Will try to post again later but if not take care and be in touch again soon.

Monday, June 11, 2007

11th June 2007

Currently sat under the climbing hydrangea that is overflowing down from next doors garden. The branches exhibit a tactile flowing pattern and wind in a vibrant latticework of leaves and flowers above my head. It forms a fragrant pelmet above the bench I am sitting on. It is so heavily laden with flowers that the nectar drips out in sticky globules that hit my bare, bronzed arms and make me think the rain has arrived. And oh, the sound; of hundreds of insects in an orgy of feasting upon the creamy white blossom is uplifting. A symphony of vibrancy set to the key of life on a hot summer day. The weather here has been incredible for the last few days. So warm and bright and alive, I think it is the word I want to use, but no matter, the change is already here. The balmy, leaden skies now enter and close off the overhead blue calm sky. The wind is heavy and still and the threat of rain hangs over everything like a promise of absolute certainty. There is a low distant rumbling and I cannot differentiate if it is thunder or an aeroplane in the distance. As if a call to arms the midges now arise and swarm for blood and verily they take all the need in microscopic itchy mouthfuls from all my exposed skin. The plants and earth seem to whisper "let the rain come at last" and water our need. For me I should rather sit in the evening air and feel free of the walls and ceilings but I shall take a joy in the rain for it does others, (if not me) good. The world will always win and we shall just take pleasure in the good days and seek gentle reflection on the bad. I shall reflect now for the heavens open and though I am waterproof alas the Sony is not…(not yet at any rate but give them a few more years.)

Monday, June 04, 2007

4th June 2007
The wedding was the most amazing event. Open topped Rolls and a beautiful bride. It was glorious weather in leafy green Hertfordshire with a medieval church and a rambling vicar. I had a wonderful weekend and Nick’s family and friends were all amazing. Yes I drank too much, smoked too much and even made a fool of myself dancing but it doesn’t matter. Drink makes the tongue sharp and the senses blur but we all had a good time and that’s what matters. Every happiness to the bride and groom. I hope they are happy always.

Time is naught but the brief effervescence of decay
That takes the form of crystalline music and sounds
Wrapped tight within a world of wondrous rapture
Bestroked erratically in painful memories and deeds
Yet I would not trade anything of its darker side
When its joy can reach deep within our souls
To make the decay of time halt and look back
And we can smile for the world shall not forget us