Monday, February 26, 2007

Ok maybe not vintage hi-fi...but a pure classic nontheless. The best DR WHO ever and a mean Duke of Norfolk too. A great Lancashire boy who does us proud.

26th Feb 2007

It has been the most beautiful evening, (indeed the most beautiful day.) Clear azure sky with a gentle flowing breeze that scents the air with a gentle fragrance of pine swept down from the lofty hill behind the house. It carries to my ears sounds from the distance that take me to a memory of a place so distant I can no longer remember it even though I know it is buried deep within me. It is the long forgotten reverberations from a perfect happy day which ended on such an evening like this one.
How wonderful it to be older (assuming one has not become too wise.) I no longer need imagined adventure to excite me and am perfectly content just to have this evening. So I am spending it sitting in the cool air under tall trees, while my feathered allies lull my sense to rapture with their songs. I can hear the traffic but I simply close my eyes and imagine the scent of pine becomes the salty breath of the sea. The outdoors is where I can simply be and dream and the greatest joy of all is, I do not dream alone. For I have a heart to share and by taking a part of it all my wishes come true.
Hey it’s nearly March...take the best care of yourself

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

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21st Feb 2007

The rain has faded once again and the water that shimmered along the leathered branches ceased. I see the last drop fall from and oaken limb and wonder...If a raindrop can travel as vapour a thousand miles over the ocean borne by the Atlantic winds my spirit may travel anywhere.

Once the rain had gone we saw a cool day with ambered light filtering through the clouds that weaved sparse filigree across the sky. Mr Blackbird has feasted on my Christmas pudding for days and shows no sign of growing sated. He looks at me through the kitchen window and it’s silly but he knows who his benefactor is. Just as well he enjoys it then. He has one annoying habit and that is chasing away the robins and thrushes that also come. That’s what they mean by pecking order I guess. Sometimes I hate the working week and the way we only get to see the smallest part of the natural world at the beginning and end of the day. I feel a need at the minute to be in the garden and working on some small project. Just to be able to sit and observe all that is growing and going on. I feel that a garden needs witness and testament and cant wait for the light evenings to return and last through to 9pm.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

20th Feb 2007
Dawn rose with wan light sifting through a leaden sky to trace all the day in a grey aura of predictability and then to fall slowly and insignificantly away to night. Come back sunshine and joy for otherwise it is a slow journey through these days.
Still it’s daylight to 6pm and the birds sing at both ends of the day so that raises the spirits and gladdens the heart that spring is creeping ever closer. Small crocus dot the grass like colours on an artist’s palette and the blank canvas of the maestri is now prepared for the yellow base of springs brushstrokes.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

18th Feb 2007

Day beckons night with a gentle exhale that trembles grey skies laid with ivory sails floating high on a western wind. Soft shapes of fluid calm floating lost in the world; they plough a moonlit furrow across the night sky. If it were summer then moths would awake and flutter velvet wings in mossy crevices before flying hither with soft, firm beats on the sultry air to feed on the crumbs of the night.

Tonight has seen a blue background laid with clouds of immense size that hang swollen and brooding like smoke-grey mountains. Looking to the distance I can no longer see where the earth ends and the skies begin. I become a part of this world as I peer into the sky and see a soul astride two astral worlds. A large part of me is lost to this world and belongs wholly with you in the next.

Monday, February 12, 2007

12th Feb 2007

The snow came brief and shallow ultimately dissolving into days of warmer disposition. See the change as the diminutive trailing hazel catkins now stretch downward and ripen to golden to release their pollen. Magnolia buds now swell and peonies push their purple snouts through the watery soil. The blackbird no longer comers around in the morning to watch me make my sandwiches and wantonly beg for food like a lost orphan. He has other things to do now the new days are here…now that the light is expanding in every direction, illuminating the days to a greater length and warmth.Perhaps he is just doing them earlier and and has already been and gone before I rise. Perhaps he misses me not being there when he calls. For unlike us he has no life ruled by a clock, only the rise and fall of the seasons and the days that fall within them.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

The world spins on the axis of hope for a beautiful springtime filled with blossom and birdsong and I for one will believe only this shall come to pass. Neither cruel malevolent will nor ancient beliefs shall hinder this genesis of rebirth. For all about is changing in these rapidly expanding days and new growth bringing life begins burgeoning from every fibre of the world. It transformation from dark to light and cold to warm can only enthrall such as you and I. There is no great hand moving the world, no God nor other deities seeking our total submission. There is just you and I and a world gone mad in an ancient power struggle that seeks to justify all savagery on its dominion over reason. We must prevail for if we fail there truly will be no more springtime’s to come. Time for the world to leave religion and all its cruel notions in the past and step out into the sunshine free at last of its mediaeval nonsense and being no longer afraid of standing alone work together to make something better.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Friday 9th Feb 2007
We were promised lots of snow in the north of England yesterday but apart from a few light flurries that hardly left a trace it was overall pretty disappointing. Probably good in the grand scheme of things but I really want to wake up at least one morning before the end of winter and be greeted by a white blanket of deep snow. At the moment it is not looking very promising. Somehow it won’t feel like we have been through a winter if we don’t. I have been a Good Samaritan this week looking after the birds. Every morning I have put out food and its amazing how fast they learn where it is and when it arrives. Some of the food froze overnight and regular as clockwork as I make my sandwiches for work Mr Blackbird arrives and sits on the wall looking at me through the kitchen window. Shortly after comes the Mistle thrush and remonstrates that the food is late. Must be tough for them when the ground is frozen and day temperatures hardly rise above freezing. I do wonder how many don’t make it so it is important that we feed them where we can during these hard months. It’s also important that you give them water to drink. Lecture over!

I’m trying to give up smoking at the minute (again!) as a ban in all public places comes into force across Britain from July the first. Finding it difficult but I have successfully stopped for nearly a year a while back so I’ll do it. Not sure I agree with this nannying legislative coercion though but don’t get me started on that. We are living through strange times and what I wonder will the world have become in a decade. Could go either way and if it goes in the wrong direction (and all the signs seem to be pointing that way) all this politically correct nonsense will seem like the halcyon days....see I’m off now!

Something positive it’s Friday and the weekend is here (well at 5pm). I want a nice relaxing weekend but don’t think I shall be spending much time in the garden this weekend. Unless the heavens deliver a promise and the world turns to a snowy adventure.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Tuesday 6th Feb 2007
The long frosty evenings continue bringing mornings that shimmer in the sunlight. Flattened grass pressed to the ground by the weight of the hoar frost shatters underfoot and released from icy bondage springs up into the slanting rays of sunshine that flow out of a clear dawn sky. Nothing moves around me yet but the air is filled with lively chattering wake up music from the birds that passed the trepidations of the icy night entombed deep in dense leaved bushes and arise in gratitude to greet another day. The sound reverberates off the ice crystals swelling in magnified splendour and melts my heart. I turn indoors and come back with the tastiest morsels I can find and feed the minstrels of the dawn.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Sunday 3rd Feb 2007
We are now in February and the brightening of the northern hemisphere continues the same as it has since the dawn of time. It’s been the most amazing few days here, with crystal clear blue sky and the brightest sunshine rising over the frosty mornings. I spent this beautiful morning visiting Clitheroe castle with Nick. (Well it’s more like a small square hilltop fort but they call it a castle, some great outbuildings though.) The castle has a great vantage built on the highest rocky outcrop and looking down 360 degrees over the whole of the Ribble Valley. You can see why they would want to put it there. This morning the long rolling vistas were swathed in a rising mist and the frost encrusted fields ran to the distant hills. Church bells were ringing and the whole scene was so quintessentially English. Wish I could afford to live in the Ribble valley. However I shan’t complain too much because having spent Friday and Saturday in the garden I realise I am so lucky too. Been hard work pruning the trees and carrying out general tidy-up work but in-between sat on the seat looking out across the valley and thinking life is not that unfair. I fed the birds and they all sat in the trees as contented as I. That’s not a bad feeling with all the bad news floating around at the minute. Hope you enjoy the photo of the hazel tree I took yesterday and the photo of the sky over the trees. Spring is coming!