Monday, January 30, 2017


I am not in Delphi
This is no revelation
And I am no oracle
Yet even I know
Though the same sun rises
And birds will continue to sing
They will be all the fewer
We are all touched now
By the madness of history
Everything has changed
Nothing can be the same again
Prophesy is served
By the recklessness of man

Friday, January 27, 2017

Vampires Exist

If I said, I had an idea for a story and the synopsis was:-

People keep female horses on farms in terrible conditions, get them pregnant and then drain blood from their jugular veins to use in farming and pharmaceuticals. Of course, the more blood taken the more profit made so if more is taken than the horses can spare, well it is an economic risk.

You'd think it was fantasy or some form of new sci-fi film, well sorry, it is fact. Perhaps it cannot be stopped because the balance of gain for humanity is too great. But it can be at least regulated and managed better.

End the Frankenstein horse vampires. Please sign the petition by Avaaz. (Follow the link below)

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

What a difference a day makes

Sparkling day with lots of sunshine after all the recent fog 

A touching remembrance left by someone on a bench dedicated to a loved one. I would be happy to know that I was remembered. Even if, it was just one person who remembered me and thought enough to do this.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Fog's back

Wow all we needed was Tippi Hedren and we could have re-shot 'The Birds' as it was atmospheric enough with all the fog.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Lesson 1

Now to retreat and secure all the borders
But who will treat the internal disorders
People are blameless for being scared
For believing a patriotic self-serving word
Carnage, greatness, religious morals abound
But in these politics, God's word is not found
The finite resources of money and care
These are what the elites refuse to share
And to where now, will new days lead
When we have planted such bitter seed
The new days to repent have now begun
It's far too late for change, for it is done
Soon the strategy will become all too clear
For it was never about fairness my dear
When dark times lament the passing of grace
Seek shelter and solace in your special place
Take heart that the light will surely return
But regret the lesson was so hard to learn

Thursday, January 19, 2017


Took this picture and then saw that either way up works. The one at the top is the correct orientation.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Silence and longing
Then instance breathes out
So comes the pause
When time freezes
In cloaked foreboding
And what comes next
Peace and reflection
Hope and forgiveness
Or simple certitude
The world close about us
But ever we let it
And if we are content
In peaceful anonymous calm
Deep in the winter mist
Where none may see us
We are become free

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Walks 2017

Some pictures from walks over the last has been a week of snow, fog and frost. Nice flare off the sun though.

Monday, January 16, 2017


For the cold, cold water
That swells upon a winter lake
It does not settle to calm
There is no warm, watery balm
To ease thoughts of immortality
These futile, vanishing dreams
That slip away into the cold
Delivering ever decaying kisses
Into winters, still brutal clasp

Friday, January 13, 2017


There is no hope in optimism
Strategy forsakes the aged
And these memories I have
They are drawn out in pain
Uprooted by unwelcome tempest
So is our grief all we have left?
When days become grey in loss
Painted to dark shades by sorrow
And our grins turn to frowns
Like curves of forsaken gems
Enfilmed by a patina of sorrow
But then anguish releases errant smile
For recollections come bittersweet
So I shall count new days like teeth
That all too soon nature loosens
And if what is gone is lost forever
Then memory stays vital and blessed
And while something of us still remains
You will never be forgotten
And in time you will return in colour

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Jane Stacey (1965-2017)

Jane Stacey (1965-2017)

Clouds are come upon the bright days
A deep sky hangs all the greyer for loss
And time sweeps away our last courage
For now our grief is made all the darker
When such an unexpected shadow falls
Tis the hammer blow of utter sadness
Where the woods and fields yield
Empty landscapes of hopelessness
For we cannot be made whole again
Now time has set you to slumber early
All we may do now, is find a little peace
Remembering your eloquence and laughter
And within darkness see your illumination
Shorten this maze of grief by remembrance
Without sorrow will we talk of joyful times
In whispers of friendship deep in the night
And we will never forget you sweet lady
52 is too small a number to count with you

Tuesday, January 10, 2017


We swim, it seems, in a great river of half-truths. It never slows or ceases to churn and we are made so wet by its overwhelming spray we become soaked to distraction in the message. We cannot successfully navigate such powerful currents; but we continue to try; to seek out in vain, the wide, shallow waters where calm resides. I have decided I shall no longer fight the current. I will now float to the shore and sit upon the riverbank. There free of the tides I shall hope to see the world anew. For it seems to me, our lives are mostly spent trying to reach the moon; until we at last realise, all we needed to do was sit and look up at the stars to be content.

Sunday, January 08, 2017


Trying to reach the moon
We rise above possibility
But always fall back to earth
It is the remit of humans
To ignore all the stars
When the sun is shining
We are born so perfect
Till we are unravelled
Into shreds of inevitability

Saturday, January 07, 2017


The wind may blow or still
But it will not fill our sails
Allow us travel over the ocean
The ships have long departed
And all that remains to see
Is the golden trail of longing
Broaching the slowing waters

Thursday, January 05, 2017


Understanding our New Year Honours is not very hard
If you have made no fortune, then you will get no reward
No one is rewarded very highly by deserving or chance
Nothing is actually done for real egalitarian circumstance
The athletes and celebrities kneel willingly at the throne
They've joined the club of elites; they are no longer alone
And I confess that I will be thought as a little retarded
Failing to value why the lucky are more richly rewarded
To our shame we've made this world where money is king
And all you need to do is have enough of that green thing
How you get fame and wealth is of no great importance
So long as you have helped the UK trade or cultural balance
All I will remember is that in the end there is little honour
For a pouting ex-pat with yet more reward thrust upon her

Tuesday, January 03, 2017


And I shall make you a lord
Though fate has already made you a king
And the ants will mill in confusion
But briefly; till always, they settle
For the world is not very fair at all
And we understand too well
Silence is bought in full bellies and warmth
And the elites will do as they please
It is their world after all

Sunday, January 01, 2017


The world delivers another year
But I will no longer wish for peace
Vie with dawn for the better days
That would have us wish upon delusion
To maintain this status quo of importance
Till at last we are become effete spectres
Incorporeal carriers of hopes unrewarded
The fantastic beasts caged within servitude
The time for such dreams is over now
The war for lasting peace has been lost
We are the refugees of a revolution
Rainbow warriors under the falling skies
Ambassadors of goodly circumstance
And now forget the world is wide and full
Stay close to home, to where the heart is
And within every day do one good deed
Till the blood of acceptance pumps everywhere