Thursday, August 27, 2009

Well obviously I didn't do the picture...I meant; I did the words for a safety slogan competition at work. see how busy we are there...!!!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Joy can at need, take point and run across the world’s meadows chasing a rising puissant sun into the memories of yesterday. It can hold a perfect sunset in the minds vault and spend a lifetime looking for it again.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Sometimes it seems like I learn things that should have been understood in my youth. Perhaps we all learn things this way as we are tussled by the ebb and flow of the cosmos. For wisdom comes to only those that will wait.

Today I learnt that-

Himalayans Balsam can be spectacularly beautiful in the sunset light...
The India Mill Chimney can be seen from many different places in Darwen
This poisonous or very unpalatable fungus is prolific under Rhododendrons

Tomorrow I shall learn that life sometimes waits for us to catch its meaning. But we need haste for time moves in only one direction.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thursday 20th August 2009

Wow haven’t written anything in what seems an age...thought I had better do something before you think my fingers have fallen off or something! Hope you’re keeping well. I had planned to do a little writing at work but it’s incredibly busy at the minute. Credit crunch has not slowed us down yet.

Wet, wet and wetter has been July and August with an odd good sunny day thrown in; just to let us know what we are missing while the evenings bring shrinking skies that draw the cool air down and make us think of the coming autumn. How soon it shall be here.

It’s been pretty quiet here for the last few weeks. Nick is opening Saturdays and doing an impersonation of Rafael Nadal the rest of the time.

Hope you liked the picture of the was so tiny and yet perfectly formed. Probably 100:1 it survives but who knows 3 years from now I may be watching its antics on a sunny March morning.

If I don’t write anything tomorrow have a lovely weekend.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

August arrives and holds the world in sway
Cloudier skies reign over a shortening day
All thoughts turn now to autumn chores
As we work the fields and fill the stores

The nights are cool and the mood mellow
The trees are done and now wane yellow
Yet still we can see grows new Lammas buds
For the trees still grow there is life in the woods

I wait for the sun and stars and their time
To make some sense of the seasonal rhyme
The world moves around in a dance for one
And all I can ever do is live till I’m done

So rabbits you are free to take the crops
I so enjoy your innocent, nervous hops
Come deer and fox and take your bow
For only good can ever come to me now
Just took this picture at 7.10 pm of the sun burning a hole through the clouds. Great greys and blacks and can you also see the bumblebee?

These are the war graves in the local cemetery...what a disgrace to behold for such noble men. Blackburn Council have you no shame? Can we not run to a few bedding plants these days? I just thought you should see this.

I shall forward it to the local councillor in protest but i'll probably get put on some secret list as a troublemaker.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

It’s been a mostly grey day but the world smiled a few times through the afternoon and this evening and like a silken gown beneath a plain robe the sky revealed itself in bluest hues. I enjoyed feeling the sun on my face and the light dancing off the windows. It grew quite warm in the sunshine but now as evening closes in and the stars will soon begin to dance across the night sky I feel the cold and wish you were here to keep me warm. I feel the elation of knowing that you are as the sun on a grey day and give such warmth as I lay close to your hearts. I love you special ones and you are mine now and always.