Saturday, November 30, 2013


See last pennants fall from bark clad masts
It is a withering of song to elicit the interval
Between the last movement of the summer
And the first act of winter; it is a crescendo
A buzz and rattle that precedes the great silence
Wasp queens beating wings in time to the cold
A world hungers for sound of the sun returning
As it shrinks away into the nadir of its orbit
And as the winter comes and sets us all to rest
The wasp queens still and settle into sleepy accord

Friday, November 29, 2013


Tread carefully on the path of great problems
Save all soft, velvet kissed words, for tomorrow
For all prose uttered in haste rebounds to us
And if at last they are revealed as worthless
Our well intentioned words hit back the hardest

Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Bullying automobiles defy any modernity
The define the newborn Dalek mentality
Steel chariots from the new age gods
Lightning headlights emblaze the dark
As they appear behind at reckless speed
The valkyries are now at last unhorsed
The amazing beings do not any longer think
To collect the fallen to return to Valhalla
They ride over new battlefields of asphalt
In dominant machines of calculated design
Styled only to stimulate fear in the watchful
Intimidation by a statement of sleek strength
And they will suffer no lesser carriages to pass

Sunday, November 24, 2013


Fading footsteps out of the wind
Ever soft I tread yet...
Where shall I land in safety?
Kindle a singing fire along eastern ridge
A mantra flowing across the valley
Over ancient ground swelling in autumn rains
The point of reverence is almost reached
And is not defiled by insuperable odds
As world turns from nights grey ash
And morning comes alive from dark
When the sway of the world moves in time
With the ruin of all we held to be good
What shall arise from the black of night?
To surprise my angry dawn of reason

Friday, November 22, 2013


I love words that interlace on media like literary ants
Colonies of reason growing from a smallest beginning
Writers are like the hidden queens in secret chambers
Progenitors of order and knowledge within their realm
Engendering mythical growth; to control life’s reflection
In time we may, as individuals, be small but we are so many
Within imagination and expression we can become Titans
We take pleasure in the near impossible task of existence
To describe truly what the eye sees and the heart feels.
So that others may; when the world shrinks around them
Ask; where shall I fly today for my imagination is limitless

Thursday, November 21, 2013


I envision my friend at 100 to look very elvish
He shall sit on his front porch at noon to tell tales
Wearing a white linen suit and a cover on his knees
And he’ll talk about a now long gone, colourful life
He might even embellish some stories as more dramatic
More than necessary I guess; but how will you know
Anyway you will expect his life to have been theatrical
Lived in a regretless, kind, hedonism all those years ago
But one thing is sure; you will all listen with wonder
I know this for I have listened to his wonderful tales
And I remember them all; and each one is a lesson of joy


Dreams come in all sizes
Some large and many small
Mine no more than a mayfly desire
To rise and live one wonderful day
In a perfect, perfect world
Washed of all its collaborators
To leave only a trail of effect
That first and last; I did no harm

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Full Moon

Moon this morning

Entwistle Reservoir 19th nov 2013

 Cormorant drying his wings

Lake District 16th Nov 2013

Thirlmere lake and countryside  (near Keswick)


Between unwelcome winter
And thoughts of spring
There is a null half-space
Where the world stills
In clear, cold mornings
Under newly waning moon
Exiting to hard won dawn
With slanting shafts of sunlight
The rising low sun reaches out
To the frosty ground
In these fleeting days of burnt colours
We hear autumn’s slowing heartbeat
It becomes a time for reflection
Through a looking glass
Of frosty hindsight thawing doubt

Sunday, November 17, 2013


If storms gather on the horizon seek only shelter
Save nothing else to the chagrin of a new dawn
But the thought of an eternity beyond this day
Let it become a welcome herald of the unknown
Embrace the message and use its power for peace
For when little good can be made of holy rumour
Speculation’s inanimate politic temperament
Ceases to be explicit in all we do till ultimately
Atoms of unfurled hope in a cosmos perpetual
Will merge into a higher consciousness of joy

Friday, November 15, 2013


I can only look into your eyes
From the safety of my dreams
But I see nothing
Save new questions of how
To overcome an inorganic politic
Yet I have no answers
The fading reliefs carved
In ancient words on stone
Long since lost all its potency
Yet still I sleep to dream of you
So I can gaze upon your soul

Thursday, November 14, 2013


On clear and frosty day at summers end  
Under the trees do shadows and sun blend
The beauty of the winter we may thus attend
But remember, flora from the cold; we fend

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

La Luna

Totemic and unyieldingly ancient  
Gliding to dawn over the night sky
La Luna moves tides and souls in...
A silvered ebb and flow of intention
To awaken a sleepy heart to night

Taken handheld with 50x zoom on Sony HX 300


Preserving days fill autumn’s mercy
Smoke and salt combine
Into primeval lore unsheathed
Preparing winter for the assault of man
In fading ancient woodland songs
We are freed from hedonism
By the icy reformatories of winter nights
Underneath lightless stars
Laid low by inhospitable seasons
Cold touches us deeper than humanity
All hearts beat in time to a desire
Yearning for serenity of warmth

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sunny Autumn day

Double Helix

Descending to an eager earth
Randomly; soft as whispers
Spent chlorophyllic matter
Falls from summer’s grace
To land on a beautiful chaos
But disorder forms a double helix
A map to the incoherent future
And the chance of evolution
Is served to autumn ground


If another planet has life
We are saved
Not lost
Nor alone
Part of something greater
But only if they come
To liberate our madness
Is our evolution assured
For if we go to them
With our terrored enquiries
They will shoot us down

Alok Jha, science correspondent -, Monday 4 November 2013 20.00

Our galaxy probably contains at least two billion planets that, like Earth, have liquid water on their surfaces and orbit around their parent stars in the "habitable zone" for life. The nearest, according to astronomers, could be a mere 12 light years away.

A new study, published today in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, suggests that Earth-like planets capable of supporting life are far more common than previously thought. Using measurements from Nasa's Kepler space observatory, scientists led by Erik Petigura the University of California, Berkely, estimated that 22% of our galaxy's sun-like stars had rocky planets circling them that were within the zone that meant they got roughly the same amount of light energy as Earth gets from the sun. There are around 100bn stars in our galaxy, of which 10% are like the sun.

So far Kepler has studied more than 150,000 stars and identified more than 3,000 candidate planets, but many of these are "gas giants", similar to Jupiter, that orbit close to their parent stars. If there is life out there, it is far more likely to have evolved on rocky planets with liquid water on their surfaces, similar to Earth.


Paper swans sailing dirty pavements
Old news stirs in cold dawn winds
A literary evolved genome of humanity
That can last; all but one day
Till it becomes a worthless collection
Of discredited paparazzi theories
Thrown away for new paradigms
I would miss you, if I saw your face
On these fading, printed sheets
If, for one second, I had thought
Like the breaking news and exclusives
It would have endured more than a day

Thursday, November 07, 2013


All doubt is overruled by a rationale
Hearts are placed into intricate casks
Locked so tight they are irretrievable
Hearts left thus in necessity to sleep
To sleep while the rich owners recreate
Perhaps if I had just a smallest amount
Of their vulpine vigour I could also lead
But then I love the world far too much
To trample into the deep mud of commerce
All the dreams of hope trying to rise out

Tuesday, November 05, 2013


Zooming from Darwen Tower to Blackpool Tower and a guy who was parascending. Std photo on left and then the zoom alongside. 50x zooms are great. These were taken with a Sony HX300

Darwen Tower Views and Skipton

Sunday, November 03, 2013


Scythe at the air then
It will not fight back
Will not regret its infinity
Nor seek to hide away
Behind walls of doubt
It will only dissipate
Into the immobile night
Leaving a clearer path
To a better tomorrow

Friday, November 01, 2013


The world rides eddies around wheeling stars
Stars trail in the wake of the creator maker
The creator sits beside nothing that is not harmony
Harmony is the design of his long, noble intent
Noble intent lessens of late; compassion retreats
Retreats; for what did he make this thing we blithely mar?
Mar in a certitude that we are master of our very nature
A nature that devours and usurps itself from concord
Concord biting diplomacy with teeth untethered from reason
Reasoned endless vanity stays not human madness with a doubt
Doubt till our last sun rises and sets upon this arrogant ruin
Ruin upon the last empire of man; as his habitat finally surrenders
Surrenders the machinations of Homo sapiens to the forgotten ages
But the new ages of the world will still orbit the same wheeling stars