Saturday, July 30, 2016

Smoke and Dogs

Its smoke from an e-cig not the tobacco variety if you're wondering. Didn't realise so much was there till the sun came through the window.

Thursday, July 28, 2016


I; progenitor upon an evening path
As the climax of summer erupts
The ants arise in smoky layers
Impinge upon the lowering sun
Gossamer wings and honeyed lines
In sleek waves of amber nobility
That weave and flex into night
A million debutantes are dancing
Wings brush skin; legs cling to hair
And I walk in clouds of contact
Beneath antiquities emerging stars
And what of their future
The men shall be king for a day
And the ladies queens for eternity
Sacredly revered in subterranean secret
By the watchwomen of the earth
These hunters of the unspeakable
Devourers of the wretched
And harvesters of dark gardens
Overlooked beneath our clumsy feet
But for one night everything changes
And a royal waltz is played at sunset
But I shall not be asked to dance

Tuesday, July 26, 2016


To this new refuge earth we give our thanks
Along with greens and seed, bred and ledge
Now no more nights are spent in thorny hedge
And to this new home we will humbly pledge
That though upon you head we'll gladly poop
We'll never defile inside our hexagonal coop

I made a hexagonal dovecote and though I don't think the angles would please Pythagoras it all came together with copious amounts on brute force and wood glue (and it only cost £20)

Friday, July 22, 2016


And see this thing of beauty that I plucked like a jewel from its stem. But this thing of splendour is also a sorrow to me, for though its magnificence cannot be doubted by my selfish deed have I plucked out the eye from the face of the rose. And then is it a worthwhile theft to treasure so briefly a thing of loveliness within the hand and watch it swift to its fading? Or is it better, to gaze and be enchanted by its fragrant charms as it sits upon its thorny structure till it wanes and fails as nature intended. And then knowing that is so, gaze at this flower you have stolen and wish all you may, but you cannot put it back and therein lies the greatest lesson we will ever learn.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016


A year divides three hundred and sixty five
But not one division has a passion for me
And whether heat or cold may come
My loins maintain this temperate constancy
And nothing can break upon this surety
Not more time, or hope, or opportunity
But the ants they are another matter
Their subterranean labyrinth erupts
In an orgasm of fertilities cornucopia
It ejaculates alates by the thousand
Expulsive fruition of slavish devotion
They weave in amber lines across dusk
And approach me like their progenitor
Then they are gone into supple night
To make their trysts under the stars
Amber satyrs of one consensual feast
Then as the searchlight of day fails
Sated they slip into cracks of their doom
A prison to hold them captive forever
In a tender devotion of familial bonds

Monday, July 18, 2016


Shake the tree and see what falls
And perhaps I say too much
In a certainty no one is listening
For I think not to bare my soul
Only reveal some layers of concern
And as each disquiet falls away
It may seem they are all gone
And I am left bare and naked
But it only seems that way
For I keep safe my kernel of being
And despite my overstatement
No one has germinated that yet
It is a tough nut to crack apart
And time doth make it harder

Wednesday, July 13, 2016


Seek shelter under July sky
Change arrives; entwined lie
These empty husks did not die
They simply learnt how to fly

Monday, July 11, 2016


The green layers are high above us
In canopies that pleasures our sight
There a greater wisdom holds control
Than the bullies below in chaotic might
And the layers we cannot ever reach them
But always strive to reach the light
For we need to be that better person
You know in your hear feels right
And always it's best to be off -ground
When the world they finally set alight
And take some comfort in knowing
We never wished for this pointless fight
Never stop your climbing upward
Attempt ever to gain the greater height
Focus only a better tomorrow
And do not linger near the vicious night
For as we come closer to the layers
The less the beasts underneath may bite

Saturday, July 09, 2016


We sever our common sentience easily
Blame returns as a hunter of conscience
To disparate lives built upon weakness
The grace of our gentler trust slumbers
Sleeps in these uneasy truces of ignorance
And once kinship if safely veiled in doubt
It does not easily weaken in its censure
It lingers ever brooding in the darkness
As we close our eyes to unnecessary loss
And in bloody dreams of ruin do we sleep
And we may live long on this wretched legacy
But always there is one chance to awake
And restore what remains of fairness
For adaptation is never come too late
To save a madness of unremitting conflict
Of our expanding war against each other

Friday, July 08, 2016

Political ambition

Draped on its box of secrets
The cloak of invisible deals
Wraps politics in its embrace   
And ambition is a precious dust
Grimy aspiration clinging to chance
Waiting like a hopeful patience
For winds of change to disturb it
So it be thought indiscriminate
But it always lies still again
So easy it settles upon its past
When the clouds of opprobrium pass

Wednesday, July 06, 2016

The Rose

At last the lady doth reveal herself; she is fragrant and opens in red energy to the dawn. She will have no less than the want of all men's eyes upon her till sunset comes and then within the sweet calm of night she will arouse within them their secrets of day. For maturity comes and with it the passion of expectation is played upon the green lawns of July. For this is the daughter of William Shakespeare and we would have no less to grace our garden

Monday, July 04, 2016


This first picture is of a dragonfly that has emerged from a nymph that has attached itself onto a nymph case from a previous day. it has not been out long and its body is transparent green to the sunlight

Nice clear nymph case photo

Ready to shimmer and fly away

There have been 21 Southern hawkers come out the pond so far this year.

Friday, July 01, 2016


And with such dark dreams
They have grown and slumbered
Slithered in the dark depths
Now the sleepers awake
To haul themselves out one world
And take their place in another
Exchange states; water to air
And now they whirl upon sunlight
And brush upon the summer stars