Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A long vista revealed at dawn and the eye traces a fleeting silhouette against a pale sky holding the vestiges of a sunset long gone. The world is lightening from the east and when the first shaft of gold hits the morning my heats soars and birds sing as the warmth returns. It illuminates delicate green shoots and evaporates the night mist as the sunlight spreads like a wave of comfort across all the eye can see. Then I am at last stood full into morning, as a sentinel to the birth of a new day.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Just been sorting out some pictures I missed posting. They are all from around the lake but I forget the day now (possibly one evening.) I took a photo of a field mouse this morning but it hasn’t come out. Well it has but it is just a brown blob on the floor. I really shouldn’t be happy about a mouse in the yard but it seems cool. I figure it’s the same mouse I saw last year so it isn’t after coming in the house. Weather could be warmer but I can tell its spring...the warm light and birdsong lifts the heart and soothes. I’m ready for warm evenings with food and wine enjoyed outdoors. Hopefully I will get some in Spain next week....only 1 week to go!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tuesday 15th April 2008

Couple of gloomy posts there sorry but they were fun to write (and that’s what counts.) Woke up to a heavy frost this morning which the forecasters kindly forgot to tell us about on the weather. Hope all the plants are ok? Finally moved the huge tree fern from the yard up into the garden on Sunday with the help of a sack truck. Boy was it heavy and I slipped at one point and hit my back on a stone step corner with the tree fern falling on top of me...my back is a bit sore now. But it could have been worse (much worse.)

Off to Spain in just over a week so looking forward to that. Flying from Liverpool at 6.30am so will have to set off around 3am. So that’s a tired first day in store for us. But I hope the weather is warm and sunny as I need a good infusion of rays to get me ready for summer. Other than that it’s been relatively quiet. Week follows week and by the time I get back from Spain it will be May....hopefully I shall get lots of photos to share on here.

Have a good day.

Monday, April 14, 2008

What may any day bring forth without hope for tomorrow?
So I shall tentatively put my head high above the parapet...
See a whole new day bathed in gold arising fast in the east
Taste the timeless awe of the world and searching for solace
Shall suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous misfortune...
That descend swiftly from vengeful hearts out of a leaden sky
I see the eternal hungering of men driven towards dominion
Sucked fast and deep by fate into the vortex of self determination
Science is the inexorable descent to madness termed progress
For what fools seek to disseminate and so thus destroy all that...
Makes the very breath of our life worth exhaling into the morning
Everything else slumbers; but the quiet of the night is when I awake to sit still and try to remember who I am. I see a glimpse of that man and embrace the world, flying across the universe to return once more into solitude. To be alone high among the stars glimpsing creation and be the first person on the earth till the dawn breaks and the world awakes and I am reborn...till the night calls again.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

9th April 2008

Woke to a huge fall of snow the other morning but it soon melted away once the sun came up. It was nice though to see everything encrusted in white layers even if just a very short time. A mistle thrush has built a nest in the small lean to in the yard and when I look through the kitchen window it is there looking back at me. I try not to disturb her but it is difficult. She probably regrets building her nest there now but nature has taken its course and she is resigned to whatever happens. I'll keep you posted.

Off to Spain in a few weeks for 4 days with Nick. We are visiting some friends in Manilva (near Marbella) looking forward to seeing them and where they are living. Other than that no more holidays till September so better make the most of this one. This is short but I wanted to do a little bit to prevent the gap between postings growing. But in the event I couldn't get a wireless signal so it will have to wait until tonight.

Have a good day

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Saturday 5th Apr 2008

1 week into April so soon. Despite the mild feel to the week we have snow forecast for the weekend so perhaps we might see some today. Still it hasn’t stopped the frogs from laying down more spawn. There is more this year than ever before. Most of it has now hatched but I noticed some fresh frogspawn the other evening. Must have been a couple of late arrivals.

Watched a great film the other day called ‘Stardust.’ Billed as the fairytale that won’t behave. Very funny and also nice to watch a film with a happy ending for a change. Nick enjoyed it too which says more than i ever could.


I also watched ‘Hairspray’ (the latest remake) with John Travolta and enjoyed that very much too. I don’t think I would have watched that normally but Nick bought it and we watched it the other weekend.

It’s 6am I'm at home and I am awake early although I might go to bed again shortly but I might not bother and make some bread. Nick is taking some bread to the ‘Inn at Whitewell’ this morning so have a look at the link below. It is set in a beautiful part of the Ribble valley. Would love to spend a weekend there sometime soon in Summer or late Spring. It’s Prince Charles favourite inn apparently. Beautiful drive from Clitheroe to Whitewell (one of my favourites)


Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

2nd April 2008

Sorry for being so quiet for the last few days ...tonight I am going to put some old mill photos on here and no; I am not in any of the one’s from 1940. Nice try. The newspaper clipping is from 1920'2. Think it would cost more than £20,000 now.