Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Tempest

There is a tempest in me still
Though it angers now in silence
A secret gyre buried deep within
Even time cannot dissipate it
With its wily trials of age
There is a tempest in me still
That rises and falls each night
It aches for a company of spirit
If you would but step outside
To feel rain and wind on the soul

There is a tempest in me still
But I become a summer breeze
When the hummingbirds come
And bees awake and mists flee
Though still it battles me within

There is a tempest in me still
When I wish it
But no wind can blow forever
And when it stills
Be with me as my rage dies

Wednesday, March 30, 2016


We arch our lips for this violent storm
To taste watery kisses in a tempest
And then we are gone into the past
And we have drawn another line
A new rung on times ladder
But no stairway do we ever make
No lasting way to reach each other
For clouds always come between us
Even if brief the haze about us dissolves

Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Slow no ascent with rest
Nor weary the rocks with lament
Climb on, climb on
High to eagles upon starlit eyries
Then into the cloudy stratum
Where the Gods make play
Then climb no more
You are home
And now you shall have respite

Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter Gif

I made this in Gimp and Publisher (as if you couldn't tell)

Sunday, March 27, 2016


There is a deeper significance
Subsumed in the chocolate
That we blissfully devour
Easter is made sweet upon us
Chocolate coats the world
In bunny rabbits and eggs 
But if the world and its people
Were sweet as this chocolate
It would truly be without sin

Saturday, March 26, 2016


And I think I am gone mad
As gently as a summer dusk
That stills all the cuckoos
Save those still in my head
And look at me all you will
This malady cannot be seen
For I hide it behind a smile
And if myth can become history
Noble facts and nascent faith
Rise to the pinnacle of greatness
Then I am glad I have gone mad
And to think this all a dream
Else be unhinged upon waking
And so be made mad by circumstance

Thursday, March 24, 2016


Among the walking ghosts of night
There is no colour in our thoughts
Only deep shades of inconsequence
And find no rest among their whispers
They are the judgment of the dark
Conclusions that itch and prick
Force us to rise in a demi-dream
Swirl within the nocturne carnival
And scratch the scabs of inquisition
And then we may change eternally
When clarity comes in all its depth
And simplicity stings us like revival
A revelation delivered swiftly
Racing away like some macabre steeplechase
Upon declining time and losing odds
And then all old thoughts are burned away
Unequal day is lost among starlight
So when I next sleep wake me not
I am thought time has now forgot

Tuesday, March 22, 2016


And a spring equinox is served
For see the first bee has come
A yellow-black marble
That rolls about the grass
With a tenderness of velvet
And no outlook may be unmoved
By a disposition so sweet
And I think upon my soul
All my words are but trifles
A doggerel of arrogance
When set against your deeds
That set a watch in autumn
And slept beneath the frost
To arise into the longer days
That increase upon the north

Monday, March 21, 2016

Bleak House

And so lonely passes the winter night
And Miss Barbary knows the truth
It is set with pink ribbon and regret
The documents of a faultless liaison
That secured a hostage but no fortune
A captive lost and still is ever here now
And when reality crawls from out of favour
Our secret rains fall and wash us away
We are become loss afloat on fading gleams
Above cold earth and railing and epitaph
Without a warm gratitude or remembrance
Yet the flickering of this unordered chaos
That rises and falls on time's wall
Falters briefly and tells a different story
Of great love that fluttered and collapsed

Sunday, March 20, 2016


Minds free of diversion are strong, but mediocre
If perception is abstract who knows the truth?
Once we question reality, only then do we find it
Or we become truly lost in our dreams that come
When the sweet pink rose of climax is plucked
And then unfolds from the richness of our ardour
And all our thoughts must change hue and form
As we fall asleep among the caresses and whispers
No more the prisoner of day we are released to starlight

Saturday, March 19, 2016


Sun lies upon the splendid daffodils
And every thought of winter fades
For who could be in disquiet now
As the world stirs and rises awake
And see this new time that is built
From the weed and leaf of autumn
So now come out of your restfulness
Leave your deep millpond blanket
To take of the sparkling waters
In a frenzied refreshment of excess
We see these pearls of spring appear
Rafts of spent ardour atop the water
And then sated return to the shadows
And wait for the flies to rise up

Thursday, March 17, 2016


Sunlight scatters upon water
Uncut diamonds dancing on a mirror  
Green mist begins to wreath branches
As the lofty sails of summer unfurl
And below hieroglyphs of spring appear
Inscriptions written into the grass
And we bees of a scandalous hive
Buzz in the hope of fresh nectar
To search out sweet drops of comfort
That drip from yellow trumpets of joy
And see now that all the winter is gone
And we are not so old; not yet
Not while this new spring rises up
And we feel its tidal pull
Upon our long dormant ardour
And the long winter clouds
That brooded atop our sandstone nests
Are all departed
And it is time for us to fly again

Wednesday, March 16, 2016


Every bee has a favourite flower
Its one exquisite beauty
To visit on the warming days
And one bloom may seem wanting
But it enough to say
Spring has disembarked
And the lonely winter clouds
That brooded above our sandstone hives
Are all departed
And it is time for us to fly again

Monday, March 14, 2016


We are the world in blood and bone
Wrought of the ashes from stars
Fashioned vessels of stellar construction
To hold the immortal codices of life
Close your eyes and see
Slam shut the scales of sight
See where you are brought from
That such resources lie within us
Coiled and ready to unravel
The memories of the ancients
In a temporal kinship
That shakes hands across the aeons
Ever to renew, to repeat
We are the fixed points in time
Phoenixes birthed in the ashes of history

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Three AM

A dishevelled dame in gown and sock
Rises every day at three o' clock
And what comes of day she waits to see
But first she must brew her Earl Grey Tea
And then in peace she sits to wait
For dawn to rise above the garden gate
And of all the things long life has blessed
She knows a new day can never be guessed
And as the hour till light slips quietly by
Her hopes and dreams all take wing and fly
She sips her tea and remembers it all
As moon falls to earth behind garden wall
And as memories dim and come to clear
Sun comes at four am and the day is here
With cup now drained and memories spent
Awaits a new adventure that heaven has sent
And as the first rays break softly upon her face
She can care no more of self, or time, or space

Saturday, March 12, 2016


And night still crashes into the day
Places a dark muzzle upon creativity
And like bees that quiet at dusk
Upon the securing warmth of society
We hum in such a false concern
Wax in faux outrage over tragedy
But ever so restless, still we sleep
One on top of another like a plague
Slumber upon the despoiled comb of greed
Drowsing angels on our coffers of gold
And all our dreams wither on waking
For we dare not now remember them

Friday, March 11, 2016


Enslaved to faltering seed and spouse
With only a dread of poverties withering
The women of the loom and hearth
The mothers and sisters of yesteryear
The raggedy women with curlered hair
They had neither evil intent nor ambition
And they had no awkwardness of the world
No selfish fears to enslave them to vulgarity
And ever polite, yet resolute; they endured 
And it seemed they were simple to the world
But it was all an intricate deception
They could look to sky and say it would snow
Warm coats by a fire they rose at 5am to build
They fed us with the desperation of she-wolves
And never once did we feel we were reduced
And the women of the loom and hearth
Though it could seem they are lost to us now  
Are ready to return again when they are needed

Wednesday, March 09, 2016


Though the words falter
And no star is upon her now
Yet still she comes to shine
The woman with smoke-grey hair
Creaking bones and jellyfish gait
And who will take note
Of this siren who can no longer sing
That no more the sea or sailor will hear
But I will listen to such a woman
So careless of her vanity
Hear her bittersweet tales
The salty dream of yesterday
That is now lost to the sea
But not yet to the earth
Not while there is one person
Who will still listen and revere her

Friday, March 04, 2016


She left it here safe a moment ago
Of that she is sure; so where did it go?
She put it down in two thousand and nine
When time upon memory drew sandy line
And all since then is forgotten or lost 
Her husband and friends in a lossless frost
Now her offspring swarm around the bed
Though to most of them she is already dead
She wonders why all these strangers crowd
And why they have to talk so loud
And then she spies what she did misplace
Her mother's long, lost, loving, caring face
And if she now thought to have a last care
It was to wake again with her parents there
And only a mother could let their life cease
And leave all her children to be at peace 
"I'm ready mam," she loud cries out
Closes her eyes and dies without doubt

Thursday, March 03, 2016


There is gold upon the cover
That lies at the foot of the bed
It shimmers and flashes
In long fingers of prosperous ease
A treasure unimagined yesterday
The new day is come in triumph
To lay its sunny wealth upon me
Fill mind's coffers in gilded thoughts
That real wealth lies in time's riches  
All that is of value arises from today
And the bullion amassed yesterday
Is but a lost fortune that is already spent