Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Well Wednesday seems a small day for the end of a big year but let’s remember how far we have come and how much has happened to us. The world can be a funny place; alliances between people form through time and are often easily broken. For within all we remain creatures of instinct and selfish preservation. But rarely does it happen that something is found that will last a lifetime. Such was finding you for now the days bless the nights and hope rekindled that someone could be so unselfish and faithful. I never pretend things are easy and that our lives are simple and yet the fact remains that we have found each other. I shall never let you go for I have such need you. So for that I apologise because that makes me selfish. I fully intend to remain so for the rest of my life. No poems or long declaration on this day for all that I need to say is; I love you.
Into the night you walked with me among stars under the light of a full moon just as you promised you would. Feet compact fresh fallen snow as it lay on ground lit with twinkling reflections from the heavens. Dreams and joys brought alive by the fall of night into the first day of the year. So is born a winter day from the echo of time compressed into the first day of the New Year. Feel the history of the world in a walk through the quiet places alongside the water we emerged from so long ago. Water that lies still and cold touched by the hand of night into sheets of crystalline ice patterns that reverberate into the morning sky as we cast small stones onto its surface. Soft shall strike the first rays of the sun onto the surface and the mists of the day are born to float laconically above the horizon. Snow may lie thick along fields so that they resemble a desert of whitest sand dunes. Oh the joy of footprints in unblemished snow and imagine we are the first too ever set foot on this beauteous ground. See the relics of the dinosaurs incarnate again as a Robin waits crouched in the heather with breasts aflame and then see the Sparrowhawk fall silently from the sky to take our new found friend away. How ancient bloodlust remains for watch close and though time may have shrunken their stature their deadly game of hunter and hunted is revealed. So we watch and see then a riddle revealed as the hawk is thwarted by us and the Robin seeks solace among our company. Yet what of our superiority when ultimately tis saved by loathsome rooks that wait at the water’s edge like ghouls. How we are humbled and enriched by this sight. Then too we see the five Cormorants wheeling and diving through the water and air as fluid as feathered snakes. For if such a day at the culmination of all the time before can bring so much joy then that time was not misspent and the one that gave me such joy shall be my love for all that remains of my walk among the world.
Wallowing whale spied a porpoise in the sea

Said wallowing whale, “come here right by me”

Said porpoise, “wallowing whale I dare not”

“For you have eaten my tail have you forgot?”
The jester has struck a stanza or two together

The rhyme is for fun for the heart already is won

Mine and only thus so, make my heart faster go

For the world is strange and yet you re-arrange

It all together as a honeybee working the heather

To a glorious song, that shall be forever long

In autumn in the cool, for loving makes me no fool
A world is now cast into the darkness of winter that shrinks external pleasures and expands the internal ones. To warm firesides we tarry amid electric evenings filled with the pursuit of gentle hobbies. Then to warm beds where two lovers may while away the hours till spring comes again.
Hurry in the dark for I wait for you
The world takes all we may give yet….
She has for once given me all her joy
To share in heat and cold to come
Wrapped her gift in the soul of you
Thank you for your love and warmth
Through a year, through forever
For I shall never ever be alone
For words not said
Shall grow about us
Whether the world
Should listen or turn away

Tonight drags me down
To the safe, realm of sleep
Yet the heart hungers still
For the last, sweet, gasp of air

So with my last thoughts
I hurl words I need you hear,
Just as your eyelids close
As the wolves howl for spring

Come day release me from sleep
That I may know a heart is waiting
To give all of its sweetness
To the one I call my own

For the hours shall rush by
Like the raging tides
That flood inland
Then disappear back to sea

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Funny, how a year slips by us so very fast. All the plans and dreams somehow mainly get lost along the way. I like to have dreams ready although oft times they must come to nothing. Maybe a bigger house with its own garden, a pair of Tannoy Westmisters, a dog, Seems like most of the things we dreamed of are added to the list for the next year. Maybe that’s the best way for it keeps one hoping onward for the future but now the credit crisis has landed extravagant dreams can be realistically suspended and perhaps now we can begin to focus on what is truly important and in that small way it may do us all nothing but good in the long term…I hope so.

Today the sun filters through grey leaden clouds that hang loosely in the pale blue sky and the light scatters off the drops of water that cling to the leaves. It as though a million fairy mirrors was being held up to the light or else is the gleam from their gossamer wings. It is a view of columnar walls of rustic browns and evergreens waning to darker hues as leaves (long gone) rise above the flattened grass to welcome Christmas day. It is not a day for Oberon and Titania and the humour of Bottom beneath some cool glade under the light of the stars, though my soul is right there with them. How could it be anywhere else on such a winter’s day as this? For is it such a leap of faith to see the bees and birds as fairy folk and the wax and wane of each day as the most potent magic. If so then I shall be misguided but joyous for the world makes me so.

Merry Christmas

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

18th Dec 2008

The auditor has cancelled her visit today as her father is very poorly. She’s a nice lady so I hope everything works out for the better over the next few days. So I shall catch up on some of those jobs I never seem to get around to. Like tidying some of the office paper piles up a little bit for a start. Weather has gone much milder because I am sat at my desk sweating and have taken my coat off…yes sometimes I work in my coat…how Christmas Carol is that! I’ve made an amazing discovery I can type my blog stuff at work on break times and then e-mail it home. I could post from work but our internet connection is so slow I think it would be quicker sending semaphore.

22nd Dec 2008

Well obviously I had a busy day and didn’t finish the blog stuff that work day. We had a rainy weekend but the weather is set for dry all through the week…no white Christmas I’m afraid this year. Still had some good news this morning as we have the rest of the week off (well the next couple of days) and Wednesday was only half a day. The mill has no work and both machines shut last week so it is all pretty quiet. We did wonder if they would succumb to the Christmas spirit and they have….fantastic. In and out of work by 11am…now if only we could do that every day.

Garden survived all the snow and ice but there was a sad casualty in the Yucca plant. The weather is forecast to be mainly dry so shall definitely get up there and take down some trees to allow more light in for next summer. I thought of buying a chain saw ( the trees are quite large,) but the thought of me up a ladder with a chainsaw going full roar doesn’t seem to inspire anyone with any confidence so it’s the hand saw…but sawing through 12 inch boughs 10 feet in the air isn’t that great either. I shan’t ask Nick to help as he seems to have spent most of this year harming various bits of his anatomy (as my 3 trips to the emergency room testify.) Well I did say he had a ‘can do’ attitude, even when he can’t. Still have nearly 2 weeks to accomplish the deed. I’m looking forward to that.

Here is to a good 2009 for us with lots of rest and laughter and sunshine. We all missed the sun in the UK this year so a little next summer would be nice. Here’s to friends and family and most of all to words and I hope there are many more next year.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

17th Dec 2008

The days run so fast now it seems all we can do it is take a deep breathand try to keep up with the change. It has been a strange year really! Things have stayed approximately the same to all appearances and yet thewall of gloomy predictions has gotten ever higher as economic woes camefrom just about every quarter. Not all of it seems to add up of course, but then it never does. One thing is certain and that is when change comes it generally catches us all by surprise (even me the reluctant pessimist!)We’re almost to the shortest day of the year now and once it is passed thenthe growing world can make new plans underneath the snow that will surely fall and luckily cool any thoughts of premature growth. This year the period before Christmas has been much cooler than normal. We have had a lotof deep frosts already. I think I have de-iced the car more this last month than the whole of last winter. Some sad news is that the Yucca palm broke 2of its 3 branches under the weight of the snow fall the other week. It had looked so great all summer. I shall plant the broken stems in the greenhouse and try to encourage them to grow. Nick gave me the palm to look after when he moved up from the south…one day he will have a garden again and want it back. Perhaps he may have more than 1 if the branches root. Despite looking so tropical they are amazingly very hardy.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Soft fell rain on moist soil and then permeated down through the tracery of orange fleshed roots that hug the bones of the world deep underground. Roots delving ever deeper downward toward the essential soul of the earth, as they move winding through the layers of time from ages past that saw the footfalls of the first dinosaurs and the birth of history and. Hush now; listen we can hear the call of the aeons that brought us to this moment to share a world beautiful and green and take part in its present. For it our world now and its beauty and peace calm our souls, heightens our love till we think we may experience no more joy. Yet the sun shall set and the night brings greater joy in each other to awake to a beautiful dawn birthing a brand new day and the circle of joy ever increases. So it shall always be for the love we share is like the gentle spring rain and it permeates our souls and enriches our love till all is evergreen, whole and strong. You are my history and yet even more my beautiful future.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

If we see beauty it is best to see it together and briefly
For the world is alive and sentient and surrounds us
A wall of light and oxygen enriching every sense.
It reaches deep within us and plants gifts of sight
For think beauty and see with me all we have shared
A winding grassy path laden with refreshing dew to cool
Toes in the fierce heat of a summer day while above
Moisture laden air on wind caressed trees casts shade down
Bringing restful sounds as we sit and watch the world unfold
Leaning back carefree against aged bark to open our hearts
See you remember how we felt then and a day lives again
Yet the memory is brief within us, for time has been kind
For many such days has she bestowed and is yet to bring
And where will we put the exquisite memories of them all
As we enrich and grow throughout all the aeons to come?
For the gift of sight is upon our eyes and we belong to the ages
Soon we shall see our first soft footfalls through sendaline snow
Crisp, purposeful movements committed through love and hope to…
Our future to come when warm hearths shall be our only adventure,
To relive all we've done, seen, tasted and smelt and I shall look…
Within your heart and soul and see beauty no longer brief but forever
A full moon has occurred closer to the Earth than it has done at any time for the past 15 years.
The Moon's elliptical orbit means its distance from the Earth is not constant. It was a little over 350,000km away as it passed over the northern hemisphere, about 30,000km closer than usual. Astronomers said the moon would appear brighter and larger than usual, but the sky in the UK was almost completely covered by cloud. Friday's full moon was predicted to appear up to 14% bigger and 30% brighter than other full moons this year, according to NASA. The Moon's orbit is elliptical, meaning it does not follow a circular but rather an oval path. It has reached the point where this oval orbit is nearest to the Earth. The moon appears largest as it rises and sets, but this is a psychological illusion. When it's close to the horizon, our brain interprets it as being bigger than it actually is; this is called the moon illusion. The Moon's brightness varies throughout its annual cycle, during the mid-winter in the northern hemisphere it can appear brighter simply because it is higher in the sky.

I never noticed it was any bigger by the way

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Warburtons are a Bolton company and crumpets are one of my favourite things....they couldn't make em this good down south.

Tuesday 9th Dec 2008

It’s been a long cold week up to this point. We had a couple of large snow falls a week ago and almost every night since has seen minus temperatures. Despite several days of rain some of the snow still lingers along the path and field edges that are sheltered from the elements. It’s unusual to be so cold before Christmas so the plants and animals are likely to have a tough time of it till spring. Incidentally the cat I fed on the yard wall never came back again so I hope it found its way home.

Could it be the frost is the guardian of the innocents?
Hiding them away from the warm in a crucible of frost
That shimmers and spreads across the damp meadows
Bringing me a glaucous night underneath spreading stars

I’m currently off work as I have a heavy cold...likely I’ll return tomorrow. Felt really poorly over the weekend and yesterday, but getting better again. I don’t like not being well because it always makes me wonder too much for my own good.

Wednesday 10th Dec 2008

Well there and back again and another day at work passes...had to go a lifting and slinging refresher this afternoon for 4 hours...fabulous. I don’t know how I kept awake through it. Still feeling a lot better today although the cough is always the last to go away. It is getting very close to Christmas now just a little over 2 weeks ad I’ve done nowt (Lancashire for sod all,) as of yet...bah humbug! Lucky we have Amazon...dropping a big hint there.

Hope you’re well and hey if I win the rollover lottery I’ll come and visit and may even buy lunch.

Time slows and stills and yet the rhythmic tempo never stops
No matter the reason or the need it flows and spirals
Into tomorrow and if I do nothing...so shall it still come
To lead me into a beautiful dream where we are together

Take care.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Softly falls rain through barest branches that stretch toward the spring sky. Like I stretch toward you through the day till I reach you tonight. Your love shall cover me and run along my body just as the rain collects in the joints where branches meet a solid trunk and then runs down the bark in cascading rivulets. Ever you shall be the sun in my world that brings me to life and growth and wellbeing. It shall always be so my love for now and every spring to follow. For without your warmth and nurturing I should wither and lessen. I shall stay safe within the heat of your passion and love and grow tall toward our destiny and you shall be the only gardener of my heart and I shall make for you a garden of joy always.
The darkness closing in with a rose tinged sunset in the west. The still blue sky framed the crescent moon almost to first quarter and the first stars were beginning to sparkle and glisten. The air cold, the paths sheened with icy cobbles that took the remaining light and twinkled a starlit path for my footsteps. Funny but the birds were singing even into the cold and dusky evening and it lifted my heart and I had the greatest thoughts of you and I so wished you were at my side. I couldn’t bear ever the thought that it could be someone else there. I love you so with all my heart and my heart is strong yet gentle and sensitive as the gossamer threads that hang from a leaf and support the spider. Slender and strong, yet so easily broken. Promise me you’ll never break my heart…for I could not bear it. Surely as the spider I should fall and never again be whole in my lifetime. For in loving you I place all I am within your hands and I do know you will take the best care of it. For you are my love and I yours and we shall take care of each other always.
The world moves and I must answer its siren call as the day turns to night and the sun falls above the eastern hill. Yet while the world calls me forward I shall no longer travel alone for my love is always with me, within me in a way I never thought was possible. Hugging the very corners of my soul with loving thoughtfulness and I for my part shall love in return forever. I shall never leave nor seek comfort from another for the world moves and I must answer and now it is my very world and the siren song has enraptured and captivated me forever. Hear me world lest you cannot see it yet, but soon I promise you will. For I shall hold my love within my arms in a little while and I will never let go and we shall move as one together forward forever while the world calls us.

Every word I give you comes from this heart beating within my chest for they are to this great love of mine. A heart that is now doubled in size and beating to the rhythm of your soul and joy. Ever my heart and words grow with the greatest pride that you are mine. These words cannot be ever be denied and slip out of me like raindrops escaping light summer clouds to freshen a dry world. For my world has been watered by you and slowly turns to the greenest garden. It grows and grows and all is for you to enjoy and seek joy and solace within. It seems I exist to make you happy and loved and to be so comfortable with me. To soothe away the strains of the day and enrapture you at night. You will never own me my love, but I say with honesty and true love that I give of myself freely to you (all of me) and never shall I withdraw from the promises I have made you. I shall be such a willing slave to your pleasure and happiness. Take me and care or me for I shall have nothing or no one else now.

Your tender kisses did the trick my love for I am awake and beholding the day in all its spectacular beauty. Clear blue skies and a heavy frost and even a little snowfall fell in the night. The whole view I see is one of winter yearning for Spring. So soon to come and wake the world to exuberant growth. Ha, but yet even the first of her wonders awakes and grows. For you are the first ever of her wonders in my world.

The birds are absolutely elated this morning and singing with the melody of angels. For that is how they sound to me and all that I see is lifting me up and taking me to that special place you have created for me to live in. It truly is the most wonderful place I have ever been to and I am never leaving.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

What a world awaits the evening. With wreaths of dense fog laid along dark paths. Paths that take feet along seldom walked ways above the trees. How I long for the light of the moon to pierce these clouds and light my way with a trail of silver. For the snow has all but left, save for small deep patches, that cling in coldest corners or within deep-root crevices at the bottom of trees. A dog barks out in the night and is answered by the owl that winds invisibly among the foggy air on high. Safe tonight are the little creatures this night.
The house is cold tonight with a chill upon the rooms such as I have never felt before. It is as though somehow the walls were transparent and the cold air of night floods into the house. Air that has moved slowly across the last vestiges of snow that lies on the ground like molten, crystalline jewels melting under a dragons breath. Yet amid the lyrical rhymes the truth is that bones grow older and more they long to sit by the warm hearth and listen to melodious divas or explore words written or spoken. On such a night I think of you and miss your warmth and comfort and always your loving place at my side. I shall count every hour and every melting flake till you are by my side once again.
I couldn’t imagine that world
Where you weren’t there for me.
It would be the darkest, coldest
Loneliest world full of sadness
And I for sure, wouldn’t want…
To be living very long upon it
No birds again would ever sing
The sun would remain forever hidden
Behind highest walls of grey cloud
That perfectly matched my mood.
No laughter sparking within my heart
No thoughts of love for you that…
I need to have constantly within me to…
Brighten the world, lift my heart upward
Away from the melancholy state
I should sink into forever without it
See my sweet love I need you
Like the seed needs rain to grow
For within your caring heart and…
Its loving sunshine smile; I bloom
I grow tall toward heaven itself
For that is where you surely are
You are my forever with me always
And I shall never stop loving you.
The night came swift and wet to the hearths of the north
Yet never shall it enter within the heart of this one man.
Who fearless before the dark remembers your face

For the heart is born aloft by the sentiment of memories
The higher the cold winds blow down upon me
The warmer I become for they carry your laughter

I close my eyes and I hear your sweet, loving words
That are and always shall, be my comfort and eternal joy
For when the wind blows you are with me in the dark

Monday, December 01, 2008

Monday 1st Dec 2008

Hope you like the pictures below...think that is quite enough for tonight. We have been having very heavy frosts over the last few nights...its bloody freezing! Hard to believe it was 77 degrees in Las Vegas. Did update my diary for Vegas but left it at work...will update it tomorrow.
In the Bellagio gardens

At the top of the Eiffel Tower

Top of the Stratosphere...guess the show

Off to a show

Paris Hotel

Looking from the top of the Eiffel Tower

Down the strip

Bellagio lake and Caesar's

The Bellagio
Room 10004

The lions at the MGM Grand (allegedly all descended from the original MGM lion)

Car on fire (we thought this was a stunt but it was quite real)

Me and Mike at the Grand Canyon

Shot of the Canyon

Lake Mead (see the low water line)

Flying back to Las Vegas

Ceasar's Palace Staff
Me at Caesar's Palace Fountain

The group minus 1 (Joan)

Ladies who were lunching (colourful or what!)

Bellagio Fountains
Bellagio Fountains

Bellagio Fountains

The Venetian
Statue of Liberty
Bellagio Lake

View from the hotel

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Las Vegas 2008

It’s now Wednesday and I have been here for 4 days. It’s a bit of an enigma this city. A bit like heaven and hell all rolled into one. Some things are absolutely incredible but other show the darker side of the city. I am enjoying the hotel and the beautiful sunny weather but the crowd have booked far too many shows for me so tonight I am throwing a sickie (as it were) and giving them a miss. As someone who doesn’t go out very often this is rather like being thrown in the deep end and drowning so I needed a little air. It is nice to be on the computer for a little while again. It’s an experience here but I am missing home already. In truth I can’t wait to be back. I don’t mean too sound selfish but have to be honest. The one good thing is that Mike has had a great birthday. I have taken loads of pictures but want too load them properly so that may have too wait till I get home.

Here’s the itinerary

Sunday -Land -Eat - Bette Midler (The showgirl must go on…great) If I have that much energy at 6o plus I’ll be happy. Not so sure about the ‘f’ words though….!

Monday - Book the Grand Canyon trip $359 each - Visit the Luxor and MGM Grand - Watch Phantom of the Opera at the Venetian. This is a great show…absolutely fantastic. It enthralled me from start to finish.

Tuesday 6am - 10am trip to the Grand Canyon - Birthday Breakfast for Mike - Champagne toast in the room (courtesy of David and Ray) and then sunbathe at the pool for the rest of the afternoon. Dinner was taken at the Eiffel Tower restaurant which was excellent if ever so expensive.

Wednesday - Breakfast and sunbathe by the pool. Then a trip to the Venetian and the Mirage hotels before heading back to the hotel for a sleep while the others have dinner and then go to watch ‘O’ with Cirque du Soleil followed by ‘Jubilee’ at Ballys. I am so happy not to be going even though its been paid. Hope that doesn’t sound too selfish but I need a break from glitter and feathers.

Fell much better after a long sleep (was in bed from 4pm till 8am which is a record for me I have to say.. No regrets lovely to have some time away from the group. Spent the morning sunbathing and then in the afternoon went to Caesars Palace where Mike bought a crystal torpedo with a glass jellyfish inside with his birthday money. At night went to see the Mamma Mia show which was on at the Mandalay Bay theatre. I had forgotten there were so many Abba songs. The show was ok and I enjoyed it. However I think the singers on stage were enjoying it even more than us…then had dinner at the hotel and came home.

Breakfast - pool and then off to see the Bodies exhibition at the Luxor….a bit macabre but weird to see what is inside you. How does it all fit in there? Gourmet buffet night at the hotel and it certainly was. I think I had a taste of everything. I was in bed for 10pm after watching the fountains for an hour. I think the fountains are the best thing here…cannot really be described and have to be seen. It’s the last day tomorrow. Now that came around quickly. We didn’t see anyone else from the party yesterday.

Weather has been I the high 70’s all week but rain and cool weather forecast next week so we have been really lucky with the weather. Last sunbathe this morning but the weather was cool and a little hazy so we headed off to the Wynn hotel. Now that’s another splendid hotel. In the evening off to see Jersey Boys (story of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons) which is a great show but again not sure I needed all the ‘f’ words. This was followed by dinner at the Top of the World Restaurant in the Stratosphere. Despite my reservation that was a great show and followed by a delicious meal. By the way don’t go to the top of the Stratosphere and watch the rides after eating…it gives you ever such a queasy feeling. Definitely don’t attempt the ride…unless you’re completely mad.

Time to say goodbye (which is also one of the best fountain songs) so get to the airport only to get a four hour delay…we are all comatose o the way back and get into he UK at 11am.

So a list of good points first (this assumes you have a lot of spare dollars)

The Bellagio hotel is everything you could want it to be and more or try the Wynn hotel
The musical fountains at the Bellagio…aquatic fireworks and a marvel of technology.
The food and flowers at the Bellagio (fresh every day)
The staff at the Bellagio who were always courteous
Americans or 99.9% who were always so well mannered and friendly
The Grand Canyon from the air but I would have liked to raft the Colorado whilst looking up at the canyon scale. The scale is breathtaking…I am lost for words to describe it.
The Phantom of the Opera show at the Venetian…amazing!!
The detailed replicas of world cites is unique and inspiring.

So now the bad points

Gambling appears to be compulsory (you can play just about everywhere)
Everything is relatively very expensive
Everyone is assumed to be awake till after midnight so lots of noise till then
In a desert where does all the water come from and why does it taste so bad
High rise towers blotting out the sun.
Hawkers trying to give cards all the time (for naughty girl’s services.)
There seems to be a lot of naughty ladies here.

Despite my moans earlier once I’d had a good sleep on Wednesday night I felt much better and enjoyed the rest of the week. Las Vegas is a great city.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

What lies in the wood and takes heart in the soul?
Looks toward a crescent moon and makes a wish
For the other when the very wish could be theirs
Or gives of their all till there is nothing left to give
Makes a smile grow strong within a furrow of sorrow
With water wrung free from a gentle, giving soul

What waits and hungers for the smallest affection?
Given not enough to demand such devotedness
For under the stars sits a rainbow upon your shoulders
I should be ashamed and yet you show your strength...
Your love toward me through every minute of every day
Love everlasting as inviolable as night and as deep as sleep

What hides within the indigo night calling me ever onward?
Tis the spirit of you and I see the hand framed within moonlight
Faltering it waits as I stretch out my hand to take hold of you
For even in the dark alone and amid the howling of wolves
I do not feel fear or doubt anymore for that which is blessed
Has took me for thine own and I shall never be unloved

What waits within the highest clouds that bestride the dawn?
Warmed by the rays of the sun breaking upon a green world
Golden kisses of light that touch your skin and shower
Across your senses like the beginning of summer in autumn
For you can never not be unheeded, for the time is finally come
For no more doubts, for I take your heart within my world

What waits within the gladden years that shall pass us by?
The wonder of you taken by the joy of me, for we are alike
Two souls flying free on a wind of change that keens and bears
Us ever upward toward eternity and beyond for we foundlings
Cried lonely tears within a bitter world and the universe listened
See the stars fly by so fast as your hand holds mine always

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A silent sky awaits us, as the last sounds must die and wither away
To bring once again peace and harmony to the autumn nights
Packets of mathematics and elements bundle haphazardly into organic equations
Spanned across the continuum, arranged into time and collecting seconds
Such were flaws that all was lost and time began to live outside its equation
Such is our life upon this bundle of oxygenated carbon we call Earth home
For time takes away all that we grew into and refreshes itself among the young
Such is tonight when the cold wind tasks the trees to shed invisible leaves
To bring cold into the bones of the weakening as they tread through the night
I think of coming spring, softly sigh, for time passes so fast through one lifetime
For there are no constants within humanity all is ever change and growth
Summers to yet come, less than summers taken and how the heart should weep
We should leave so soon this world created outside order in a barren cosmos
Yet in discarding rules of order thus did chaos enter through an unknown door?
To create love and honour and how I love you now that we are found again
For you were the sum of my calculations and again all is order in my world
For within the storm is always calm. It nestles safe within the middle of a world in motion and it is a benison for me. For the calm is you and I swim through this time and space to be within your calm and stay within forever.

For the stars may sit content within the vastness of space and twinkle hope among all that see. Yet I have found my hope and promise of all that is good and though I may never touch the stars I may love and touch you for always.
The wind moves across the land flowing along hills and valleys like a voluminous curtain of chill. Come at last in silken strands of ice that are ushered in by the howling of vixens against the full of the moon. I stretch out my hand and try to take hold of the essence of winter as I gaze at the silver orb overhead through the crystal latticed cobweb hanging from the tree. Within such a sweet moment can come a revelation that buries into the soul. The truth awaits one who has the patience to wither in the cold and not step back into the warmth. For revelations are delicate things and subtle to impart wisdom. Yet faith guides and teaches and when I open my eyes you are there. For the snow is coming and I shall see every flake that falls with you by my side and as the moon sets our fingers entwine to defy the frost.
For that which we covet secretly is a burden and only honest admission of its unattainability sets us free.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

So we can leave politic time again…I am glad the election is over
For the talk of politicians and would-be patricians bores people
Old enough to see the real truths and wish so much for a world
Where we can simply be at peace with all we share and love.
Tell me, is that so hard to believe for the worlds future children?
The dollar now may shakily reign, but still the world trembles
With fear at the downward slipping of each percentage point
Yet I never tremble at thoughts of the green bills for I learnt
The world in the end shall take us all rich, poor, black or white and
All shall be as children underneath a destiny that guides us invisibly
To a better place we share selflessly with Earth’s other creatures
I go to paradise and you are my guide and partner to its domain
The world may seem paradise now, the best is to come and enrich
Men alive to sunset, dawn and the surety of a true and endless love

Monday, November 10, 2008

It’s the end of an era. Mike has officially retired from work. He worked his last shift on Friday and they had a ward party. Saturday he hired a room and 60 people turned up to eat potato pie and dance to a disco. I think he had a good time. He was well thought of at work judging by the number of cards he received...I’ll probably get around three. Best wishes for your retirement Mike

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Thurs 6th Nov 2008

Made a new friend tonight. At first i thought it was a bird eating bread off the neighbour's garage roof (well it was dark) but soon realised it was a very hungry cat. I gave her some tuna and she was the most affectionate thing imaginable. Hope she gets home ok and i'll be keeping an eye out for her again.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

On a cool Chicago night in the fall
What came today may help us all

Dreams cascaded and took flight
November 4th became a healing night

Hopeful voices do all now plead
Come soon change and swiftly lead

We the world watch and hope with you
Make us proud in all that you do

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Soft blows the clarion call of winter through a man
Yet there is something else calling me more
The thought of your presence beside me
Through all the seasons brought by eternity
Only one thing is sure now, and that is
Your warm giving heart beating gently with mine
The slow steady beat of love that moves our lives
To a vital dance of joyful ecstasy and passion
A dance ever without end and its moves
Learnt through intuitive touches and thoughts
For the rhythm deep at its foundation is simply,
A great love for the world and now it is ours forever
And we shall never let it end once we have touched
I walk up the hill past the Cedar tree I photographed. I am having the greatest thoughts. It is like I am floating through heaven with a chorus of birdsong to brighten the way. I took a picture of the sun dappling on the wall with the thin shadows from the trees along the stonework. At the top of the hill I can lean against my fence and look for miles to the hills in the distance. Here come and see the view. All of this is my little gentle life and I share everything of me with you. There is nothing I could ever do that would not have you all right there at the centre of it all. This is my world and you are always at the very core. Looking into the distance I call out to you and send such loving thoughts that you must hear them. It is the most wonderful view of rolling hills and fresh green fields lower down where every vestige of autumn has vanished. One of my greatest joys shall be sitting here with you soon.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

For the sun sinks low and makes me wonder why it cannot rise till morning. Just as I cannot change who I am or where I belong in the slice of time called my life that I am within. Always to rejoice in a world that constantly changes from the safe borders of familiarity that has bonded me a quarter of a century. Quickly we become drawn into the machinations of a world aglow in desire. Wanting all we achieve nothing but a slow, lingering slavery that holds without chains. It is the willing bondage of inertia as the years slip by and apathy mounts a ‘coup-de-grace’ on our dreams. Yet one dream she may not have for it is the only one that has ever come true and I shall never let it fade. For I always dreamed above all of being loved and you have all made it true.
For someone took a slender brush of the finest camel hairs and painted across a blue sky all the patterns and colours I had only seen in dreams. Delicate floating feathers and vapour flowers that tell a story for those with the eyes to see…and I look up at those floating fairytales and think of you. For the beauty of the heart is mirrored within the sky and loving you helps my eyes to know where to look to see it

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Found this in my musings and thought I’d share it

The lake is quiet today and the north-western wind blows hard across the water tingling ears and nose and yet enlivening the soul in its freshness at the clearing that looks towards the rocky outcrop. The sun has appeared from out of the clouds and the world takes on a completely different appearance. The water is buffeted by the wind and I can see some Canadian geese bobbing out in the centre of the lake. I love looking around at the contrast of colours the lake has. That was easy today as the weather showed every facet of its character in small amounts. Hail, snow, rain, wind and occasionally, glorious sunshine. I so love these kinds of days. Jenny is absolutely filthy black but let her wander and enjoy these couple of hours as I am. Her happiness is among the dirt and leaves and mine among the stars.

I am on a flight that takes me higher than the tallest skyscraper and deeper than the valleys that lie underneath the vast oceans. I know we have to walk upon the earth and attend the daily rituals that make us who we are but amid the clamour of the world there are clear voices calling and I shall follow them forever. For my eyes are wide open and my heart laid bare to all that is and nothing could ever stop me loving.

The heart is not blind for like a bat in the dusk it feels and it hears and its aim is sure. My heart has heard voices and thoughts and it cries with the tenderness those caresses bring each day. Across the world comes the greatest emotion from words written millennia past. Great books of scriptures housed in the greatest churches and temples and for these words people lay down their lives and devote themselves to the promise and the dream of eternity. If billions can be so moved by the words and deeds of one man then is what we hear now so hard to believe.

For I have read your thoughts and heard your words and thus devote myself to happiness forever. For that would be the sweetest devotion to goodness for me and then eternity is assured for I would never leave your side in this world or the next. My life is yours, do what you will for I give it freely without doubt. My whole existence is beginning to pivot around you like the universe revolves around a single bright star. You my single bright star guiding me to the safest shore where there exists only the greatest love...

Monday, October 27, 2008

Monday 27th Oct 2008

I went up to the garden after work because soon the darkness will envelop everything now the equinox has passed. It’s a cold grey day with intermittent cloud breaks that wash the scene in hues to reflect the autumnal browns and greens into a breathtaking watercolour worthy of the greatest artist. The damp is everywhere upon leaves and grass that decay against the overture of autumn which is sung throughout the impending winter till its crescendo in spring. I wandered around through wet grass (mercifully flattened by all the heavy rain) but it was too dark to photograph anything for you. I always want you to see the beauty in things as I do. I remember gazing into the ponds wondering how all the frogs and insects that abound on the surface in summer were faring under the autumn and the clouds grew ever fewer into dusk...a frost will emerge tonight under powerful atmospherics to match the elemental sighing of my soul as it whispers summer goodbye

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Loves meeting shall stop times fleeting dance across a life that looks toward the open sky with a heart of hope. For the light quickens to dusk and yet my eyes still see that beauty illuminated by the day is all around within the dark. My soul is alight to the wonder of you and I should never be blind…while arms can hold me from so far away.

When shall the rain stop? I do not know for the weather is wild and untamed and none but the wise may say when the heaven will sweep away the grey and usher in folds of deepest blue awash with golden sunlight. Yet may the rain stop one day when we are together even if only within our hearts and minds so that we may be at peace a little while.

For the world hurts sometimes and its pain is felt by all who live and breathe. I share its pain now as do you, but the joy returned is sharing also love and warmth. For the world is a lonely place filled with billions of us and yet in all those masses of population Gaia’s arrow wounded us both and we endure and grow and ultimately we will heal all

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

For if we see beauty best to see it together and briefly
For the world is alive and sentient and surrounds us
As a wall of light and oxygen enriching every sense.
It reaches deep within us and plants the gift of sight
For think only of beauty and see with me all we share….

A winding grassy path laden with refreshing dew to cool
Toes in the fierce heat of a summer day while above,
Wind caressed trees cast shady, moisture laden air down
Bringing restful sounds as we sit and watch the world unfold
Lean back carefree against aged bark and open our hearts

See you remember how we felt then and the day lives again
Yet the memory is brief within us, for time has been kind
For how many days as this has she bestowed and is yet to bring
where will we put all memories as we enrich through aeons?
For the gift of sight is upon our eyes and we belong to the ages

Soon we shall see our first soft footfalls through sendaline snow
Crisp, purposeful movements committed through love and hope to…
Our future when warm hearths shall be our adventure and yet,
We relive all we’ve done, seen, tasted and smelt and I shall look…
Within your deep brown eyes and see no brief beauty only eternity

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Swiftly soon will come a frost, quickly drawn from a once clear blue sky that lay overhead just an hour ago that now is painted in vivid orange and violets that darken slowly to black. Its icy touch shall caress the world and numb senses as it awaits the moon to bathe all the land in silver limmed moonbeams. The rhododendron and laurel trees shall loosen leaves to hang limp and point to the floor like furled umbrellas. In this quiet, still world I shall imagine I can hear the ice forming along the grass and the rustle of feathers deep within shrubs as robin’s ready for the long night ahead. I sense that under my feet shivers a rabbit in its cold warren and my heart yearns that they should all make it through till morning. Comes the morning and at 5am the sky is a clear jet-black. Venus the watchful siren of the heavens is clearly visible enrobed by constellations. A thick white frost shall cling to everything, cars, trees, walls and over the days the repeated frosts that never thaw build up layer by layer each night to produce a solid coat of icy crystals with a snow like quality.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

My latest auctions....one of the other items i just sold is on its way to China as I write.



ps they are not radiators.....
Sorry if you have read some of these before but still read nice to me and it seems good to share them
Yet you are far away and now safe within the warmth, thoughts of you sit with me, comfort me and I feel your presence beside me as the night skies trace a skein of stars toward tomorrow. You are never far away for your spirit slid into mine long ago and we are one tonight and forever. The rain now falls softly outside and I shouldn’t really hear it only the wind blows across each drop and somehow amplifies its descent. This wonderful sound permeates the curtains and I imagine I am sat on some seashore. I close my eyes and I see the dunes and the marram grass and the waves break and foam gently over silver sands.

Then the pace of the rain outside increases and snatches me away. Drops hammer the windows and the wind stirs the curtains and the cold breath of the night rushes into the room. Suddenly the world grows cold and then without warning all is still save one solitary drop that falls from the gutter onto the windowsill. I put down the pad as the owl hoots the passage of the rain and the dream’s end for the black cloak of rest is laid over me and the world disappears till morning.

But I shall dream of summer as the night wraps me up in its dark cool embrace. I shall close my eyes and see a world that is to come so soon. Clear skies and gentle breezes carrying the melody of the world cause sensory overload from the race to enjoy the moment. My senses shall be shared among you, the grass and trees and all the thoughts that I can set free to float away under the glades. The shortest day is to come and…“ The day closes tighter with each revolution of the earth. Starlight forces its way into every crack of the dawn and dusk and the embrace of the coming winter holds me in wonderment”.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The weather wreathes me in cold currents of heavy air that chills fingertips and set cheeks aglow. For a short time I have wandered the narrow paths that lead me to thoughts that scatter and drift surely as the burnished leaves beneath my feet. Would that I had the innocence to run through and scatter them to the wind and watch them float back down to earth. To run and laugh and just be free with all the thoughts that spark within and tell me that I am alive and the world is still the greatest place despite the cold that would have me indoors. Truth to tell only one thing only would have me within the warmth. That is the thought you would be there… and then surely, I should hasten home by the quickest route to your warming arms…and then the leaves would fly in all directions and the laughter rise up to heaven through barren branches to greet a leaden dusk sky.

Sunday, October 12, 2008


The town occupies a spectacular position overlooking the River Nidd. A market has been held on a Wednesday since at least 1310. The particular siting of the town may well be due to its easily defended location - the castle remains stand on a rocky outcrop 120 feet above the river. Ancient Britons gave the Nidd its name over 2000 years ago.Knaresborough was perhaps, originally a Knar - a stump situated on a burgh or fortified site. Knaresborough is situated in a deep gorge formed by the River. The gorge is overlooked by the ruins of Knaresborough castle which was built in Norman times by a baron named Serlo de Burg. It was later rebuilt in the fourteenth century and the ruins date from then. Many famous people are associated with Knaresborough Castle including King Richard II who was imprisoned here in 1399 prior to his imprisonment and murder at Pontefract castle in 1400. The castle's life came to an end during the Civil War when, as a Royalist stronghold it was destroyed by Parliamentarian troops in 1646.

Mother Shipton was born at Knaresborough in a riverside cave during a violent thunderstorm in 1488. She is England's most famous Prophetess. Her real name was Ursula Southeil, her mother, Agatha, died giving birth to her. The birth was said to be accompanied by eerie screams. Throughout her childhood Ursula was associated with mysterious and supernatural events. She married Toby Shipton, a local carpenter, near York in 1512 and she became well known as a fortune teller. Her crooked facial features frightened many, her nose was said to 'glow in the dark.' Her prophetic visions were known and feared throughout England. It is said that she foretold the dissolution of the monasteries, the defeat of the Armada, the Civil War and the Great Plague. Samuel Pepys' Diary grimly records that Mother Shipton gave forewarning of the Great Fire of London in 1666. She told that Cardinal Wolsey would never be enthroned Archbishop of York. Wolsey told her that when he did enter York he would burn her alive as a witch. Later, Wolsey was to be arrested on a charge of high treason, he was then taken ill and died - spooky. Today her prophecies are still proving uncannily accurate.

She even forecast her own death in 1561, not only the day but also the hour. Although she was regarded as a witch, a title given to many who wavered from the church's theology, she was a respected one and had many friends who wept bitter tears when she solemnly bade them farewell to fulfil her own last prophecy.

Hugh de Morville was Constable of the Castle of Knaresborough and leader of the unfortunate group of four knights who took King Henry II at his word when he said 'Will nobody rid me of this turbulent priest.' On December 29th, 1170 they murdered Thomas à Beckett, Archbishop of Canterbury, on the steps of the altar of his cathedral. The four knights first fled to Knaresborough, where legend has it that they were reviled even by the dogs of the town, although Hugh is also said to have built Hampsthwaite Church and dedicated it to the canonised priest as an act of penance. Apart from Mother Shipton, Blind Jack and the murderers of Thomas à Becket, a number of other famous folk are associated with Knaresborough. Guy Fawkes once lived here, Edward III visited here and Oliver Cromwell slept in a fishing lodge here. Other Knaresborough notables include William Slingsby the founder of Harrogate's spa who is commemorated in Knaresborough's church.

St Robert's chapel, carved into a rock face alongside the River Nidd in 1408 commemorates Robert Flower a hermit who lived at in a cave here. He reputedly had a gift for healing. In a later century a shoemaker was murdered by a schoolmaster in St Robert's Cave, adding yet more to the superstition that surrounds this area. A strange larger than life carving on the cave of a knight drawing a sword is said to be a representation of Robert.

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