Tuesday, August 30, 2016


The heart knows what it wants
It is a last, little, beat of normality
But this sliver of hope that throbs
It is not enough to hold dreams on
Sinking in flight lower each day
The dragon in the sky flies faster
And so a summer begins to wane
The world spins its autumn web
Elvish night of starlit warmth
Fade on declination's colder caress
Green leaves cede to sunset hues
Nature paints us a new presence
And the yellowing vistas unfold
Ragged bees cluster around mortality
Settle in fortified, yet decaying hives
While we look to hearths and roofs
For home is where the only shelter is
When days run swifter to night's arms

Saturday, August 27, 2016


There are tints in my eyes
All the colours of the world
But as they close tight
Monochrome washes away life's hue
And so I go to sleep
But to where do I dream
Now a new world awakens me
And I am free to only grey
Yet it is the deepest of shades
A nuanced and detailed scale
Colour sometimes makes us forget
Insight is not always an image

Thursday, August 25, 2016


At dusk sit alone and very still
Upon the foot of a beech clad hill
And as the stars begin to appear
The fairies will awake and soon draw near
Upon the twilight they swift awake
For it is at night their magic they make
And if you think all this to be lies
All you will see are glimmering flies
Shimmering sparkles is all you'll gleam
As fairies dance upon the last sunbeam
Then night will come and night will go
And of these sprites you will never know
But believers see them in their rainbow hues
Hale and pretty and bearing only good news
For I believe my eyes and know they do not lie
And that every fairy spends its day as a butterfly
And come the winter they hide within trees
Huddling for warmth with leaves about their knees
So if you are wise then come what may
Seek fairies only on the eve of summer's day
But bring no anger or our human greed
Of mans petty desires they have no need

Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Nature is red in tooth and claw
But man has the much redder maw
And what he cannot kill and eat
He will not for beauty or compassion keep
Only veganism has the power to save
All this innocence going to an early grave
We finally need to wake from the lie
That all animals may do for us is readily die
For only when diverse sentience's can live in peace
Will all the hostility between humans also cease

Tuesday, August 23, 2016


We are not so ancient yet
Nor afraid of our karma
Where the rain walks we follow
We are watered souls seeking meaning
Inviolate, anchored, dreamers
And everything is clear here
In this space free of influence
And did you never stop to think
When you placed me on the fringe
It was the very place I needed to be
Among the water flowing to sea

Monday, August 22, 2016


We age, but know we cannot falter and fully live
How do we rise when we stumble so often?
Arrogant and hopeful in equal measure
Human insolence to disguise our futility
Instance wears on us like leaden raindrops
Decrepitude would try to make us weak
Dim our eyes and make new days blur
But ever we are the children of stardust
And at the end we will trump even time
But not yet; not in the guise of man
Humility will teach us the meaning of frailty first
Before it rebirths us as immortals

Saturday, August 20, 2016


You say I imagine it all
When I tell you fairies exist
But what else tends the world
To its flowered summer grace
I have sat among trees at dusk
As they appear in the twilight
Older than the moss on ancient stones
And younger than dawns' dewy kiss
And this privilege did not find me
Soak me in enchanted favour
Drip by surprising drip
For we see only that we believe

Wednesday, August 17, 2016


How do we illuminate the world?
One character at a time
I made my first fancy letter
But I'm sure they'll get better
And it's good enough for home
But maybe not a medieval tome
But it satisfied my wont
To try to make a fancy font

Friday, August 05, 2016


The ochre discolour of sunset
Washes upon pillars of Beech
Burnished shadows that sink
Under lowering sun to ground
A silent, supple, fading to earth
And all the remains of day fail
I can save nothing for tomorrow
I have used all my strength today
As fuel and desire to reach tonight
And as for tomorrow's dreams
I will wait to see another sunrise
Before I make any negotiation
Diplomacy is best served at dawn


Mercurial you may think me
Yet I am older than the earth
Younger than tomorrow;
Wiser than hindsight
I delineate the boundary of time
In steps of half delivered dance
There is no time for explanation
Nor ink enough to write it
For why would folly seek solace?
When destiny has named me a fool
In these words there is nothing
But the unfolding of gentle things