Thursday, August 25, 2016


At dusk sit alone and very still
Upon the foot of a beech clad hill
And as the stars begin to appear
The fairies will awake and soon draw near
Upon the twilight they swift awake
For it is at night their magic they make
And if you think all this to be lies
All you will see are glimmering flies
Shimmering sparkles is all you'll gleam
As fairies dance upon the last sunbeam
Then night will come and night will go
And of these sprites you will never know
But believers see them in their rainbow hues
Hale and pretty and bearing only good news
For I believe my eyes and know they do not lie
And that every fairy spends its day as a butterfly
And come the winter they hide within trees
Huddling for warmth with leaves about their knees
So if you are wise then come what may
Seek fairies only on the eve of summer's day
But bring no anger or our human greed
Of mans petty desires they have no need