Friday, May 29, 2009

Who are you really... says the summer wind that flows like a snake between the hills that bar the distance. Are you soft gentle and kind today or has the world hardened you into intractable decisions that hurt everyone though you can never rescind them?

Can you ever find peace? So says the sunlight as it filters through the trees to bathe you in celestial calm as the world sways beneath the heartbeat of greater destinies swathed in song until the melody tears at your heart.

Will a heart ever heal? Ask the wasp who watches her great work disappear under the poisoning spray of humans demanding a perfect world without her in it. Even though she is good and follows her heart toward what she was born to do it boots nothing and now she is alone.

Is it too late? Says the Robin who watches the Jay eat her clutch of eggs that she tenderly turned and can only now see the sun rise too high in the sky to begin again before winter. Where shall she now find peace and of what will it consist?

We journey on after touching the stars in our youth weaving a sullied path across all that we see and touch. The wind, the sun and the moon can only guide and often we do not see, but we always endure and in regret we grow stilted as all of us slowly realise we must go on alone.
Nothing but the sweetest thought occur as I look around my world
For the world has emerged into my life in vibrant, shades of green
Beeches and Birches leaf like lettuce among dark green conifers
A cool wind laden with the essences of life blows over browning faces
It whispers “awake” and be a part of what is so greater than you are
A sweetest thought occurs again that I am greater from your touch
Sweet love and patience is the key that unlocks a waiting heart
To look in joy on life in a spring evening while the chaffinches sing
Gaze inward on my soul; see reflected smiling faces of those I love

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Monday, May 25, 2009

Monday 25th May 2009

Woke early this morning and baked some bread. While it was proving I took a walk up to the garden and there was not a soul about. Just the sound of birds and the odd rumble of traffic from the road but it was a completely different experience due to the sun being in a different part of the sky. The nuances of light and shade cast different hues and shapes and I enjoyed sitting amongst the green and aromatic morning vista.

Somebody saw a deer in the cemetery yesterday and I spent time looking over the wall this morning (and under all the trees in the garden) but to no avail! In fact that was my prime reason for going so early. However my searching did reveal a well trodden path on the hillside and I wonder what has made it. I’m sure some of the indents looked like deer prints. Cool!!

Life to me consists (no matter how we rationalise it) a pursuit of money and power. For in this material world our survival depends on it and no matter really the greatness or lack of success in attaining it, so long as we are here, we are alive to the need . That is a simple inalienable truth, but here sat in this green and sweet world it briefly becomes just about living and I wonder how much time spent here on a beautiful late spring day would it take to leave everything mortal behind and be content. A minute, an hour, or perhaps never? Too much too think of now and like the bread the world is rising into a new day and I head home.
Sunday 24th May 2009

Well today the weather has finally come good again. Bright blue skies from 5am this morning and it looks like it will be sunny all day. Would have spent the whole day up in the garden but a guy is coming at some point to collect some hifi magazines I sold on eBay. Still making lots of room if not lots of money!

Spent most of yesterday up in the garden with thick blanketing grey cloud overhead, (it even rained at one point.) The cloud finally lifted around 4pm to reveal a deep blue sky. It was like having 2 days in one but I much preferred the second half. Planted some climbing roses Nick and I bought the other week around a metal archway and also planted a giant Himalayan lily which will hopefully look stunning if the slugs (and snails) leave it alone. Yes have to put snails in that sentence now. I’m not one for all this global warming normally but we definitely now have many more snails in this area; and big ones too! 20 years ago they would have been a very rare oddity but now they are everywhere. They must be spreading northward as the winters get milder. If we ever doubt the fragility of our grip on nature we need only think of the humble slug. It survives and thrives despite our best efforts to eradicate it. Would that Blue whales could match their fecundity as I suppose it is too much for certain countries to stop killing them. If these great creatures become hunted again then we know one of the best things to happen to the environment and a huge success of world cooperation has like everything we touch; failed through greed.
I touched the roof of the world
I held it within my arms grasp
Just for a little while; a heartbeat
But no mortal can endure it long
For the weight is greater than I
It beats me down by every day
And I grow smaller and am content

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

We have a great show on here called "ladies of letters" so am doing my own version of it as a blog...see hear

See what you it too rude?
Wednesday 20th May 2009

Well back to work again this week but it has not been too bad I suppose. The weather has been swinging between wet and sporadic spells of sunshine. I planted some Geraniums the other week but it has been so wet that they were in danger of floating out of the containers. Last night saw me stood in the rain with the drill making drainage holes with a swarm of very hungry midges comforted that dinner had finally arrived for them. I’m not sure the forecast is showing an improvement any time soon either and we are coming to the Spring Bank holiday this weekend. I took some photos of a frog and the raindrops in the pond just to show you the weather. Also me hiding behind the monkey puzzle tree trying to hide my fat tummy (to no avail)

And so the long promise of summer warmth
Again eludes our land as all our eager hopes…
Fade into grey closed skies that breathe gloom;
Over a misty watercolour vista painted in May

eBay sales going for the most part well I feel, though one of the recipients has been a little challenging. I think to succeed one would have to do it full time as the whole process is time consuming. But boy, am I going to be able to wrap Christmas present a whole lot better this year. (Well assuming I remember to buy them in the first place.) I got some bits and pieces for you by the way…must remember to send them on very soon. What are they? Ha! You’ll have to wait my dear.

Hope you’re keeping a little dryer than I and enjoy the rest of the week.

Friday, May 15, 2009

I was sat in the yard briefly yesterday before the rain began in earnest. Birds were singing and the pigeons cooed softly to usher past planes slicing through the clouding sky while the smell of herbs and pine drifted over my senses. It is not paradise but I sit and see the world and it rises up before me in the shape of the huge sycamore, a leviathan of wood and green waving leaves. What would we make of a world without the trees? It is not a world I should be happy to live within. For the tree is the mightiest creature within our natural world. Just as people within my life, (and like the trees) have become solid and resolute and my anchor to all I wish to become and I love them more than even the trees.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Well never got the records done but instead have cleaned out the attic and done several runs to the charity shop with the goods no longer wanted. What a fun place the attic is! Cobweb draped beams of just the right height to smack my head on sending huge spiders down in my hair. I mean where do all these spiders come from and what are they eating...hobbits? They are like the offspring of Shelob; spawn of Ungoliant, (if you don’t know who Shelob or Ungoliant is Google the words,) halfway through just as i sat down with a cup o' tea Nick phoned up being perfectly pleasant but I was more than a little grumpy...sorry. I could really do with a nap but a big auction finishes soon and I may need to answer questions. Hope you’re having a better evening.
Wednesday 13th May 2009

I am having the week off and the Weather thus far has been breezy but warm but this morning all that is about to change. I did think I might get a few late mornings spent fast asleep but not a chance...early to rise every day. But at least I get to see the sun this morning even though now at 8am the clouds are moving in fast. Been busy baking some wholemeal bread, watching the birds and packaging some stuff I sold on eBay. Got quite a bit listed at the minute and will be busy the next few days packaging it all up and I wonder to what far flung destination some of the items it will end up in. Still it has to go and I don’t want to become some nutter who shuffles off and is found to have a houseful of old audio gear which promptly gets dumped or sold. Don’t mind being a nutter but don’t want to leave a mess for someone else...if that makes sense.

Spent the last 2 days in the garden pottering and enjoying the sunshine. I love the picture of the Robin I took. They are so innocent looking aren’t they? Skimmed the leaves and duckweed off the pond. Trimmed back a few trees and made a geranium shelf for the pond deck area. I love my decked area by the way.

Today I’ll start on whittling down the record collection. My aim to reduce it by 50% (or a 1000 LP records) so that should take some time. It’s one of those jobs I don’t want to start really. Sometime this week Nick and I will go watch the new Star Trek movie at the Imax 3D cinema in Manchester. That looks cool...but how much more mileage can they get from this I wonder. Science fiction used to be all about looking to the future but they seem to be getting closer and closer to the present time. I think there are some steamy scenes in the new film and well...when they bring sex into science fiction you just know the skids are under the genre.

Ps heard of Scottish singer Susan Boyle yet? Look her audition up for ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ on YouTube (she’s already been booked to go on Oprah...she’s that good.)

We’ve decided we like President Obama a lot...honest demeanour and way of talking and he’s funny too. Why can’t we have someone like that here instead of the money-grubbing fraudsters we have currently. What a fine example those British MP’s have set the rest of us here huh! Commit fraud and lie or say sorry if you get wonder the country is getting in such a mess. I reckon it’s just about to all go down the pan shortly and I wonder what are those European parliament MP’s claiming as expenses? I am sure that story will run very shortly as the EU has got to be the biggest gravy train in the world. I wish I could have a second home never mind claiming the expenses on it from the taxpayer.

Anyway enough of this politic gloom the sunshine looks inviting so I’m off to the garden till the rain gets here later.

See you later.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Monday 11th May 2009

The garden is erupting into green like a verdant firework at the moment. All the rain has recharged the earth and now the plants dig deep and pump their leaves full of goodness. How fresh and delicately green does a new leaf look...with the sun backlighting it so all the veins show. It’s great at the minute to sit and watch the world from behind a mosquito net (draped over the swing) as it makes me somewhat invisible. Whether it is robins feeding their young in the nearby bush or a weasel snaking around the margin of the pond every day is a new chapter. The robin is particularly funny as it looks at me before flying in the bush as though imploring me not tool look where it is going. I do like robins as they are such a brave and friendly bird and I think given enough time and titbits they would eat from my hand eventually. It’s 4.30am but already the sky is lightening and the birds are up. I’m not and I shall linger in bed for a while longer, make a cup of tea and read a chapter of Lord of the Rings. I managed to buy a first edition (sixteenth impression) of the first book of the trilogy at a good price the other week and have been trying to see any difference between it and the revised second and subsequent editions. I haven’t as yet but I never tire of the book.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Chaffinch why do you sing so cheerfully and lift my heart tonight?
Is it the dripping cherry-blossomed rows of trees stretching into the distance?
Polished bark pillars of pink and white supporting a regal entourage of…
Diligent bumblebees that furiously work your treasured, fragrant petals
Like there shall again never be, another evening or flower in the entire world.

Or is it just that the sun slants through the heavens to find and caress
Your soft blue and grey feathers with gentle, velvet rays of hope
That the summer comes swiftly and warms your days of wonder
As it does mine for there is love waiting in the world we share
Perhaps we both have found it for I wish also to sing among the blossom

But then sun fades to the west of the world and the dusk closes the day
Yet the heart rises to the joy it feels for like the obsidian shapes that crowd…
Under the branches of sycamore and like a swirling maelstrom of geometry fly,
Jet-black bats swirling and wheeling to the points of an angled map that points
To a constellation of hope made stars that shine my love for you in the heavens

I like the chaffinch lay my head in some safe warm place and sleep alone but…
The nights can never hold fear now for you are with me always till the dawn
Thursday 7th May 2009

Been a bit busy the last few days with getting some things ready for more eBay sales...getting better at it but still don’t know all the ins and outs...still interesting and decluttering at the same time. Our summer weather has faded and at the moment it is quite windy and cool. We have had so much rain in the last week or so that the ponds are filling to the brim and the water is as clear as I have ever seen it. I can see all the remaining leaves too, which need to come out this autumn.

It is all rather quiet at the moment (well apart from swine flu)...not sure it’s the global pandemic the media keeps reporting. Seems rather over-hyped but I may regret saying that. (oink, oink)

Enjoy the photo of the rhododendrons from the back door