Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas takes hold of me even though I try to loosen its grip. For it seems to be healthy that we have one time each year when we are able to recant our failings, forgive each other and move forward promising to do better.

For me that means living a little healthier and I am only sorry it has taken too long. By healthy I mean both body and mind. For I think we cannot have one without the other. Merry Christmas.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

18th Dec 2007

Something a little lighter tonight I think. 4 new photos from the last week or so. The giant Santa outside Manchester town hall, the bare snakelike path of the flood water than ran down the garden hillside, the growth on the Monkey Puzzle tree and perhaps the saddest Christmas tree ever...and it was decorated by members of the sisterhood. They should be thrown out of the club if you ask me.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Mon 17th Dec 2007

In case you’re wondering what that’s all about it was a video I watched on the fur trade the other day. I don’t think I have ever been so down and could hardly sleep during the night. It was like a brief glimpse of hell. But it has made my mind up to become a vegetarian again. No more more lies to justify eating meat. I need to be a better person.
The world grew ever darker the other day
So dark that it may never lighten completely
How can we endure the hurt others inflict?
Not on us, but the innocents of the world
How can we fight past that pain and anger?
And how may we win against mediaeval texts?
Where to err is human and to slaughter divine
I cannot stop this madness, but from tomorrow
No sentient being shall die in my name again
I should die myself than remain silent witness
For what monsters take an innocent life’s skin
While it lives before and remains screaming after
And I now see that they are but a reflection
In the ghastly cracked mirror of our evolution
For it is you and I that make them what they are
For we do create the greatest hurts of them all
When we remain silent to it and tell no-one

Friday, December 14, 2007

If you awaken in the depth of the night

Attune your mind to solitude’s dark calm

And then question everything around you

Who are you and why are you here now?

What is the reason we exist in this time?

No answers shall come that give revelation

But the answers that do come in earnest

Shall be always less than the questions we asked
I took a sound from the repository of memories and revelled in its depth of sensation. The years do not dim nor do the seasons dull the rise and fall of a soprano voice. Clear and sharp as a winter frost it pierces consciousness to invade a realm of deepest calm. As a shaft of sunlight that lies on a hoar frost it is both a catalyst and a pointer toward things unlooked for that is a benison and more than we should ever deserve to experience. For beauty warms a cool soul into being.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Slow falls the hand of sleep, as I lie wrapped in the warmth of wings that shall fly no more. In the void between the transition to nightly oblivion comes softly the wonder of the path that leads my life here this night.

Here in the fastness of night, the wind howls down from the hills and enters the room carrying the scents of a nocturnal world. I smell the owl and the fox and the warmth of the rich, moist earth at the badger’s set. It sirs within and I must rise for they call me.

The view out the window is quite bright from the full moon. Would it be ridiculous to get dressed and go off exploring by the light of the moon? Following silvered paths under tall black branches that shiver and exhale with the breeze to stumble into secret places.

As a child one hears stories of fairies and the night reverberates the stories around my mind and whispers that sometimes there is a kind of magic we can touch. I feel that if I walked long and quiet enough through the drifts of leaves I would eventually witness that magic. Be it a fairy gathering or a wonder of nature’s nocturnal creatures. One night soon I shall take this walk into the moonlit night but not just yet.

For throughout all this I sense you and know you would come with me on this adventure and I wait for you to arrive. For though I no longer believe in fairies I have always believed in someone like you.
Wednesday 12th Dec 2007

Tonight I am listening to the CD ‘Symphonic Canzonas’ by Sigfrid Karg-Elert which is works for organ, violin and a word it is ‘superb’. Plus it’s much cheaper to buy on-line too. However it is nice to buy from a real store as they do provide a good service and it will be a poorer world when all the specialists have gone. Have a look here. The music is could you convince a rapper or rocker of its worth though?

The weather at the minute is cool and sunny. Been hearing of the ice-storms that are affecting the US at the moment and they sound pretty harsh. I guess we are lucky here to have such an even (if grey,) weather pattern.

The snow if it comes shall be brief and shallow ultimately dissolving into days of warmer disposition. Yet even now I see the change as the diminutive trailing hazel catkins stretch downward. The life essence of nature is not ruled by a clock, only the rise and fall of the seasons and the days that fall within them.

Nick told me off last night for the poem as he said it was a little suicidal but it was a play on global warming. Got your card and gifts today Scott so thanks for that so very much. As ever the consummate books...thank-you! Hope the weather is a little better in Pa.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Winter now descends toward anarchy

Any semblance of the old order lost

Gone the long, hard frost of yesteryear

Yet still remains the cold, ceaseless rain

Drenching fluids across the sodden vistas

Onto a misty backdrop of constant daylight

That rises and falls across the years seasons

Intense or occluded regardless of Earth’s orbit

Constant in its equal measures of uncertainty

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Thurs 6th Dec 2007

A few more pictures from the recent holiday. I didn’t take many more than that sorry. One of the dunes and a picture of David, Ray, Mike and me in Maspalomas and a sunset from the balcony. Off to the Imax on Saturday to see Beowulf in Manchester with Nick and a whizz around the Christmas markets in the town square. I really want to see the film Golden Compass too at some point over December.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Gran Canaria Nov 2007

Arrived at Las Palmas at sunset and by the time we’d got to the hotel it was dark with a huge full moon. Quickly had dinner and took a stroll down the promenade. Every now and then the moon breaks free of the clouds and shines its silvery white light across the sand dunes revealing what looked like a tropical snowscape and highlighting the waves breaking far out to sea.

Sunday started cloudy but then it all vanished and so we walked to the beach where after an hour of glorious sun the heavy, dense clouds returned making everyone rush to put on shirts. Decided to head back to the hotel and sleep for a few hours.

Monday had a great night’s sleep and though awake at 6.30am feel much more refreshed today although have a pretty bad head...feels like my sinuses are blocked. Still very little cloud this morning but after a hearty breakfast of 2 eggs, toast and teas. By 10.30 we were off to the beach (which takes an hour to walk to by the way!)

Tuesday and finally a little colour is beginning to show. It’s amazing the transformation a couple of days can make. This is another hot and sunny day but as were heading home around 4pm a huge wind blew up scattering sand and people everywhere. In the evening after dinner watched a “Diana Ross and the Supremes” tribute ban from South Africa who were actually excellent. Seem to be developing a cold as I have a slight sore throat and cough...hope it doesn’t get any worse.

Wednesday didn’t sleep very well at all and woke up feeling terrible. Definitely got a cold but keep trying to overcome it with mind power but in the end gave up and took 2 aspirin (which helped.) another sunny day and met David and Ray (2 friends from home) on the beach. The day before they were telling us a boatload of Africans arrived on the beach in a motor-less boat at around 5pm which saw the beach swarming with police. Went for a couple of beers in a German bar after the beach...which was best described as interesting. Nice people and so friendly once they have some beer. Had some Frikadellen but don’t think I shall be having any more. Don’t know if it was the beer or the cold but felt ill by the time I got back to hotel and only managed a bowl of soup for dinner. Fell asleep at 9pm and didn’t wake till 6.30am the following morning and that was one of the best night’s sleep in a long time.

Thursday Browner and calmer and who would think I could be sat outside on a balcony in my shorts watching the November. Following a pattern now of breakfast, beach, dinner and bed. However not much sun today and even some drops of rain. The view to the mountains obscured by huge, black, brooding clouds and all headed this way. I think we been on the beach for around 20 mins before the sun vanished (never to be seen again that day.) everyone tries to wait but two-by-two slowly the beach empties and then there is no one. I wonder where they all go to? Still nice to walk back in the shade and have afternoon coffee and cake at the “cafe De Paris” in the Yumbo centre. I bought a pair of bright canary yellow trunks for the Australia holiday in 2009. Very racy and nothing left to the imagination (unless it is to wonder where the rest of it is hidden.) The beach is full of people nude bathing with everything trimmed and shaved and forever constantly fiddling to enhance their attributes.
It’s now 5.30pm and I am sat on the balcony with a cup of tea (never mind diamonds, a travel kettle is your best friend!) going to eat early tonight and then stroll down the prom and take some pictures. It is the last full day here tomorrow...where has the time gone? But for now I shall enjoy the sunset and the smell of food wafting up from the restaurant and read my hi-fi magazine. It has the most amazing picture of Tannoy Westminster’s in. I’ll try and find a picture of the magnificent beauties.

Friday and feel like spending the day in bed and oh yes, my voice has now disappeared completely. Still you can keep me from the beach but after the walk all we got was cloud and wind and some more rain. Left about 3pm and had coffee and cake and a walk around the shops in Maspalomas. There is a lot of new building work around here and the whole area looks quite stylish.

Saturday grabbed a few hours on the beach and then began the long trek home. I have to say the highlight was travelling back from the resort to the airport on the coach with a crazy Scotsman singing

Finally arrived back home at 3am Sunday morning. I wrote some prose on holiday and i'll type this later. hope you're well.

Monday, December 03, 2007

3rd Dec 2007

Back from holiday and completed my first day back at work. I kept a diary on holiday so I shall be typing it up this week and posting it...hope you are well. Enjoy the first picture

Friday, November 23, 2007

It'll be quiet for the next few days..well one week to be exact as I am off to the Canaries for some sunshine. But i'll take lots of photos and bore you senseless with it all when I get back.

Have a wonderfiul week

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

For the echo of a wind stirs a memory within the flesh that waits for your touch as slowly unfurls the great map of the heavens when night falls upon the Earth. Like some cosmic jigsaw puzzle, little pieces of a greater purpose are revealed. Some nights the pieces shall never fit and we may grow frustrated with the vision yet within all remains the memory keeping us true to all we aspired and became. Vessels of eternity filling fast with all the love we may safely bear, and still live, never to overrun, for within our heavenly touches all is everlasting and infinite. Come soon my love and take a look at the stars with me, for they belong to us, we both belong to the ages that take us to tomorrow and always to each other. We are birthed in love and honour and truth, for hearts and minds will always find a way through the time and space, to give joy and comfort to those who would see the beauty and peace within the soul that somehow slipped away in ages past from the other and at last returns through the lonely fog of aeons. Never to be lost again for the map of the heavens shall never now slip my grasp. You are here and my world is complete and I shall never let go for love is ours
For it is the words that are not said
That grows about us rising taller than trees
So if I think it, I must then say it
Whether the world should listen or turn away
Tonight drags me down fast to the safe
Needed repair of deepest sleep and yet,
The heart claws and hungers still
For the last, sweet, gasp of air remaining
So that with my last thoughts and actions
I hurl the words I need you to hear,
Toward you, that you may as your eyes close
Know how I love you tomorrow
So come the day and release me from sleep
That I may know my heart is waiting
To give all of its sweetness to the one
I call my own for the hours shall rush by
Like the raging tides that flood inland
And then disappear back to the sea

Monday, November 19, 2007

I had the strangest dream last night but I think it was because I was watching a programme on the sun before going to be on the history channel. Apparently the photons that emanate from the sun’s core and reach us as light take thousands of years to pass to the surface of the sun and then only minutes to reach the earth once they are in the vacuum of space. The sunlight I shall be bathing in next week is older than I am.

It all really seems to be so perfect the way life has originated and our understanding of the universe. We tend to think we are big players in the cosmos but what if we’re among the smallest of all life. A small life form on a small planet that can never develop the potential to expand and understand what is beyond the edge of the known universe. We are mapping the genome, constructing theories on astral physics and searching for dark matter. But what if...we were designed to do that? Unknowing participants in a huge interstellar process. Masters of a destiny that can never come to pass, because we were not given the intellect and capacity to ever get beyond a certain point in our existence. Make you think! I’ll go bake some more bread.

Worlds in a grain of sand

Spread through the cosmos

Watched by those that

Manipulate our destiny
Ok so I didn't make the jam or butter....but one day!

19th Nov 2007

It’s the week of birthdays with 2 just gone and one more to come. All the special people have birthdays in November....I’ll try to prove it. (Nope, got that wrong but here is what I managed to find out.)

November 18th in History1626: In Rome, St Peter's Church is consecrated1963: The Bell telephone company introduces the first push button telephones in the United States.

November 22nd in History1963: Lyndon B Johnson sworn in as 35th President of America just hours after the assassination of President Kennedy1975: King Juan Carlos II was sworn in as head of state just two days after the death of Spanish dictator General Franco

Still that’s Monday out of the way now and soon be off to sunnier climes for 1 week. Then that’s it till next year. Mike turns 60 next year and wants to go to Las Vegas. Then in the early part of 2009 Nick and I are going to go to Australia and New Zealand for 3 weeks. So definitely I have a few very good things to look forward to. Tonight I have been looking over my 70’s wardrobe and muttering “what was I thinking!” Also baked some bread which I am going to photograph and post it so you can imagine a nice thick, crusty slice with butter and cheese or perhaps a bramble jelly...yummy very nice.

Have a lovely evening

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Coldness comes and touches the soul
To contract its warmth and reveal
What may hide in cool chambers?
I have none so dark, but if I did?
Perhaps winter is made for secrets
When drapes are fast shut at windows
Looking out on the fastness of night
Enveloping now so much of the days

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A whisper that you cannot hear
Is spoken the same time each year
It enters the mind and plants a seed
That will grow so swiftly within a ...
Fertile and deep, yet innocent furrow
Growing swift and sure in a foundation
Where this world has not yet begun
To shower its discord and arrest the...
Development of such beautiful minds
That is the wonder of all of you
Happy birthday beautiful people
Found this site

You've probably seen it....
Tonight I am having ratatouille ‘a la Nick’ with cabbage leaves stuffed with meatballs. Ok, so its leftover meatballs and 4 cabbage leaves but it sounds good. Wednesday tomorrow again so soon and then we’ll be halfway through the week.

The Harry Potter was ok but not very exciting...methinks that they are probably getting a little old for the genre now. All square jaws and desperately being made to look like teenagers still at school. Should have stuck with Amy last night. Still this is a good site

The growth in the estate of a man
Takes form through magical drama
It drives away the child’s eye
As the age of innocence retreats
The qualities of the man reveal

Monday, November 12, 2007

Mon 12th Nov 2007

Haven’t written anything on here for a few days, so apologies but I had a nice weekend. It’s quite cold here at the fact there was a heavy frost on the car this morning. I’ve just bought the new Harry Potter film “The Order of the Phoenix,” I always swear I won’t, but then just a kid at heart I guess. It was either that or the new Amy Winehouse DVD but I am in a chill mood really and Amy is a little hectic. I’m going to make this short and have a look at some holiday cottages in Devon for next year. So hope you’re indoors and warm and having a good evening.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Golden leaves that fell dry now crack and collapse underfoot into the damp ground. Discarded firework casings litter the path and remind me that the beauty seen in the night sky a few days ago comes at a price. The sun is up but veiled behind dense clouds and the air still and heavy with a cold, moist edge cuts through clothing. It is the time of the year when nothing ever dries till a long frost claws back all the moisture and deposits it like silver gilt on the ground

Monday, November 05, 2007

A blade of light births into the night sky and draws a crescent trail of sparks that wither in the blackness. For a moment a chill is felt and the evening air cools eager eyes looking into space. Then a rose erupts and shimmers incandescent as its red petals spread outward in symmetry of radial pyrotechnics. Before we have a chance to savour this, the whole sky becomes alive with blooms that open, flower and fall in seconds and then all stills to leave the stars scattered overhead in the clear sky like astral pollen.
A soft sun sets sail across a deep sky as an autumnal galleon to circumnavigate the northern half of the world. That is how I see it as I tread across a russet path laid down from the lack of warmth. For as this galleon of lessening light sinks into winter so the trees jettison their summer cargo. Leaves, once the sails that had unfurled and set before fair winds shred and fall, leaving the squirrels visible in the timber rigging like marauding pirates. For me the joy is always in the leaves underfoot, the clear and cool days and the sound of water. Ever it has been the same in November.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Sunday 04.11.2007

Been out taking photos this afternoon. I took a walk around all the local paths I used to follow when I walked the dogs. I’d forgotten how amazing it is so close to where I live. It has been a cool but sunny day and the smell of wood smoke is still in the air from the numerous Guy Fawkes bonfires lit last night. Bonfire night falls tomorrow so most were lit early. Last night was an explosion of sounds and colours as hundreds of fireworks lit up the night sky. I sat in the garden watching for a little while.

The first one is of a beech tree with lots of strange growths on it.

The second is of a huge tree growing straight out of a grave

The third is the sky

The fourth is another sky shot

The fifth is the thick carpet of beech leaves across all the paths.

Hope you had a good day and a relaxing weekend.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

30th October 2007

Finally got the car fixed but it has been a hectic afternoon. Still it was probably more hectic for the guys at the garage, as they turned it round pretty quickly. So I’m a little more optimistic tonight; which after last night’s depressing little piece is to be warmly welcomed.

I can’t believe it is Halloween tomorrow. I shall switch on the TV and I will not be answering the door to anyone. I sound like a right old moan don’t I? But I can’t be doing with this entire trick or treating shebang. It always strikes me that we shouldn’t take all this stuff so lightly. I’ll have a hunt around for a suitable Halloween picture.

I might write some prose later but if not have a happy Halloween and see you in November.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Had a good a good mood...dont read this...

Sometimes life sweeps away all our notions of infallibility. Events arise unlooked for and a cold world enters so swiftly. Like the icy touch of the first frost on a leafy banana plant; that taken from the tropics to the arctic feels the kiss of autumn burns away its hope and dreams without warning. For it cannot endure and nor can we. Perhaps we could, but we may not and so make each journey home become a new magical adventure. An exploration of paradise in familiarity, comfort and the goal of a sanctuary against the ills of the world. For if you can just make it back there once more when all is lost and you are far from home then you shall truly have lived. For the heart is the home in which it has bled and yet been slowly shaped in joy into the instrument you know it to be now?

Sunday, October 28, 2007

We can find love under the sun so easily

On the long beaches and sandy shorelines

Under shady olives, in whitewashed alleys

The sounds of lovers merge into the night

Caressed by cool breezes from the Adriatic

For in Greece we know the gods understand

Take your loves fill through a long summer

But think in the autumn a chill will arrive

The sun retreats and the nights grow long

The world moves indoors, waits for spring

Remember my friends to hold onto love

For it will keep you warm through winter.
Had a scenic drive with Nick this morning around some of the beautiful Trough of Bowland. We went via Clitheroe to Bashall Eaves (sounds like somewhere a hobbit would live,) Whitwwell, Slaidburn, Waddington and Dunsop Bridge. The light was excellent and it picked up the gold’s and oranges of the trees framed on the blue-grey sky. I didn’t have my camera but trust me when I tell you it is breathtaking. Have a look at the following sites and see if you don’t agree. I shall be back soon and this time I won’t forget my camera.

So please accept these photos I took in the garden this afternoon. All show the onset of autumn.
My high spot of the week was being told my blood pressure is 150/100 (quite high) so it’s a low sodium diet from here on in. But as I told the nurse if it is so high you’d think it could make it to the most important bit a bit more often...hope you had a good weekend.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Raw words and raw emotion seek to flesh away care

Your heart is steady and true and always you are there

I am perhaps not so soul dependable, but I may wish

That you can understand and still would so love me

For now autumn arrives at our open doors and sighs

We must enjoy what we have and watch time as it flies
Think I posted too many videos last night but I like them all. You Tube is an amazing phenomenon. What is not on there? (Poulenc’s Organ Concerto notwithstanding) is not worth watching. I guess one day they’ll have better quality videos and I guess then TV could be obsolete. By the way click the menu button for more of the same. I actually just found that out too....!

It soon got to Thursday evening again. Been a very busy day at work, but thankfully it is Friday tomorrow. Still haven’t fixed the car but hopefully I shall attempt it myself on Saturday morning...oh dear! Call the wreckers because by the time I’m finished! I remember Scott telling me a few months back that he needed to go to a garage and was going to have to put on a deep voice...that made me laugh so much. By the way thanks for your telephone message the other day. Thinking of you and your mum and wishing you both the best.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

somewhere over the rainbow

Amy Winehouse=Rehab

Mark Ronson Valerie New Video

Mark Ronson 'Valerie' making of the video

The trees are all coppery hues and everywhere one looks the landscape is opening up as the thick layer of leaves fall allowing a view through the branches. The wind this afternoon shook the trees detaching whole branches of their golden cargo to descend in equilibrium with the raindrops.
Just been reading my old diary from 2000.....
Tuesday 24.10.2000

Autumn arrives

How shall I know its autumn? In the gilded leaves that fall groundward to soften footsteps. The air that hangs still, clear and enhances distant vistas whilst cooling fingertips and noses. Or the rain that falls icily and swift from swollen, bruised clouds to run down collars and faces. Or is it the early close of the day in a western sky of cerise and scarlet hues. It’s all of these things and I know it’s autumn, but just for a little while longer my heart wishes to beat summer,


Looking upward into the night sky a hundred stars sweep unordered across the surface like snowflakes on ebony water. I feel I should believe each point of light a beacon of hope and joy within my life from the past or in the future. My life, the great sum of blackness above, that is just daily routine.

The span of a life; a journey through familiarity that must touch the special and precious at least once to show us the world lives in spite of us and every second is precious. My only unknown is how many stars are left to me? How many more times shall the monotony be corrupted into pure joy? Ponder awhile the thought and realise that all is worthwhile and waste nothing.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

It’s going to be a chilly night but I managed to take a photo of the moon this evening up in the garden and also the bark on the tree fern. Hope you like them

Managed to take this photo of my record player's stylus last night. I thought it was pretty clean but no.....I’m pretty pleased with that. Now I can check on them regularly and replace them if they get too damaged.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Here’s an extract for October from the book “A Country Year” by Teresa Hooley published in 1925 or in Roman numerals MCMXXV. If I haven’t written it I think it’s very important to give recognition to those who did.

‘When in a flaming and rain-washed October, the orange and scarlet of the dying leaves is stabbed through by the sunlight, and tinged to a deeper purple and crimson by the lustre of the underlying boughs, it is the supreme moment of all autumn’s splendour.’

Today’s entry is;-

Rooks plundering acorns. White frost and a delicate rime underfoot –

The leaves unsodden
Where infant frost has trodden
With his morning-winged feet
Whose bright print is gleaming yet.

For my attempt I shall say;-

A feisty dowager in gold arrives
The weather has failed and autumn comes
Robes that rustled across her gravel drive
Become melody, softened under fallen leaves
She passes by and the front door closes
The fire is lit and the curtains drawn
She will not now leave again till spring’s dawn

Hopefully below are the sunsets I promised to post last week.

22nd Oct 2007

Been busy for a few days but now the nights are dark and time should be on my side (whether I like it or not!) It had been a good weekend, but you know how an argument starts then develops like a thunderstorm into a brooding, black beast that finally roars and thunders scattering everyone in its wake. So when you have 2 people of the same persuasion it can only wreak devastation till the weather turns to clear skies once again.

Getting to be quite cold now at night, as last week the neighbouring gardeners recorded -3 on their greenhouse thermometer temperature scale. I’m trying to think if that is cold for this time of year but like a morning mist my brain is a little hazy. This proves the value of notes (or a blog). Next year I can just look back on here and see. Just bought a little microscope which I can hook up to the computer so I’ll have a look at that soon and see if i can get some interesting’s primarily to look at stylus (gramophone needles) for the record player but it may have other uses.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Gladiator soundtrack

Just posted Fantasia on a theme of Thomas Tallis by Ralph Vaughan Williams...enjoy. What a find as it's a breathtaking piece and this is a live video. Thanks to cheetomoskeeto for putting this on. Off to look for Poulenc Organ Concerto. No can't find it...if you feel like exploring and finding it i'd be grateful. Still enjoy the Gladiator track with Lisa Gerrard's vocals. She is so special she desrves a post all to herself.

Ralph Vaughan Williams: Tallis Fantasia

Here is the sunset tonight from the back step. (When Blogger starts to work again. Hopefully it is a good omen for tomorrow. I’m listening to the Crusader’s track “street life” on vinyl of course from the album of the same name. It’s a great extended version on the album. I love Randy Crawford’s vocals on this track...have a listen here. I added it through YouTube.

A sunset is the last kiss of day
Orange lips envelop horizons
Shade blue sky in dimming fire
Engorge hearts and calm minds
In a tranquillity of closure

The Crusaders - Street Life (1979)

Monday, October 15, 2007

Real life seeps into the cracks of the armour I try to wrap myself in. I am sure if I am honest that I don’t like it very much for it has tinnitus and pain that emphasis the waning years of a life lived in some vigour that are now passing. Though perhaps we become less in physicality we move to be greater in thought and memory. I am perhaps a shadow of who I was but still greater than I ever thought it would be possible to become. That is one secret that may be laid to the world that is real.
15th Oct 2007

Thought you might enjoy these autumn pictures from the garden. I like them all but the one with the cobweb filled with large drops of water is my favourite. These misty mornings fill every shrub with thousands of silken architectural creations. One is under no illusions about how many spiders there truly are in a few feet of ground.

I spent a little time in the garden over the weekend and at this period of the year the time is taken with maintenance and getting things ready for the winter. Still it was a dry and pleasant day although the clouds came later as I finished.

Mikes’ sister and husband came for dinner Saturday. We had a lovely four course meal and watched the England and France rugby match. We won so it was all bearable in the end. Our team played well and deserved to win.

Not long now to the autumnal equinox and the clock change by one hour. Then darkness shall wrap both the mornings and the evenings. Not my favourite time of the year I have to say. Hope you had a good weekend.

If you’re reading this Scott...hope you’re ok. No had any e-mails so wondering. Take Care.

Friday, October 12, 2007

I’m having a bad car week (again). Why can’t they just run forever? Slight case of overheating makes it look like “Thomas the Tank Engine” as it travels down the street as it billows steam from under the bonnet. Other than that it has been a relatively quiet week with mainly dry weather. If i get chance i shall wrap the Gunnera up ready for the winter. I cut a heap of bracken last week and it works as a good straw substitute. In some ways it is better than straw as it keeps the crown of the plant much dryer and insects do not like it.

On a different note add this to your favourites. Johan Hari is a writer in the Independent and this is his piece from this week. I am not sure I entirely agree with some it but I do believe that maybe we need less legislation and more focus on basic right and wrong. To disseminate all societies groups and somehow enshrine their protection in law seems to be a path to madness and will ultimately fail. We need to be moving forward as one whole nation without any influence on how any others live by large groups with antiquated belief systems. However there is not much chance of that anytime soon.

Rant over...time to calm down so enjoy the picture below which was taken at the Quince Honey farm in Devon a few weeks ago. Have a good weekend.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I was watching Brokeback Mountain last night. It’s probably the third time I have watched it and it is a film that reveals itself in ever deeper and sadder layers that are tempered by the uplifting hope shown despite the harshness of an ignorant world. How brutal is nature to any non-conformists to the established order of living.

It is incredibly well shot and it seems hard to believe that such scenery is still found that has the touch of unspoilt world about it. Magnificent vistas set in deep blue skies and crystal running rivers set a heart to soar. If you’ve never seen this film because of prejudice or some other reasons please watch it. It is worth it.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

A soft night dissipates to usher in a golden morn in the soft moving October air. There is music in the air like single notes from a plucked harp that reverberate under the yellowing canopies of the trees. I am witness to autumn born

Monday, October 08, 2007

When the last firework faded
In decaying bursts of embers
From the cool midnight sky
I took your hand and smiled
For life is a huge pyrotechnic
That lights my world in bliss

Hope you enjoy these photos of the small red insect and the wasp. There are still a lot of wasps about but they remain in good spirits. While I was in the garden on Sunday saw quite a few wasp queens looking for somewhere safe to overwinter. I took lots of photos and will post then soon.

Went to Southport Saturday night to see fireworks set to music. This was my favourite music piece. It was a good evening with lots of fireworks. This is a large video file so please be patient.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Below are pictures of
1. Sidmouth harbour and the cliffs
2. Drogo castle
3. The misty dawn from the tower
4. Th house and its tower (Rower Fort)
5. A masterpiece of masterbaking
6. Tree at Bicton park
7. Exeter Cathedral organ
8. Palm leaf in palm House at Bicton