Friday, March 27, 2015


And the snow falls
On late March morning
Caresses new emergence  
Sendaline on soft green
White on yellow trumpets
Holds back the amphibians
And stifles humming bees
Wildness tis tender grace
It holds hands with calm
And still the snow falls
But the sun now holds sway
And no amount of inclemency
Can defeat new spring day

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Strike for the surface
But reach it not
Like a curved fish
Silver crescent
Set in a sea of ice
We cannot move
Not in this world
Nor maybe the next
But we may dream
Of warmer waters
And see a bluest sky
Through the translucence
And is it nearly enough? is!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Can we all perceive signs?
The leaf that falls upon open hand
A following robin hopping on walls
Or do they wash away lost
In tides of incredible disbelief
I will follow fates' footprints
Walk maybe a known destiny
Along thin scattered breadcrumbs
Yet I shall never be alone
For behind shall come birds
And make the trail invisible
And you must find me again
If you truly believe in fate

Friday, March 20, 2015

Mar 2015 Eclipse Lancashire

Here's the mornings eclipse - better pictures than I expected to get.

Eclipse and Shadow

We have an eclipse at 9.30am today but unlikely we will see it as we have the usual cloudy outlook
A shadow cast long
Any penumbra of awe
Is not to be so dark
As nights departing
And no umbra
Nor antumbra
May lighten a humour
That will sigh and wait
For the light to return
And the rain to cease

Wednesday, March 18, 2015


I am made so small
Smaller than memory
So small, wind passes;
Through my soul
Like airy blade
I am made so small
You no longer see me
So small, I can hide
At the edge of nothing
Like forgotten words
I am made so small
To sting only irony
Tiny mite; vicious wasp
Chasing lesser prey
Like they are nectar

I am made so small
A drop of spring rain
Falling to apotheosis
For now I am made so small
I perceive everything

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Maternal Remembrance

I saw a familiar ghost today
I always recognize you
You know where to stand
To catch my eye, remind me
Honour maternal memories
Till daylight comes and I miss you
Before I sleep and shadow parts us
And how bitter a life
Would I have lived?
To have never again thought of you
You need not remind me again
For I never stopped thinking of you
But it comforts me to know
You never really left
And you wait so patiently
For us to drift back home
One by one
And all be reunited again

Friday, March 13, 2015


It is an ancient path
Winding over peaty moor
Under a web of stars
And slowly the points
Of pearlescence join
Into a final coherence
Yet there is nonsense still
Sunshine on rainy days
Doubt upon certainty
Unicorns and Elves
And if nothing makes sense
Count your blessings
For you are innocent

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

March 2015 7am

Along failing edge of night
Sunrise runs in pastel hues
Butter smears on golden toast
And it smells like apocalypse
In deadly earnest bought this fire
That reaches into the cold
As comes the war of the spring
And a winter fades and fails

Sunday, March 08, 2015

For Mother's Day 15th Mar

Along scattered breadcrumbs
Lovingly laid and unselfishly given
I follow your footprints of fate
And in every direction I travel
All roads lead back to you
And each step I take away from you
Leads me ever closer to your arms

Thursday, March 05, 2015


What kind of world do we want?
Smoke upon water; grey and cold
One that reflects only starlight
So that night follows day like a ghost
Where strong sleep upon the weak
And not just sleep but utterly conquer
This world of men and machines
It labours ceaselessly in its increase
Always to entrap the innocent
But this is not my world yet
The shadow holds no sway
But ever it lengthens each dawn
Stretches out its hand nearer
And it will take hold of us all
If we do not make a stand
We have but eight weeks
To make a last alliance
From those who would be better

Wednesday, March 04, 2015



Daylight paints pastel hues
Along the edge of deepening dusk
Last glowing hope of lost day
Now to fade into a long night
And if we cannot save a dream
In the unfolding sea of stars
Then there never was any hope
But a cowardly false witness
In the times amid waking and sleep
And we merit tomorrow's awakening
Unloved and friendless
Under a canopied frosty bower
Like the first elves awaking to starlight
And who will teach us now; who?
Not one; even though we desire it
But not enough to fight, to struggle
Not enough to sleep abroad
Far from a comfortable home
We are a fading people
With no white ship of Elvendom
To carry us across the glassy sea