Monday, February 29, 2016


When clear, cold moons rise
On landscapes locked in rigor mortis
Forgive me if I shall not stir awhile yet
Not when it is so cold outside
And all is hushed like a morgue
A world silent and laid out bare
For the scalpel and saw of frost
But very soon I will awake again
When the warmth and song returns
And nectar flows down yellow trumpets
As all about life gasps and rises up
From the melancholy slab of winter
Then I will wake from my hibernation
And capture the temperate airs
To rejoin the world undiminished

Sunday, February 28, 2016


Today I will think of you
More than all the other days
Silver flowers and dreams
Memories of gold and green
For not all that is gone is loss
When a clear moon wanes
So sweet a morning comes
And it seems fitting
To remember you now
As life wells up in the world
And from out its frosty teeth
Comes the winds of spring
To dry the grey drops of longing
Upon my cheeks of regret
They are empty, wasted tears
For you never really left
And that you were right
Life is a wonderful thing
If we don’t weep too much
Before we at last meet again

Saturday, February 27, 2016


Like a geisha dimming lights
Silver shadows behind paper
The moon is spent and retires
And it is now that I rise
Awake early to see the dawn
Watch the glow crest the hill
Set light to a new morning
While the bird's sleep on
Indolent upon twiggy nests
Day is arriving
One more day wrote in celestial fire
It breaches the east
The torch of dawn is lit
And carried aloft by spring
The birds awake
And the day is filled with song

Thursday, February 25, 2016


Sitting within a wooded bowl
This glittering drop of freshwater
Like a pearl set in green shell
So far from the mothering sea
For year I have walked its wonder
And again today I circle the silver
This natural bath of clarity
A giant's tear formed from civic duty
Now a calming balm for restless souls
Ever larger does this lake grow
As time and feet wear away it edges
But it shields me from the madness
It is the closest peace I know to home
And for every day that remains
I'll scramble this horizontal stair
And the only regret I'll harbour
Is the wish that you were there?

Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Reflections are but the peace of the earth's soul that nature has set upon glassless water


To see the national debt in couture
The Bafta's was a spectacle for sure
Where the adored meet adulation
And money and art engage in copulation
But all we can remember now folk
Is that funny between friends joke
And so irony claimed the biggest prize
Humour lost on easily the affronted wise
False outrage is now the award of choice
Given to those with a successful voice
A vomited self interest disguised in guile
When Twitter explodes with furious bile
And it may seem better we say nothing at all
Lest on the sword of ersatz offence we fall

Monday, February 22, 2016


Upon the best time to write for you and me
The body and the clock may disagree
I rise in the night with creative prick
There is no instance to creativities tick
Words roll out from a sleepy mind
Perception is blurred as thoughts unwind
To rest or write are the only choice
So I arise and scribe down my voice
And though tomorrow I will sleep through day
The world will know what I had to say

Thursday, February 18, 2016


Titania will walk this way
Upon the grass at light of day
We place upon the curving wheat
Beads of dew to cool her feet
By star and moon we slowly toil
To dab the drops we cleanse and boil

Wednesday, February 17, 2016


I fly upon the gossamer wing
In a green, green, world
Where the bluebirds sing
On softest moss I lightly sleep
While the mortal world's sun
Across a new day does creep
I make my life within the night
Among ferny bowers and forest
I soar under silvered starlight
Of humankind I do rarely see
Unless they are open to wonder
And they truly believe in me
So come at dusk when skies do dim
To join me in my enchanted world
And within its elfin magic; swim

Monday, February 15, 2016


She takes to airs at evenings close
With gossamer wing and jewelled hose
Her steed is fearsome in its waspish garb
But it has no sting with which to barb
She surveys the world atop her drone
Now the last of her kind; completely alone
She sits high and regal astride his furry back
Silver princess upon yellow and black
And what a sight for us mortals to see
An elfin fairy riding upon a bumblebee

Thursday, February 11, 2016


And nothing shall break us. We are inviolate and it is the world that has made us so. For it has taken we blocks of stone and chipped away till we are made irreversibly into its design. And now we are free of shaping let us not abjure this intent. Artistry and chance have shaped us, and so, who are we to gainsay such divine fate. It cannot now be undone, so let us explore the world from this plinth we are put upon. Remember we have become art and whether we are of value only the long reach of time will attest. For now let us be content to intertwine one marble arm within another and be in awe of the world that made us.

Wayoh Reservoir
Bright Lichens and Trees


Witches Brooms upon a Birch

Wednesday, February 10, 2016


And as celebrations pause and still
So is born a new infant to time
And we have named it 2016
Though time names it otherwise
What it may grow to become is hidden
For nothing is revealed to us
Not weather, nor tides, nor war
But what will develop is instance
A new time that shatters the old
As thoughts and warm pulses spark
Swarm among interconnects and chaos
And tis the sweetness of existence,
                [that we truly know it
We are crystal spirits shaping a universe
With unique, irreplaceable fragments
For every second we may harvest
Is a gift of the universe
We may make of what we will
Mould and shape its presence
And after we have left
Though we shall never see it
We shall have changed it forever
By being these children of occasion

Tuesday, February 09, 2016


And day still crashes into night
Black velvet muffles creativity
And so we go to sleep
Arrest demise of light in dreams
Like bees that quiet at dusk
Drowsing angels on coffers of gold
We hum in false concern
Upon all this despoiled comb
And dreams wither on waking
For we dare not remember
We are fading towards ruin

Monday, February 08, 2016

An Early Start

Nature does not build in straight lines, but someone hasn't told this mole digging in a local field about that yet.
Daffodils, Rhubarb and Elderberry growth in the first week of February...they must think it is April. never seen these growing outside so early in my part of the north UK without help before.

Sunday, February 07, 2016


From the continuum of destiny
All that is of real value to us
Flows only from our next moments
How will you use this gift?
Before instance takes it away
And it is become worthless
For once it passes unused
Riding the waves of time
Like a ship of grey ghosts
It will never return
Save as longing memories
Lost dawn mists rising,
Sighing upon the aether,
Like bittersweet chiding
Fate we make for ourselves
It is our sibling of destiny

Friday, February 05, 2016


By piercing hook and explosive harpoon
We hunted them all by sun and moon
With propeller and radar we gave no rest
And now all the briny giants fail our test
Far away from the ocean's reach
Sees now antiquities greatness beach
Another leviathan is cast to the shore
Its song lost from the world evermore
And is all this sadness truly our fault?
A fatal effect of despoiling the salt
Where plastic swims more prolific than fish
In saving the world we failed in our wish
And very soon when all the seas still
Subdued in the end by our exploitative will
We may look upon the waves and cry
Why did we let all the noble whales die?

Thursday, February 04, 2016


On the great scions of wisdom
That slowly grows about us
We reach for the low hanging fruit
But high upon its oldest boughs
Are the sweetest prizes
A sparse crop of harsh fruits
Slow to grow and yield
They ripen all too leisurely
Yet of what I have picked
Or smelt of its perfumed tang
And flavoured on its bitter flesh
I learn now without prejudice
We may only eat such bitter fruit
If we can digest its nourishment
That you do not yet pluck insight
Draw it down to purge away madness
Then this I will take it as a good sign
You have not yet understood
And I would not need explain
This dark veil of hope we name not
Is best left upon the tree of life

Wednesday, February 03, 2016


I do not fear death
Only that I might linger
A sorrowed, wounded prey
Life assaults senses
Bitter is harsh  
Sweet saccharine bliss
But time has no taste
Till it chokes us
And we fall sated
Replete in our consequences
Without ever knowing
What we consumed
In turn slowly devoured us

Tuesday, February 02, 2016


And cast me out into the gloom
Like a stained enlightenment
Yet all light is but a reflection
Nuanced illumination highlighting difference
The illusive contrast of lost shadows
A grey splendour of unrequited desire
In a mirror spread before us by existence
Without form or grace we cannot truly see
Or be swathed in the footlights of splendour
But still I would be aflame once more
See clear anew these years awash in gold
If you would let me sit by your brightness
Lift this caul of night and let me see the day
Lest instead I may come to worship darkness

Monday, February 01, 2016


A new light is rising
February is here
Though clear and cold still
It radiates days brighter
Time's crystal windows flood
In a new light stained in colour
Spring begins tremulously
In green shoots and yellow tails
Though nothing else yet stirs
But the heart it quickens
A whisper adrift among bare trees
The cold is close yet
But the warmth creeps closer
Blinking sunbeams lie upon frost
The world shall grow again
And we to grow with it
And I…
Coloured by Africa's shores
Am ready for the summer