Thursday, July 28, 2016


I; progenitor upon an evening path
As the climax of summer erupts
The ants arise in smoky layers
Impinge upon the lowering sun
Gossamer wings and honeyed lines
In sleek waves of amber nobility
That weave and flex into night
A million debutantes are dancing
Wings brush skin; legs cling to hair
And I walk in clouds of contact
Beneath antiquities emerging stars
And what of their future
The men shall be king for a day
And the ladies queens for eternity
Sacredly revered in subterranean secret
By the watchwomen of the earth
These hunters of the unspeakable
Devourers of the wretched
And harvesters of dark gardens
Overlooked beneath our clumsy feet
But for one night everything changes
And a royal waltz is played at sunset
But I shall not be asked to dance