Thursday, July 25, 2013


The economy grew by 0.6% over the quarter
So little exit from the doldrums of past glory
Glory is stifled in acquiescence to the past
Yet we decline to see it; refuse to believe
So we partake together in the hyperbole
Hope to a recovery and seize the fortunes
Or thou art deemed indolent and miscreant
Lacking innovation and desire for dominion
The subtlety of man and god decrees it is so
For how else sleep I; in this absence of fraternity
Thrown to me from the houses of the elite is hope
I thus grasp the ox bone with both my hands
I shall till and furrow the earth with this rib
And at the harvest feed all with earth’s bounty
If health prevails and the weather is set fair
Else all is ruined and my world turns to despair