Tuesday, July 30, 2013


I came across a disturbed wasp nest. It was quite a large one constructed underground (most are) beneath a stone that had been moved. The nest is now exposed to the elements and unlikely to survive. I always find it sad that such industry and goodwill from this maligned insect is overlooked. It is probably the most important organic weapon in the fight against insect pests we have. In my garden I have sat and sunbathed by a wasp nest all summer without any issue whatsoever. Sure they will become a bit lively when annoyed but if you don’t annoy them they are fine. Hard job to get the message across though.

Reformation has comes swiftly
The paper empire crumbles

Dissolute in the evening rain
Setting aside all work and hope
Drowning their world forever
The fluid of their corruption
Pours out from the evening sky
Into the chambers of a hundred queens
That will never now grace the spring