Thursday, March 21, 2013

Part of George Osborne's 2013 March Budget speech opening statement

This is a Budget for those who aspire to own their own home; who aspire to get their first job; or start their own business; a Budget for those who want to save for their retirement and provide for their children. It is a Budget for our Aspiration Nation.

Of course as everyone know aspiration is also the exchange of gases by the mechanics of breathing. So officially it was a lot of hot air then and not much oxygen for the economy and if he was going to use aspire there could have been one mention of aspiring to a fairer society in it? But that is not the aim of any of this austerity is it?

The Aspiration nation
To aspire to be better than you, to aspire to be richer than you
To aspire to look down on you, to aspire to take others resources
To aspire to greed, to aspire to envy and to aspire decay in growth
To aspire to all that has never worked for equality, nor ever will
Finally aspire to know elite desires always prevail over the masses