Sunday, April 07, 2013

Summer Plan

Summer gently took hold of my hand today and walked me through her plan
To be as yielding as three graces dancing in voile at the edge of a swift sunrise
To give console to all that desire peace and set a bountiful harvest in motion
The air is moving; changing; as earth spins closer in its arcing orbit to the sun
She calls now to her sleeping legions and out of crevice, hole and mud they awake
To take to the air on winter rested wings and ride currents; swirling in sunbeams
Sit languorously in still, shallow cold water, lit by piercing, bejewelled light shafts
She rouses trees from slumber and the great, solid hearts of the oak and beech now...
Pump the blood of the earth high up into the sky to kindle green flames of growth.
I cannot deny her plan, it is as old as time; and my heart ready to be fully ripe with joy
She takes now me into her world and I hold it tight; for who but a fool would not walk...
With such a queen as Summer and see that all around us there is no more sign of winter