Friday, May 24, 2013

We grow yet never evolve

Two to three weeks late this year
Finally watch a spring evening unfold
Pigeons vie for the best spots in trees
Against a backdrop of creaking branches
Leaf bud coverings finally burst
Fall through dappled sunlight
A rain of green-brown confetti
Strewing on the ground
A deer flicks through the garden
Away by the time the dog has a scent
Snuffling grass like a truffle hound.
Overhead a heron's broad wingspan
Looking for a way into the ponds.
Circles and glides across a blue sky
A cold wind blows from the north
Slicing through the hot sunshine
Biting midges take to the evening air
In a formation of insect Spitfires
Mercifully to be blown way off course
Return home; see the unfolding news
Horror spills out in high definition
I want to return to my shaded arbour
And never leave its grace for...
We may develop; yet we never evolve