Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Perhaps life itself is seen in stereo as an anaglyph*
The 3D world is here and we sit betwixt colours
A different eye view for the soul and for the heart

Green for the soul that welcomes such contentment
Soothed by each new day in a safe place to exist
Red for the heart that aches in commensurate sorrow
At each new piece of ill news that threatens peace

We here get to choose which lens we should like to use
In this secure state so we would wish the same for you
Even if we know that life for some is truly unbearable
Today I will gaze from red in the hope you see green
Just for a day tumble into my world and live in peace
Even if the rose tint of reality returns again to haunt

*A three-dimensional visual effect created by dyeing each of two images a different colour, usually red and green, and then viewing them through complementary-coloured filters, one over each eye