Monday, June 23, 2014


Birthed in water
I am of the aeschna
A fearsome sprite
Voracious predator
Nightmare nymph
Of woodland ponds


I emerge into high summer
Become an gleaming jewel
Glittering cobweb wings
Upon iridescent abdomen
A broach fit for any Queen
But first you must catch me

Yesterday watched dragonflies emerging out of the pond. I never actually saw one split out of its casing but counted at least 12 nymphs dotted around the plants and grass by the pond. How do they all know to emerge on the day after the solstice. Nature is simply amazing is it not? I just emailed the Dragonfly society to ask if they could confirm the species. I think they are Southern Hawkers. The nymph lives for up to 2 years in water before emerging as a dragonfly for 6-8 weeks in summer.