Sunday, November 15, 2015

Decaying Tears

Sinuous, fluid markers of fate
They are the essence of me
I slip away a little with each tear
Yet they water my dreams
Irrigate bittersweet memory
Then dry to leave a trail of salt
But I will save all these days
With every decaying tear that drops
For each one falls because of you
Into a dappled, opaque, cascade
That pools into a shared sunrise
Where waters of recollection never falter
Nor fade, nor wither in my memory
It is sunlight through summer windows
Butterflies that alight on holding hands
And always it is the scent of you
The warm musk of conjoined bodies
That fell into nights and awoke reborn
Till life dried and stilled our beating heart
And I will discover you again
One silvered, decaying, tear, at a time