Friday, September 16, 2016


And as each tree was felled
A human came and took its place
But there still stands one tree
A last witness of its sylvan kind
And this single column of wood
A bearer of slumbering memory
Last reflection of the ancient forest
That manifests in day like pain
But at night's veil they will come
And this last sentinel shall fall
But who can tell me this
What will then give them shade?
Be the wide, green lakes, of calm
A comfort among the confusion
When all memory of a pleasing world
Is turned to bittersweet slivers
Till wind comes to blow us away
Into the deserts of a blasted earth
But I am a dreamer, so you said
But not alone in thoughts of sorrow
For once we are subsumed into history
The green shoots will emerge again
Out into a day without people
Where each human stood trees will grow