Tuesday, February 28, 2017


All life's glorious shipwrecks
Come finally to their rest
We are Titans becalmed by fate
Upon calm seas of fine threads
Where rocky pillows of instance
Break hubris to a lapping loyalty
The whales of fortune have dived
Fled into the deeps of younger seas
But all wonder is not yet vanished
As a lover, I was alas, poor interest
So now only as a warm companion
Welcome onto my watery divan
And we may still caress, or embrace
Though no pearls will we now find
Upon a sandy d├ęcolletage at dawn
Like a languorous foam on slow tides
We shall float away the remaining days
Indolence will triumph on the high sea
Though no good people of elegance
May stay buoyant and free forever
We shall let the waves, take us away
On one last journey over the horizon
Following the day's descending sun
Till we are under the new rising moon
And then the sea may close about us
For life's voyage is not so bad, after all