Wednesday, April 04, 2012

The countdown calendar to redundancy is the strangest thing because it still seems to be further away than ever. The whole work dynamic is changing now – people I previously thought of as essentially fair now begin to show a more sinister side. It is hard to blame people I guess as survival takes many disguises. But I do believe without benevolent collectivism everything just descends to individual cupidity. The most definite thing I am seeing is the change from the company’s initial concern for the employees future, (albeit mostly fake admittedly,) to a ‘like it or lump it’ attitude now endemic among the senior people. Bit late now to expect all the crosses on the T’s and the dots on the I’s. It seems a game now of divide and conquer the employees; it is in reality life and life isn’t fair, but its maddening when it enters your life and turns things upside down. 10% of the workforce are staying on for a further 2 months and in a way it has made the other 90% feel a little less valued. Oh well 'keep calm and carry on' to coin a phrase.

Cowed in this deep frustration
While we await compensation
There can be no remonstration
Till our employment cessation