Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday 22nd Apr 12

It’s been a quiet time overall but built the summerhouse and also an arbour to replace the failing seating in one corner of the garden. Looking forward to some sunny evenings sat there. Though not anytime soon, I have to add, as the weather currently is abysmal. Cold, very wet and not at all in keeping with the season. What a contrast to the earlier hot sunny weather. So many plants burned and ruined by the late frost which gets us every year.

Took quite a lot of physical effort to build the garden equipment and I am conscious of the fact I am not getting younger. Still almost all the aches and pains have now gone. Overall though despite the moaning I feel better for it.

My sister got married yesterday but she had a quite wedding (second one) and is off for a honeymoon in the Lake District. 

Currently trying to retrain Robbie, the ‘yapper’ as he seems to constantly bark at everything. It appears to be working because managed to sit through the first episode of ‘Game of Thrones’ without too much hassle.

Here’s a selection of comments from the Daily Telegraph’s website on the UK £10 billion contribution to the IMF. Newspaper comments are the most hilarious (and chillingly truthful) parts I think. I do notice an increasing trend throughout the media of limiting comments to only articles that aren’t likely to be controversial. Which in a way negates the whole point of them.

It's in UK's interest to increase funding to IMF, says Christine Lagarde and so cough up £10 billion George Osborne has.

"She's only one in an ocean of parasitic scum, enriching themselves at the expense of the middle and lower classes, as they endure the greatest transfer of wealth by theft ever seen in history to corrupt banking cartels and political and ruling elites."

"Christine Lagarde - Pointless Parisian courtesan poncing and preening about in her new coat of orange paint, hoping to tempt some john to cough up and partake of her highly dubious ability's to provide them with any form of gratification whatsoever, other than a dose of highly charged and potentially bankrupting clap and a deep suspicion that tomorrows news will have them paraded about as the fools who got charmed by a ugly old transvestite in the dark. As George is barely out of short trousers and panting for all he’s worth, it should be obvious that he is going to catch a dose from the scrubber."

"Just in case anyone is still convinced there is a 'recovery' on the way, please consider the question 'If the entire global financial system was built upon money which didn't exist because it was fabricated, then to what are you looking to return to'? It may be a simple question but don't you see there is no return or recovery coming. How can there be. All that lies ahead are lies, political propaganda, more lies, and inflation. Further, unless inflation occurs then interest rates and taxes must rise and more spending cuts must occur. Hence we inflate the money to reduce YOUR spending power. You must begin to see that this is a total scam before it's too late."

I realise now with redundancy looming closer that i haven't spent enough time thinking about money. i think that will be coming into much sharper focus soon.