Monday, August 05, 2013


Transcend those first breaths that ever we drew
For the wall of truth we thought to have built
In such innocent splendour from our open hearts
Now proves less strong that our arrogance made it
Days of wonder and peace shall never again be reborn
For softly comes to us tonight the long, mountain wind
Blowing low to lay a scent of all humanity on our sleep
So that at the breaking light of the new day
We may gaze upon the world with a new mind
For then we can become free as the air itself
To move in unified waves across this occluded outlook
The day is now to come; the old land is ever to be lost
Though we men and women lament this terror
Yet we ride not without our armour into battle
Placated in the elixir of calm and raised high in hope
That the world ends and no new one is allowed to begin
We can finally sleep the long ages and never have need to wake