Sunday, August 11, 2013


A small insignificant eye is watching intently from under a shimmered brow
It sees with acuity and quiet alarm how our world is losing its heart and soul now
A laboured breath doth wane and now takes no reward in any sight and sound.
Day shall give way to night and across the water it will scatter the stars found
Unreachable pearls yet making trails of cosmic light to guide our ships of hope home
For though the world closes in about us; the spirit of past deeds, lingers in the gloam
Like ghosts at dusk they haunt night airs; pervade our uneasy dreams for ghoulish cost
The world has changed beyond our ken; the longest day gone and we have lost
And our hearts are left within the past to wonder; how did it all come to this?
And as the thoughts takes shape and fades away, all I remember is your first kiss