Monday, January 12, 2015


The hive cloud ruptures and dissipates
Reveals a queen seeding the heavens
With aquatic insects that fall into air
Swarming into a prevailing wind
Dividing drop to ever smaller drop
And though rain turns groundward
Descending calves silken eyelashes
The rain cannot touch me now
I return identical to the day I left
And not the kiss of the very aged
Nor the cry of newborn armies
Can move me greatness under storms
For I am replete of waiting
And the more I may ask to leave
The more time makes me linger
It whispers with a softness of sleep
Stay till the rain stops forever
Till the sun comes and birds sing
When spring wreaks a green havoc
And warmth envelops you again
And only when I wish to continue
Will time assuredly take me away