Saturday, January 10, 2015

The Year


The shortest day behind us
Already sun grows strong
Hope is borne among us
Now the days grow long

The snow and ice lie thickly
Upon the frozen ground
But already signs of rebirth
Poke out from grassy mound


The cold is now retreating
And the grass begins to grow
The hares are busy boxing
Spring is coming, they know

When the wasp queen awakens
Into early April showers
Her world will need rebuilding
And it will take all her powers
When the butterfly emerges
As in summer meadows I lay
We understand each other
And in the sunshine play

The sun reaches its potential
And no higher may it raise
I greet each dawn triumphant
In Nature's power to amaze

The world around me is rich
So it's time to enjoy the view
Listen to the joyous sounds
While the world is created anew


Yellow tinges the borders leaves
But flowers bloom in cascade
Fruit ripens on heavy boughs
The plans for winter are made


The days become much shorter
The nights grow steadily cold
The heat is still with us 
But the year grows steadily old


Here is the autumn equinox
Frost has raised his icy face
The moon is so clear and bright
As the first leaves lose their grace


The cold hard winter upon us
Bare trees reach for leaden skies
Warmth and food are currency
And all not prepared now dies


The year closes in remembrance
To set the winter truth alight
No matter how we contemplate
Nothing again is ever made right