Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Dragons, Rockets and Sky

Tuesday 28th July 2015

Another four dragonflies came out of the pond today. In total that makes sixteen this year. It was a very cool, grey, rainy day so that puts paid to my theory that they only emerge in good weather and that they all emerge within a day or two of each other. If the weather doesn't improve soon they will wish they had stayed in the water.


The other highlight of the day was finding some orchids growing in the field next to the garden. This is the Common Spotted Orchid (so called because of the black patches on its leaves.) It is a small flower but on close-up is a perfectly formed and colourful flower. Common or not, I'll be glad of any orchids I can find around here.

Finally here is a picture of the sky today. Ah, the typical English summer. Black clouds are brewing on the horizon and a dreary drizzle permeates everything. Perfect, see you later; off to sunbathe. Well I am northern and it is almost 60 degrees F.
Enjoy the picture of Darwen Tower. You see where the inspiration for the NASA Apollo programme came from