Saturday, December 24, 2016


To fully celebrate the Christmas fable
We light the windows, trees and gable
Pile delicious food upon a groaning table

But I cannot pretend I rightly know
Just what happened 2000 years ago
In the biblical lands without any snow

And I am now a little long in the tooth
For all the misplaced optimism of youth
So forgive me if I just pour a Vermouth

In the custom of trying to find a better way
In truth's light and our chance of sorry to say
I do understand this need for one special day

But for me in my doubt, it is never, very clear
When if we profess to hold this goodwill so dear
Why is the world still full of misery and fear

So let's absolve the past in hopes of a better time
But don't quickly forget once bells cease to chime  
For lasting peace man still has a long way to climb

So in these Christmas festivities be of such good cheer
But throughout the New Year keep this thought near
For peace to be real, we have to forgive 365 days a year