Friday, December 02, 2016


Today I saw an old man; he looked a bit like me
Or at least how I'll look, when I reach seventy three
He was resting on a bench, soaking up the midday heat
And all seemed well, till he tried to stand on unsteady feet
No one else saw his trouble, as he struggled to get upright
Mostly we pretend to look at the floor, than do what is right
I offered him assistance, but he dismissed it out of hand
"I don’t need help thanks, though it takes longer I can still stand"
"When I can't look after myself, that's a day to know I'm done"
"So save your pity for yourself, for you'll be here one-day son"
So if you see an old man who looks like he needs help in a crowd
Don’t bother to offer aid; let him alone and able to stand proud