Wednesday, March 07, 2012

The man in a dress and dripping in gold who can never marry or have any form of intimate relationship advises against extending marriage as a concept to other groups?

One does not always know which side clergy are on but it does not seem to be on the side of common sense as far too often their self interest ends in disaster for those they allege they are saving. They need to remember that if you take rhetorical sides, you cannot genuinely be a Christian and that you cannot now save all souls; no matter how much you may protest you can! For the souls you wish to save become a currency with a higher value than those you decry. Cardinal Keith O'Brien would probably have us burning witches still. Only religions and politicians can take an essentially good act, besmirch it and offer it back to us as an evil thing. I would say, “Get back to your illustrious houses and when you have cleaned them of your own sin, you may then offer me advice on how to live my life.”

The world is awash with harmful words. They swim through our lives along tides of insincere worth and rise and fall in greatness with the seasons. In spring the talk grows hopeful, summer inspirational and expectant, autumn reflective and in winter baleful yet expectant. For me I have no words; I have only deeds but they now have become a relic that may not be counted in the decisions you are making for all of us. You are content to show only that which you wish us to see. You count us as children or worse; yet are we so inconsequential that you may travel the land committing all manner of acts in our name. I see nothing but harm wrought into bloody crescedence by the ancient foes perpetuating their misinterpretation of myths. The land is at a terrible impasse and what may now save it from the layer upon layer of half-truths and endless rhetoric’s that issue from the high houses of the elites. Those elites who are in turn pygmies in the pantheon of past greatness in our leaders.