Tuesday, March 20, 2012

To arise now to dawn and feel the blessed breath of summer exhaled all the earlier. The season comes now into the waking world and no longer do I sit within the darkness awaiting the light.  Nothing shall inhabit fairer the days that run over with warmth and a no passing slights darken the gleam of summer. For whit of their long shadow they are allowed no quarter upon the world till it falls and ever then summer shall be witness to naught save only the laughter that prevails right to the end. For that is the fear of the clerics that when the end comes they shall see only the folly of thy actions and even so; though it stare them in the face so shall they still deny it. We shall not be so low for we have suffered in angst a little, but we have set that against the joy of living and we have understood that finite means create infinite dreams and of what carbon and stardust survive in the end depends on the breadth of vision we see.

 Abroad under the shade of a giant tree we may tarry and let go to them the dreams of folly but by this one act we become immortal. For they will tell you that the soul is a creature that abides within the cage of man. But not for nothing have I thought on this and I say that immortality is the currency of the fools amongst us. Labours won and lost are set against a life lived withal unhindered by the convention of certainty. In that we are the true children of the earth for we see how the universe was meant to be and for that we will be rewarded. No matter what the writ of the self appointed wise may tell us.