Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Look to me coming when the world is once again how I remember it to be. No more can I advance and stay whole in the climate we have now. It reeks of treachery and black deeds. Long have I watched deep into the night with nothing but the wind and stars to guide me. I look to the heavens and see the constellations above wheeling in endless schemes of possibility and yet none of this do I see here among us. The universe has removed its gaze as we have become further from the celestial truths that she was so eager to show us. It saddens my aged heart to know what is to come and be capable of naught to avert it.

It is ever so that we perforce lose that which, so dreaded; arrives to our time despite all the ultimately futile efforts of appeasement to prevent it. We cannot defeat the cycles of decadence and rebirth, but we can divert its black aims of subjugation and dominance over all living things. What we have lost we must relearn and what is took from us we must regain. If it takes a thousand years we will have peace.

So I shall withdraw to my land for a time within the boundaries of my thoughts. Where the dawns rise swift and golden over long green hills and the ice blue lake reflects the coming of another beautiful day. I shall sit on a rolling greensward and watch the birds arise and sing honeyed melodies to rival angels. Scents of thyme and bread baking in wood fired ovens shall wend the breeze and languish on the warm air No harm shall enter my world and hurt any part of it ever again, for the spite that mars now all we do and build shall be cast down forever soon.