Thursday, May 31, 2012

We’ve just had 2 weeks of glorious weather. I think the technical term is ‘the English summer.’ After the cool start to May it was finally good to get some real sunny weather. It’s has all gone away now ready for the jubilee holidays next Monday and Tuesday. Back to rolling grey cloud and some rain and sitting indoors watching the world instead of being outside inside it. I’ve particularly enjoyed sitting in the yard watching the birds coming and going. There are 2 nests that I know of. A little wren has a nest in the brick shed and a mistle thrush is nesting in the climbing hydrangea. The mistle thrush seems to have no fear of anything and exits the plant at head level before sharply ascending over the wall. It is driving the dog to distraction. Main garden is looking good at the minute with walls of green and all the plants racing to grow. The warm weather really gave everything a lift. Even my asparagus bed has come good although it may be some years till I can sit and eat a bowl of it. It’s almost June so that means only 5 months to go before my job goes. I am starting to consider my (admittedly) limited options.

Option 1 – get another job although easier said than done and November is not a good time of the year anyway for employment.

Option 2 – Do nothing for a time

Option 3 – Get a part time job and study for a degree with the Open University.

Option 4 – Win the lottery

I’m thinking option 4 is the best but option 3 looks ok too. Soon it will all I shall be thinking about and I am not good at this kind of stuff at the best of times. Still should get the letter this week stating the exact severance payment so and I shall be able to make some informed choices then.

Mike’s off to London to see the Queen Saturday and on Sunday him and arch royalist Colin are guests of the BBC during the river pageant when she sails down the Thames on a barge. They are hoping to get on the TV so hope the weather holds up. Truth to tell I don’t think jubilee fever is that great and we are not expecting too many street parties and celebrations around here. It was a different story back in 1977 for the silver jubilee as I recall, but so much has happened since then I guess.