Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Summer is finally coming now. It edges cautiously through the new leaves and filters across fields of rapeseed to become a representation of the sun brought to earth; huge swathes of gold that engender warmth and health. Now at last the rain stills away to present a warm green canvas to be detailed with the subtle colours of late spring. For me now a waking dream takes me barefoot through the soft grass and bluebells. They wreathe around my ankles and scent the air with the heady breath of May. I think that I should sit awhile and simple be aware of all that I am and all that I shall be. Though I am not conceivably content; I am for a time at peace. Nothing shall disturb my reverie save perhaps a thought of you and just one wish shapes the deliberation. That you are well and that you always find the strength to take what little is given with a good heart and to always now that I shall be here thinking of matter the hour and that if those thoughts could fly then you’d be sat beside me now on this fragrant greensward in late May with the concerto of birdsong as accompaniment to the wonder of the world we would remain in so much longer.