Wednesday, July 04, 2012

The world is politicising once again as economic and cultural mismanagement of the world nations brings back an age of barbarism that rolls back the tide of gain humanity has made over the fantastical rhetoric from ancient times. This came to pass because we were constrained by convention, comfort and greed.
In the long game of ascendancy we must now play over this current misfortune, we shall not forget those who have brought us here and they will be accounted for their deeds. That bookkeeping shall be harsh indeed for in destroying their own houses by unbridled avarice now comes a churlish revenge to deny us ours.  

They have no allegiance except to the betterment of their own material wealth. It has failed and like some crouching dog caught with the family meat it cowers, waiting for the inevitable punishment. As ever we have been too long in its deliverment and seeing its chance it bolts from the house and into the field. We shall not see it again, but ever doth its malice rent a gloating revenge. For see; it has poisoned the meat and we shall all now grown ill upon its rotten gains.

© Edetric Vistal