Friday, July 27, 2012

Well I won’t be watching the opening ceremony tonight. I am going to tape it though and skim through tomorrow. In some ways I cannot now wait for this to be all over. The BBC has gone absolutely mad dropping almost every other topic of news in favour of the Olympics and it is beginning to switch me off. It seems that the Olympics have already been here forever. So far just about every man and his dog in the country have carried the Olympic torch. Luckily they haven’t knocked on my door I think I shall escape. However if they come for me I shall have to go as I think they used some emergency parliamentary powers to now make it a hate crime to not love the Olympics...

I actually thought at the beginning of this that the games were going to be for all the country but silly me,’s again all about London. Let spend billions in London and just sod the rest of the country. Now that’s a recurring theme.

Five ring to rule them all, five rings to find them
Five rings to bring them all and with the BBC bind them
In the land of London 2012 where the shadows lie