Monday, July 30, 2012

Yep the stadiums with rows of empty seats at events because well; we couldn’t possibly give them to the ordinary citizens, an opening ceremony that even we British couldn’t fathom out. It was kind of working till we got to the weird NHS and typical British family and music bit. The Industrial revolution and the forging of the ring and the Queen and James Bond sketch was inspired, as was the that was a work of art. Someone called it a typically British opening ceremony and well; I think we’ll leave it there. Still you’ve got to admire the Indian student in red who sneaked in with the Indian team during the opening ceremony. Well it’s a bit worrying given the security arrangements that are supposed to be in place. Still no gold medal for Team GB in sight yet...but plenty of time to get one in the Coca-Cola (sorry London) Olympics. Bring on the fries and big Mac.